Tuesday 1/21 What You Should Watch

21 Feb

Ringer, Ringer is what you should watch, every week it kicks the drama up another level with new twists and characters.  I really hope CW brings this show back. Do we really need a “Beauty and The Beast” re-do or a show about The Green Arrow.

All the usual suspects are new tonight, Glee, NCIS, NCISLA, New Girl, Cougar Town and The River.

Tonight’s episode of Glee is the last new episode for 7 weeks, it is the big regionals face off between New Direction and The Warblers. I wonder who will win, is it possible that Glee will have the kids lose regionals and the last episodes before Kurt, Rachel and Finn graduate will take on a much different tone. Or will they win regionals and finally win the national championship.  I guess the seven week hiatus will tell the tale. Apparently Ryan Murphy is stepping back from the show to focus on other projects. Remember how that turned out for Buffy and Supernatural when their masterminds stepped back.


Bridget runs into an important figure (Misha Collins) from her and Siobhan’s past; Malcolm tries to keep an eye on Henry after making a discovery; Catherine (Andrea Roth) asks Andrew to make a big decision.


Episode: On My Way
New Directions and the Warblers face off at regionals.


Episode: Psych Out
S09, E16

Gibbs clashes with Dr. Samantha Ryan (Jamie Lee Curtis) of the PsyOps Division when a Navy reservist is found dead from a suspected suicide; DiNozzo sees McGee’s paycheck

NCIS: Los Angeles

Episode: Blye, K.
S03, E16

The team tries to establish Kensi Blye’s innocence after she is accused of murdering one of the colleagues of her now-deceased father.

Cougar Town

To avoid hurting anyone’s feelings, Jules asks Laurie and Ellie to be her co-maids of honor; Chick (Ken Jenkins) decides to have a little fun when Grayson asks him for Jules’ hand in marriage.

The River

Episode: A Better Man
As the search for Emmet continues, the group finds one of his missing crew members exhibiting symptoms of a mystical curse; Lincoln tries to be the moral compass of the group.

Body of Proof

After a car accident reveals a dead body in the trunk, the team is led to another body, giving the team two cases to solve; Megan is reconnected with an old acquaintance; Kate’s job is threatened

New Girl

Episode: Bully
When Jess tries to stop a bully at school, she ends up as her new target; the woman Schmidt has been seeing wants to keep their relationship secret; a gift from Julia sends Nick off the edge.

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