Monday 2/27 What You Should Watch

27 Feb

We are in the final days of February Sweeps, more new episodes tonight.

CBS all new, can’t wait for the laughs.  I really love 2 Broke Girls, Jennifer Coolidge is a fantastic addition.

House continues to wrap up its final season in style.

Sad to say it, but Hart of Dixie doesn’t do it for me anymore. I will not be sorry when it gets cancelled, so much potential just wasted.

Smash is on tonight at 10, I am sticking with it for the rest of the season. It started strong, but has waned a bit the last few lets hope it picks up and gets renewed. The main problem with the show is, the characters aren’t likeable, if you are going to center your show around their personal lives then make the characters likeable.  Character Rehab stat for all.  


Karen must learn how to get ahead in the world of Broadway; Derek throws a party for a hot, young celebrity (Nick Jonas); Eileen tests a new fundraising strategy; Tom goes on a date


Episode: Love Is Blind
The team works to save a blind man with a mysterious illness; House’s mother makes an unexpected visit.

2 Broke Girls

Max goes with Caroline to see her father in prison.

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