Glee Yes/No

17 Jan

Tuesday’s nights episode of Glee titled “Yes/No”, was mostly full of yes, there where some very sad nos.  This episode really could have

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been a Valentine’s Day episode, it was full of marriage proposals, date proposals and the sad longing of wanting to belong. The We of Me, if you please.

The opening number “Summer Nights”, gave us the Sam/Mercedes summer romance backstory we missed. The song was poorly edited, and executed, quite frankly no one can touch John Travolta as Danny Zucko but Chord Overstreet came close.  One of the evenings highlights was Sue and Coach Beastie as Emma’s back up singers during “Bill”, it was a laugh out loud moment.

Sam wants to win Mercedes back, she has moved onto a jock named Shane, and in a plot straight from “Grease” Sam goes on a quest to join every athletic team in an attempt to impress Mercedes and win her back.

We are introduced to Becky’s inner voice, played by none other than Helen Mirren, a lovely touch. Becky likes Artie, but Artie likes Sugar. More Yes/No.

Will decides to propose to Emma and enlists the glee clubs help in putting together a musical extravaganza, because he can’t just buy her a big rock and get down on one knee.  This provides the vehicle for multiple musical numbers, including “Moves Like Jagger”, sung by Artie.  And a beautiful rendition of “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”, this is a tough one because Roberta Flack’s original is impossible to improve upon. But the woman of Glee did a beautiful job.  Damn allergies, made my eyes all teary.

Will and Finn go ring shopping, Will asks Finn to be his best man. Finn tells Will he has decided to join the Army after graduation.  Ok, here is a question, would you rather have a flawless 1.5 carat diamond, or flawed 2 carat diamond if you couldnt’ see the flaws, but it reduced the cost?  OMG I just saw a commercial for Scientology, OMG does Glee know who their sponsors are?

Will, Emma and Finn’s parents meet with Finn to discuss his Army plans. Finn says he wants to enlist because his Dad was a war hero, and he wants to walk in his footsteps. This forces Carol to tell the truth about Finn’s dad, he was dishonorably discharged, he had a drug problem and died of a drug overdose.  Damn, poor Finn, what a blow.  Wonder what song they can sing about this, “Billy Don’t be a Hero”, maybe a song about drug addiction like “Under The Bridge”.

Artie and Sue have a talk about Becky, she tells him to be honest with her and treat her like a regular person. She also has some of the best lines of the night, Sue is funny again. Will and Emma have a heart to heart about her OCD and his concerns about how she will handle things like baby spit up. Again with the No.

Finn, Rachel and Kurt go out for dinner, a pity party with cheesecake, good thing cause there sure was a whole lot of whining. And Rachel singing some song I should know, but I can’t place it.  “Without You”.  Pretty song, not sure where it comes from, anyone know.

Again this really has Valentine’s day episode written all over it.

I know there are a lot of Diva rumors about one of the lead actresses on this show on the internet, and most people think it is Lea, but based on the reduced screen time Diana has had I am going with her.

And finally we get the big production number, synchronized swimming no less as the backdrop for Will’s proposal. The whole number was pretty freaking awesome, set to Riana’s “We Found Love”, the retro swimsuits, the white roses. This was way better then one knee or the jumbo tron at some sporting event.

And her answer…. yes. Guess its a wedding for May sweeps.

And then Finn proposes to Rachel, we don’t get her answer.

Glee will be back in two weeks with the Michael Jackson episode, and maybe Rachel’s answer.


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