Monday 2/6 What You Should Watch

6 Feb

Its my Dad’s birthday!! Happy Birthday Daddy!!

February Sweeps are in full swing.

Smash premieres tonight at 10 on NBC. I saw the pilot, its good, nothing like Glee at all, don’t belive the comparisons. Its’s worth your time, DVR it if you are already committed to 5-0 or Castle.

CBS comedy block All New – Can’t wait for 2 Broke Girls, I am really in love with that potty dirty girl humor. I can’t get enough dick and vibrator jokes. How ironic is it, that we just honored Mary Tyler Moore at the SAG awards for her contributions as a woman in and on TV and she did it without a single dick joke, neither did Lucy.  Women can be funny without potty humor.

Fox All New – House looks really good. If this is the last season, they are definitely going out on a high note.

CW All New – Hart of Dixie, keeps the fluff a coming.

ABC all New – Castle has the big noir episode tonight, we either jump the shark or this becomes another in a long line of fun Castle episodes.

Did I mention it’s sweeps.

Top Spot

Hart of Dixie

Zoe plans a sleepover with Rose instead of attending the Sweetie Pie Dance with Judson (Wes Brown); Lemon secretly sets her father up with a date.


Dr. Walter Cofield (Jeffrey Wright), Foreman’s former mentor, places House and the team under review after a violent incident involving a patient.


Castle and Beckett must investigate a mysterious case from 1947 in order to solve the present-day murder of a treasure hunter.


Episode: Guy Hastings
An Alcatraz guard, Guy Hastings, reappears and runs into an old acquaintance.

2 Broke Girls

Max and Caroline try to prove their cleaning skills to Sophie so she will hire them for her maid service.

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