Sunday Feb 12th What You Should Watch

12 Feb

The Grammy’s are on tonight, everyone is predicting a big night for Adele.  Of course the death of Whitney Houston yesterday makes it hard to celebrate. 

Sweeps continues, Once Upon A Time is all new.  This isn’t the must watch show it once was, I record and watch later, I hope it re-bounds before the end of the season.

Pan Am is new tonight, wasn’t this show cancelled? I am sure the studio wants to air the episodes it paid for but using coveted sweeps time, very puzzling.

 Downton Abbey is on, if you haven’t checked out the latest British import you should.  Its great fun, fantastic acting, strong story and solid acting.  PBS at 9pm.

The 54th Annual Grammy Awards

Festivities at Staples Center in Los Angeles honor excellence in the recording industry; LL Cool J hosts.

Masterpiece Classic

Episode: Downton Abbey
Spanish influenza strikes Downton Abbey; Mary, Sybil and Robert confront the truth; Anna and Bates find happiness

Once Upon a Time

Episode: Skin Deep
When Mr. Gold’s house is robbed, Emma suspects he is planning to seek vigilante justice; Ruby, Mary Margaret and Ashley (Jessy Schram) plan a night out on Valentine’s Day; Belle (Emilie de Ravin) makes a deal.

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