21 Feb

If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode of Glee stop reading now.

Glee is that happy show, full of song and dance right? Well not tonight.

Karofsky attempts suicide because he can’t deal with being gay.

And Quinn is (dead?) a victim of texting and driving

Ryan Murphy what have you done to my show.  Maybe this is why the show is on a 7  week hiatus, perhaps TPTB want New Directions to take a New Direction.

I miss the Britney Spears and Lady GaGa episodes.


One Response to “Glee SPOILERS”

  1. Elizabeth at 6:32 am #

    I agree! I was so disappointed last night. Typically the competition episodes are full of music and not as much story line so I let my 10 year old watch it with me. I was not prepared to explain the situations that came up last night. Hugely disappointed. How can Glee be considered a comedy in award shows when over the last year or so it clearly has not been a comedy.

    I too, miss the fun episodes like the Lady GaGa and Brittney ones.

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