Sunday 1/22 What You Should Watch

22 Jan

New tonight, Once Upon A Time, Downton Abbey, Desperate Housewives, PanAm (wasn’t this cancelled), Prime Suspect (cancelled so they are burning thru the last of the new episodes), American Idol after the big playoff game.

The Good Wife is a repeat, of A New Day, an impressive episode that deserves a re-watch.

Once Upon a Time

Episode: 7:15 A.M.
David and Mary Margaret continue to struggle with their feelings; a mysterious stranger in town makes Regina and Emma suspicious; Prince Charming’s wedding approaches.

The Good Wife

Episode: A New Day
 Alicia must put aside personal distractions as she defends a Muslim student accused of murdering a Jewish classmate.

Pan Am

Episode: New Frontiers
Maggie shares her reservations about Amanda (Ashley Greene) with Ted; Colette befriends an attractive, mysterious man during a flight to Rome; Dean is accosted by customs officials looking for a smuggler; Kate learns how to be a pickpocket.

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