Revenge “Commitment”

19 Jan

We open with our dynamic duo, FauxEmily and Nolan viewing one of the interview tapes stolen from Mason Treadwell’s house before FauxEm burned it to the ground. The tape reveals what we suspected all along, Charlotte is David Clarke’s daughter.

Nolan asks FauxEm what she is going to do with the tapes, she says she will use one to blow up the Grayson divorce and the other to get rid of RealEmily. She already framed her for burning down Mason’s house, the tape is just insurance, she must get rid of her.

Nolan asks, what about Charlotte, what about Jack, they will get hurt. She doesn’t care, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, no matter the collateral damage. 

The episode centers around, the divorce, Charlotte’s paternity, getting RealEmily out of town and the proposal.

FauxEmily tells RealEmily she needs to get out of town, Vicki is coming for her. She also tells her Vicki burned Treadwell’s house down, and is going to pin it on her. RealEmily is having none of it, she is staying.

Meeting the Grayson’s and the lawyers, the storm is starting in the background you can hear thunder and wind. Very cool, I love a good storm episode.  Conrad’s lawyer plays the tape about Charlotte, the kid is out of the bag.  There is going to be a paternity test, the question is will Vicki’s lawyer rig it. 

Vicki and FauxAmanda have tea, they spar, FauxAmanda says you are not the boss of me and walks out. Vicki’s attorney comes in picks up a spoon for a DNA test. He informs Vicki the prelim is in on Charlotte and Conrad isn’t the father. Oh dear.  Say good-bye to all the money.  Is Vicki’s revenge next if she loses it all. 

More Grayson’s and the lawyers, even thou the DNA test shows Charlotte isnt his, he decodes not to void her trust fund. Conrad and Vicki have a private meeting, he offers her a settlement if she doesn’t they will go to court and everyone will know that Charlotte is the daughter of the most hated man in America.  Ashley overhears everything.

Conrad tells Charlotte she has to move back in with Mommy. 

Daniel proposes to FauxEmily, she says yes, but we knew that already.

Ashley and Nolan have a heart to  heart at the bar, she tells Nolan and Jack that Daniel proposed to FauxEmily.

Daniel tells Conrad about the proposal, Connie asks Danny if Emily knows she is a pawn in the trust fund game. Daniel says he is in love with Emily, Connie scoffs and says someday she will have a secret so big it will bring down the family.  Daniel asks for an explanation, Connie tells him to go see “Mommy”.

Back to Grayson manor, the lawyer shows up and says all the DNA tests are back and FauxAmanada and Charlotte are half sisters. Vicki doesn’t buy it, but DNA doesn’t lie. Vicki fires her lawyer.

Vicki’s henchman breaks into Jack’s to steal the tapes, Jack catches him and gets the stuffing knocked out of him Nolan informs RealAmanda of the beating, and tells her she has Jack’s blood on her hands.  Nolan seems pretty disgusted with her.  RealAmanada goes off to meet the lawyer, they have been in cahoots the whole time.  He tells her to reassess what she is doing.  She goes to see Jack, she stands over him as he is sleeping and strokes his hand.

The Emilys have a sitdown, Amanda tells Emily the truth about her father and how the Grayson’s set him up. Amanda tells Emily she is here for her revenge, and that she and Jack are in danger. She needs to save herself, she gives her a new cell, id and passport.  Ok, you know she is so coming back. I am telling you she is our shooter, now the question is who does she shoot.  She thinks its Daniel, but could it be David Clarke, come back with plastic surgery so no one recognizes him. Or is it Tyler?

Final scene – Daniel and Mommy, every time I see them I think of the great mother/son teams of all time.  Hamlet and Gertrude, Oedipus and Jocasta.  Daniel asks mommy about the big secret, she leads him to believe David Clarke raped her.  If we thought Amanda was getting revenge before, holy crap wait till she hears this. 

Next week a repeat as we gear up for February sweeps.

My guess is the shooting will be wrapped up during sweeps.

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