Oscars 2012

26 Feb

 Viola Davis was robbed!!!! Lets see Hugo won just about everything.  And Harry Potter was robbed. No big surprises.

Best Moments

Octavia Spencer’s speech

Ben Stiller and Emma Stone

Tina Fey – maybe she should host or at least write the Oscar’s next year

Chris Rock – maybe he should co-host and write with Tina next tear

The What Are They Thinking Bit

Worst Moments

Harry Potter losing .

The Wizard of Oz focus group

The interview segments.

The woman who sang during the In Memoriam segment, her hair and dress were awful. Her voice was beautiful, but the style ruined it.

and the rest

Billy was great in the film montage, but his sound was dicey during the song so I didn’t hear all the jokes.

Nice joke about millionaires giving each other gold statues.

Cinematography – Hugo

Set Design – Hugo

Make up – The Iron Lady. I call BS on this award, how does that movie win over Harry Potter, practically everyone in that movie was in some sort of prosthetic, way more than they had in the Iron Lady.  Just ridiculous.

Sandra Bullock is presenting Foreign Language Film – I do not like her dress, and it looks like she has has a lot of work done.  A Separation won.

Ok here we go, Best Supporting Actress presented by Christian Bale, I can’t wait for Batman this summer.

Octavia Spencer for The Help – She gets a standing ovation, so richly deserved. What a great speech from the heart.

The show just crashed, the bit about the focus group about The Wizard of Oz was not funny. Its too much of an inside joke, I think only Hollywood types who hate focus groups get the joke.

Tina Fey and Bradley Cooper to present Film Editing and Sound awards – as usual Tina Fey is funny, and the winner Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Sound Editing – Hugo, Sound Mixing – Hugo

Kermie and Miss Piggy – introducing Cirque Du Soleil, ok they are pretty freaking awesome. But I would have preferred they used that time for the Muppet’s to sing Man or a Muppet from their movie, since it is nominated for freaking award.

Gweneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. are presenting Best Documentary –  Undefeated

Chris Rock presenting Best Animated Film – He is hilarious, why isn’t he hosting.  Rango wins, it was very good. Sorry Kung Fu Panda 2 didn’t won it was really good as well.

Billy and Melissa McCarthy doing a bit, that wasn’t so funny.

Benn Stiller and Emma Stone – Best Visual Effects – Their bit is actually funny. – winner – Hugo – again how does Harry Potter not win!!!

Melissa Leo – ugly dress, presenting Best Supporting Actor – Christopher Plummer for The Beginners. He will always be Capt. VonTrapp singing “Edelweiss”.

Penelope Cruz and Owen Wilson to present Best Score – The Artist, ok this guys speech is great, again from the heart and so beautiful.

Will Farrell and Zach G – to present Best Original Song – Man or Muppet YEAH!!!

Angelina Jolie looking beautiful as always – Presenting writing awards and as expected The Descendants wins for adapted and Woody Allen wins for original screenplay for Midnight in Paris.

Rose O’Byrne and Melissa McCarthy did the Scorsese drinking game from The SAG awards. Awesome.

Michael Douglas is presenting Best Director – The guy from The Artist – no surprise

The In Memoriam segment was nice, but who was that chick singing, her hair and outfit where a distraction and tacky.

Ok, Best Actor and Actress here we come.

Best Actor – Jean DuJardin The Artist

Best Actress – Meryl Streep – What a crime, it should have been Viola Davis.

Best Picture – The Artist

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