Sunday 2/19 What You Should Watch

19 Feb

Good Wife is back, Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice are back.  Downton Abbey wraps up season 2 on PBS. PanAm airs it finale tonight, thanks for flying PanAm have a pleasant day.

If the previews are to be believed Will is going to be suspended. Once Upon A Time returns to the story of Snow White and Prince Charming.

Once Upon a Time

David decides to tell Kathryn about his relationship with Mary Margaret; as Prince Charming searches for Snow White, he agrees to help Abigail with a dangerous mission.

The Good Wife

Lockhart & Gardner leads a suit against a company that produced software that allowed the Syrian government to make American citizens disappear.

The Celebrity Apprentice

Episode: Hero Worship
The teams each create a sandwich and sell it at a local deli; the men start out down one player, due to an accident.

The Amazing Race

One team struggles with anxiety as everyone travels to Argentina; the contestants must skydive from a plane at 10,000 feet.

Masterpiece Classic

Episode: Downton Abbey
The family gathers at Downton Abbey for Christmas

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