Friday 1/27 What You Should Watch

27 Jan

New Fringe

NBC airs the series finale for Chuck tonight at 9.

CBS is all repeats

Top Spot


S04, E10

Olivia copes with an ominous warning from the Observers; Peter and the team track a girl with the ability to predict death.


S05, E12

Sarah returns from a mission with a big secret; Ellie and Awesome get a life-altering opportunity.


S05, E13

Chuck gets his family and friends to help stop Nicholas Quinn from destroying what he has built.

A Gifted Man

S01, E06
(First Aired: Nov. 04, 2011)

Michael runs into a former patient who is now homeless; Michael examines a patient suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder

Blue Bloods

Episode: Innocence
S02, E04
(First Aired: Oct. 14, 2011)

Erin reopens a rape case Frank worked on 18 years ago; when three teens are murdered, Jackie and Danny can’t determine an obvious motive


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