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Fringe “Nothing As It Seems”

31 Mar

The Porcupine Man returns to is from a season one episode called “The transformation”, and like that episode last nights, “Nothing As It Seems” was a solid Fringe outing.

There is a clear connection in last night’s episode between the Fringe division heroes and the case they’re working.  The porcupine men return from a season one episode called “The Transformation,” Olivia and Peter investigate two men who’ve used science to turn themselves into monsters. They are just the tip of the iceberg, they’re part of a cult that is obsessed with “the guided evolution of man”—or “mutation by design.” Eventually they grow wings, which they use to fly around to plastic surgery clinics, where they steal the human fat that they need to feed on.  I know Fringe definitely knows how to bring the ick and the ewwww every week.

This week’s episode doesn’t pack the emotional punch of last week’s revelations or the Peter/Olivia reunion, but it does has some nice moments and of course as expected angst due to Olivia’s new situation. 

Olivia, has been meeting with a therapist to determine if she can get return to active duty in Fringe Division, her fading memories pose a bit of a problem. After her meeting Broyles informs her that she got 40% of the details of her life wrong.  The look on Olivia’s face is so sad, will she eventually lose all her memories even the new ones, will the season end with her in a catatonic state Peter by her side.

Caught in the middle of all of this is Lincoln Lee, who sees his chance with Olivia fade with each passing moment, as he realizes she doesn’t remember conversations or moments they once shared. He keeps the pain to himself, but the sadness in his eyes betrays the pain of his heart.  At one point Peter asks “should we discuss it, or pretend we already did”. The tension between the two men who now have to work together since Olivia is on suspension can be cut with a knife. Do you think Lincoln wishes he could mutate into something or someone else?

Be careful what you wish for, Lincoln is pricked by one of the porcupine men, and becomes infected. Lucky for him Walter has a cure, a nasty tasting and smelling wheatgrass concoction. Poor Lincoln, he just can’t catch a break.

As with most Fringe episodes, all roads lead back to Massive Dynamic and eventually Dr. Jones, who is behind the mutation project.

The best moment of the episode belongs to Walter (of course), he brings a box of presents into the lab, they the birthday presents he bought for Peter. He said it helped him deal with the loss of his “Peter”, a bottle of beer when he turned 21, a girlie mag called Hump when he turned 16.  Peter shows his gratitude by hugging Walter, Walter doesn’t hug back, but the tears in his when Peter steps back say it all.  I have said it before, not since the Courtship of Eddie’s father have I loved a father son relationship so much.

Next Week:

The Vampire Diaries “The Murder of One”

30 Mar

Lets just boil it down, the good, anything with Damon, the bad, once again we can’t kill Klaus. Will you please wrap up this plot, this has been the worst thing about this season. Most shows usually hit their stride in Season 3, everything has gelled, characters, the network loves the show we are rolling but not TVD.

Scenes I loved, Damon and Alaric, Damon’s faux Elena rescue, and I know this is wrong but Damon being tortured. Next time, can we get the shirt off completely before we string him up. The gang practicing their attack at the beginning of the episode was pretty good, nice moments when Damon called Matt “Beefcake” and Caroline “Barbie”. Again we love Damon. He is the Spike of TVD.

It’s not sweeps so I knew there was no way Klaus was going to bite it last night (ha made a funny) but to dash my hopes with another BS spell loophole. Oh show, how you annoy me. So the new twist is, if you kill an original it will kill everyone they have sired.

The gang has to figure out if any of the originals sired the person who sired Katherine. One thing we do know, Klaus sired Tyler, so we definitely can’t kill Klaus because it would kill Tyler. Tyler who is barely on the show, will it be the big sacrifice of the season, or will Bonnie pull some more BS magic out of her ass and save him.

The use of magic on this show demonstrates just how lazy the writers and show runners are, its their out every week. Boring!!

Once again Bonnie is used and abused, poor Kat Graham she is so much better than the way this show treats her. Maybe Bonnie should cast a spell and blow them all up, they would so deserve it, or at the very least Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson.

Nice product placement with the AT&T 4G smartphones, watch Klaus use his stylus to write a text message, see Jeremy play with his dog on video chat. Then watch the AT&T commercial at the break and buy the phone,  so you can be just like them, sans the blood lust of course.

The rest of the episode was meh, we had Stefan and Elena angst, Elena pretending to be made at Damon, this is the most boring love triangle ever.  Stefan and Damon could do so much better.  The show is off for two weeks.

Spoilers indicate we have the decade dance coming up, someone is going to die (yawn). I remember when this show was so good at surprises and suspense. remember Katherine’s return at the end of season 1, OMG!!! I jumped, we all jumped.

There is also a flashback episode featuring the return of Aunt Jenna, and the finale will introduce the big bad for next year. 

What did you think? Did you even watch?

Friday 3/30 What You Should Watch

30 Mar

Fringe is all new tonight, and after last weeks Peter and Olivia reunion I can’t wait to see what the show has in store for us the rest of the season. Tonight’s episode looks like it is more about the creature of the week than P&O.

Blue Bloods is back tonight, when are they going to get back to Jamie’s undercover gig, that is the storyline I am most interested in.

Also new tonight, Grimm, Supernatural and Nikita.


The team investigates a case that Peter recognizes from his world.

Blue Bloods

When a weapon linked to a crime is brought into the NYPD’s gun buyback program, Danny must decide whether to arrest the suspect or follow the “no questions asked” policy.


Nick and Monroe investigate when a shop owner becomes the victim of a grisly murder; Nick thinks he has found an ally; Sgt. Wu becomes entangled in Adalind’s plan


A hunter surprises the brothers with a request for help; Sam and Dean battle a Japanese creature that can be seen only by drunken people.

Thursday 3/29 What You Should Watch

29 Mar

New episodes of The Vampire Diaries and The Big Bang Theory tonight, are the highlights of my night.

We also have Touch on Fox at 9, Awake at 10 on NBC and Person of Interest at 9 on CBS, something for everyone.

Will the gang in Mystic Falls finally rid us of Klaus and the Originals storyline, I can’t remember a story arc I have detested more than this.  They have the weapons, they have the man power, now can they just get over the romance BS and get the job done.

The Vampire Diaries

Damon and Stefan enlist Elena, Caroline and Matt to help with their new plan to destroy Klaus; Klaus threatens someone close to Bonnie, forcing her to work on a spell for him; Klaus and Rebekah find a way make Finn cooperate.

The Big Bang Theory

When Penny buys Leonard and Sheldon Star Trek collectibles, Sheldon finds himself haunted by Mr. Spock; after a blind date, Raj believes he has met his future wife.

Person of Interest

The machine directs Reese and Finch to a person who has almost no digital footprint and seems to be living a double life.


Martin meets a homeless man who shares Jake’s obsession with numbers; Teller (Danny Glover) visits Jake’s board-and-care facility.

Ringer “Let’s Kill Bridget” Oh F#!&K It Let’s Kill Everyone

28 Mar

Coco Channel had a lot of fashion advice, one of her gems, after you finish dressing take off the last accessory you put on, this will ensure you have not overdressed.  Well Ringer should take this advice, only they need to remove more than one accessory.

I guess the show really is getting cancelled because they keep piling so much stuff on there won’t be anything left for next season.

I do have to hand it to them, last night’s opening tease was probably one of the best of the season. 

Henry being interviewed by the cops, Catherine and Andrew kissing, Bridget or Shiv shot dead. After the commercial we find out that all of this action is a flash forward. We pick up 2 days earlier, Machado is questioning Bridget and Andrew about the Tarot card. Am I the only one who thinks showing SMG a tarot card is just too funny. I know I need to let go of the Buffy but I can’t.

Plotwise a lot happened last night, and in true Ringer fashion they dropped a bomb on us in the last 2 minutes of the show, more on that later.

Henry’s father in law turned him into the cops for Tyler’s murder, that is cold. Juliet and Andrew conspired to get the money back from Catherine with a phony real estate deal, Machado went after the Tarot Card guy, and in the end he and Bridget (who thinks is Shiv) faked her death so Macawi would think he killed Bridget. Got all that, I told you a lot of accessories, right, and not small cute accessories either. I am talking big plastic, neon colored earings, belts, bangles and slouchy socks from the 80’s accessories.

Poor Henry, one of the forums calls him “toolbelt”,  because he is such a tool.  I agree he is a tool, but I really hope he doesn’t go down because of Shiv.  I am getting a vision of the season/series finale, Henry being escorted to his jail cell, Shiv in labor, Catherine and Bridget in a life or death struggle over a gun or on a balcony. 

BTW I am completely convinced that Andrew knows who Bridget is, and has known for awhile. I predict that comes out in the second to last episode. I am so in love with Ioan Gruffudd, if only he would marry me. A girl can dream.

Other things worth mentioning:

  • Bridget’s really bad stripper hair, and those outfits
  • Limo driver guy, what is up with that plot point
  • Machado loosing control and tackling the dry cleaner customer and getting suspended, rogue FBI agent, nothing more dangerous
  • Gregory Harrison Still brings the pretty
  • Catherine’s necklace when she meets with Toby (eww note to writers everywhere do not use the name Toby ever) 

And of course the biggest moment of them all, Catherine is on the other end of the hitman’s phone at the end. So has she been the mastermind the whole time trying to bump off Shiv.

Next Week:

Wednesday 3/28 What You Should Watch

28 Mar

This is a weird time in the TV season, there is a hodge podge of new episodes from established shows, like Happy Endings. Networks burning episodes of shows that are low in the ratings that won’t be renewed, but since they already paid for them they want to run them.  Like Whitney, Are You There, Chelsea and Bent.

Speaking of, tonight is the Finale for Whitney, RIP. Don’t feel too bad for Whitney, she landed a hit with 2 Broke Girls on CBS, she is in the money.

Rating kings like, American Idol and Survivor are there to pay to the bills.

I am still waiting for my beloved Revenge to return.

Until then I have new episodes of Happy Endings and repeats of Modern Family and Suburgatory to get me through.

Happy Endings

Episode: Big White Lies
Things spiral out of control after Penny tells a white lie to avoid an irritating childhood friend; Dave and Max’s lonely and jealous landlord (Ben Falcone) falls for Alex.


Tessa takes pleasure in flaunting her relationship with Scott Strause; George becomes extremely nervous about Scott and Tessa being alone together.

Modern Family

Episode: Egg Drop
Claire and Jay’s competitive streaks lead them to take over their kids’ school projects; Phil asks Haley and Gloria to help him with a presentation; Mitch and Cam meet with prospective birth mothers.


Whitney and Alex head to City Hall to get married, but an expired driver’s license sparks an unusual chain of events that interferes with their plan; Whitney’s father (Peter Gallagher) tries to come to the rescue.

Are You There, Chelsea?

Episode: Surprise
When Sloane’s husband calls to announce he is on his way home after she has spent the night drinking with her sister, it’s up to Chelsea to get her cleaned up before he arrives


Episode: HD
When Pete catches Ben in a compromising situation, he decides to tell Alex; Walt and Screwsie help Charlie with a bully.

Tuesday 3/27 What You Should Watch

27 Mar

Ringer continues to pull out all the stops, Henry grew a pair, they finally gave Machado something interesting to do, it only took them half a season to give him a story. Andrew and Bridget made up, which means more heartache is on the way.  I can’t wait to find out of he knew the whole time and has just been playing along.

Tonight’s outing, “Let’s Kill Bridget”, looks like the thrill ride continues. If  the promos are to be believed, we have another murder, I am going with Olivia, Henry being interrogated for Tyler’s murder, I guess Shiv didn’t like that he gave the flash drive away. And Shiv confronting and shooting Bridget, I think thru the magic of editing we will find out Bridget is not on the receiving end of those bullets.

Judging by the sneak peak below Andrew has Fantastic healing abilities.


Bridget decides she won’t feel safe unless she testifies against Macawi; Machado’s actions get him suspended; Henry becomes impatient with Siobhan and gives her an ultimatum.
Also New tonight both NCIS and NCIS LA, Body of Proof and Unforgettable, both are soon to be cancelled. Fox‘s Tuesday night comedy line up is new, I Hate My Teenage Daughter has been dropped from the schedule, a repeat of Raising Hope will air at 8:30.
Dancing With The Stars has a recap show from 8 to 9, and reults at 9pm. Is half-pint going home?


Episode: The Good Son
The investigation into a petty officer’s murder leads the team to Director Vance’s brother-in-law.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Episode: Vengeance
When evidence in a Navy intelligence officer’s death points to a team of SEALs about to embark on a mission, Sam must interrogate the group, potentially compromising their operation.

Once Upon A Time – We’ve got Magic To Do

26 Mar

The Mad Hatter got the Once Upon A Time treatment in last night’s aptly titled “Hat Trick”.

The episode opens with Emma, Gold and Henry discovering Mary Margaret has escaped, Emma must find her before her arraignment at 8am the next morning, More importantly she must find her before Regina finds out she has escaped.

Emma sets off to look for MM, if she is the sheriff why doesn’t she have a cruiser? Why is she driving her VW Bug? She nearly runs down a man in the road,  Jefferson (Sebastian Stan), he twists his ankle and Emma drives him home. Once there he drugs her with a cup of tea, he needs her to make a hat, a magic hat, because she is or has magic.

In Fairy Tale world, Jefferson (he has the same name in both worlds) is playing hide and seek with this daughter Grace. He has retired from the magical millinery business, and he is not mad yet, quite sane actually. The Queen comes to visit, she asks him to pull the old Magic Hat of of storage, she needs to retrieve something from Wonderland and only he can help her. If he agrees she promises Grace will want for nothing. He agrees and makes a deal with the devil.  We all know that never ends well.

The Hat transports you to a room full of doors, Jefferson finds the right one, a looking glass if you will. He tells the Queen that the same number of people who go thru must come back, so only two. (a little foreshadowing). Once thru they head to the vault in the Queen of Hearts castle, there the Queen finds what she is looking for as they head back to the looking glass, the Queen breaks off a piece of magic mushroom and drops it on the floor. Her father Henry appears and they take off thru the looking glass, leaving Jefferson behind.

The Queen of Hearts, declares “off with his head” and he is decapitated. Eventually his head is re-attached and the Queen of Hearts commands him to make another magical hat, he makes thousands but none are magical. He goes mad, hence the name The Mad Hatter.  Roger Daltry is the voice of the hookah smoking caterpillar, I am not sure why this was such a big deal in the press releases, it was such a small part and a non-event.

Back to Storybrooke, Emma tries to escape and finds MM begin held captive as well. Here is where it gets interesting, Jefferson is a believer, he remembers both sides of this life. He has found his daughter in Stroybrooke, where she lives a normal life as Henry’s friend Paige.

Jefferson tells Emma she is magical, he saw things change the moment she arrived. If she will make him a magical hat that will allow him to return to his real world, he will free her and MM.  She makes him the hat, but there is no magic, Emma and MM go all bad ass on Jefferson, he goes flying thru a window and disappears.

Emma gives MM the choice to return to the jail or run, she goes back to jail. They make it just in time, Regina shows up and so does Gold. I am not quite sure who is double crossing who here, are Regina and Gold in league, is Gold crossing Emma, or is everyone just out for themselves. I am going with the later.

Emma borrow Henry’s book, is she starting to believe?

I rather enjoyed last night’s episode, Sebastian Stan gave a stand out performance, I hope we see more of him. As always Robert Carlyle delivered, there better be a supporting Emmy nom in his future.

Next Week: We finally learn why the Queen hates Snow so much, and Emma continues to search for evidence to prove Mary Margaret is innocent of murder.

Monday 3/26 What You Should Watch

26 Mar

Alcatraz airs its season, and I would guess its series finale tonight, it did not perform as expected as lost money for the network. 

Personally I am really looking forward to Smash and Castle.

Tonight’s episode of Smash is titled “The Coup”, because that is exactly what Derek stages, he takes Karen along with a new song to a new group of investors and tries to get his own show going.  This sets the stage for a Derek/Tom showdown, we finally get the details behind their bad blood.  Smash has been renewed for Season 2. 

CBS is all repeats, ABC also has Dancing With The Stars and NBC has The Voice


Episode: The Coup
The team deals with the workshop’s after-effects; Derek asks Karen to help him steal the show from Tom and Julia; Eileen’s daughter’s surprise visit forces her to deal with her ex-husband


Episode: 47 Seconds
When a bomb kills five people at a protest rally, Beckett and Castle try to solve the case by reconstructing the 47 seconds prior to the explosion.


Rebecca and Doc close in on a man who might have information about all the returning criminals; Hauser makes an important discovery; Rebecca ruthlessly pursues the man who killed her partner.

Ratings — Mad Men Season 5 Premiere Sets Records – TVLine

26 Mar

Ratings — Mad Men Season 5 Premiere Sets Records – TVLine.

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