Thursday 3/1 What You Should Watch

1 Mar

NBC is premiering a new show tonight at 10pm, its called Awake it stars one of my favorite actors Jason Isaacs.

The basic premise, is after a car accident kills his wife and son a police detective creates two realities in which each one survives. I saw the pilot and let me tell you this is engrossing TV.  Highly recommend it, check it out.

NBC Thursday comedy block is all new.

American Idol chooses the finalists tonight.


Episode: Pilot
After a car accident, Detective Michael Britten experiences two dueling realities, one where his wife was killed and another in which his son’s life was claimed.

30 Rock

In hope of hiding his relationship with Lynn (Susan Sarandon), Frank tries to convince his mother (Patti LuPone) that he is dating Liz; Jenna and Tracy try to determine what happened to Pete’s missing whisky.

Parks and Recreation

Leslie’s opponent, Bobby Newport, hires a powerful campaign manager (Kathryn Hahn); Ron is forced to interview replacements for Leslie; an unlikely employee discovers a solution to a challenging problem.

The Office

Dwight tries to impress Nellie with a theatrical presentation at the Sabre store opening; Andy suffers from an embarrassing injury.

American Idol

America’s votes reveal the first set of finalists; the remaining hopefuls perform for the judges in hope of being chosen as a finalist.

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