Sunday 1/28 What You Should Watch

29 Jan

It’s a busy night on TV.

The ProBowl is on NBC at 7

The Screen Actors Guild Awards are on TNT at 8

New episodes of Once Upon A Time, The Good Wife and Downton Abbey air tonight.

The Good Wife looks really good, Wendy Scott Car is going after Will. Based on the previews she puts Alicia on the stand and asks her about the affair. And its not even February sweeps yet!

What will you be watcing tonight. I am lucky, I get the SAG awards at 5, so I can watch my awards and not miss OUAT or TGW.

18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

Awards ceremony honors performers at the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center.

The Good Wife

Wendy Scott-Carr presents her evidence against Will in an effort to send him to prison; Eli and Stacie Hall face off.

Once Upon a Time

Sidney asks Emma for help uncovering evidence that could expose Regina’s corrupt ways; David and Mary Margaret continue to meet secretly; King Leopold (Richard Schiff) is granted three wishes.

Masterpiece Classic

Episode: Downton Abbey
Matthew and William face uncertain fates; Vera plays a cruel game with Bates and Anna; Daisy faces the toughest test of her young life.

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