2 for 2 This Week

15 Feb

Spoilers below.

This week I am two for two in guessing the twists on two of my favorite shows.

First up, Ringer, I called the Juliet rape storyline was totally going to be a take off on the Denise Richards, Neve Campbell movie Wild Things and it was. Juliet, Tessa and Mr Carpenter set it all up so Carpenter could sue Juliet’s father for money.  If they follow the story through, someone is going to end up dead, so they don’t have to split the money 3 ways.  Does Mr. C kill Tessa, try to kill Juliet and she kills him in self defense?

Second tonight on Revenge, I have been saying for weeks Tyler would be shot on the beach not Daniel, and I was right. I also predicted Daniel would go on trial and based on previews and a few interviews that are out there it sounds like I got that one right too. 

I know it won’t happen this week, but I still predict Olivia will die on Fringe before the season is over.

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