1/12 Thursday What You Should Watch

12 Jan

WOW its a big night tonight.  30 Rock is back, Rob Schneider‘s new sit-com premieres on CBS ( and is quickly cancelled, sorry Rob), The Finder premieres on FOX.  The Finder is the Bones spin-off, it is keeping Bones’ slot warm while Emily is on baby leave.  The Big Bang Theory is new tonight. 

A prayer to the TV gods, please let this weeks new episode of The Vampire Diaries be better than last week’s snooze fest.

The Vampire Diaries

Episode: Our Town
Elena, Bonnie and Matt throw Caroline a party; Damon and Stefan butt heads over how to deal with Klaus; Bonnie learns of Jeremy’s plans; Tyler refuses Klaus’ latest demand.

The Finder

Iraq veteran Walter Sherman helps a teenage boy locate his missing father, a military pilot who vanished while on a mission; Leo and Walter keep a watchful eye on a teen parolee.


Episode: Pilot
Rob meets his new wife’s large Mexican-American family for the first time and notices he doesn’t quite fit in.

The Big Bang Theory

Amy is upset with Sheldon when he isn’t impressed with her recent accomplishment; Howard struggles with Bernadette’s aversion to children.

Person of Interest

Episode: Super
Finch investigates a building super who is overly involved with his tenants; Detective Carter’s pursuit of Reese and Finch may finally pay off.

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