Ringer “You’re Way To Pretty To Go To Jail”

7 Mar

Overheard at the Ringer production offices, “it looks like we are getting cancelled, so lets just go all out crazy for the rest of the season, throw as much crap out there as possible”.

The sad fact is I am really enjoying this clichéd, over the top crap, the sloppy writing and the mustache twirling acting. Last night we got FBI Agent Machado’s (Nestor Carbonell) backstory, they have reduced him to a man seeking revenge for his dead pregnant stripper girlfriend.

They turned my Andrew into a supervillian, complete with glaring stares and ordering “Tyler to be taken care of”, my sweet romantic Andrew is a bad guy. This is where the mustache twirling comes in, all he needed was an evil laugh. Mwahhhhhh!!

Poor Tyler, so pretty, yet so dumb.  Talk about Bambi taking a drink at the stream, looking up and thinking. “wow those orange vests are pretty”.  Just like Bambi, Tyler is dead. I think Shiv is behind it because he took her flash drive and she wasn’t ready to make her move.  

Malcolm, it turns out may be the key to busting this crap wide open, more on that in a minute. Malcolm convinced Bridget that Andrew may not be the safest person to be around, so she moves out of Park Ave. Good Malcom. Then he goes to Henry for help, bad Malcom. Back to how Malcolm maybe the key, ( not in a Buffy sort of way), Shiv blocks her number pretends to be Bridget and calls Malcolm, she tells him to get out of her life. This phone call could be the clue that leads Malcolm to realize Shiv is still alive

Malcom calls FBI guy and agrees to testify about Macawi kidnapping him, I am not sure how much longer he will be alive. Perhaps as he lays dying he will utter the phrase, “she’s alive”.

Tyler and Olivia have a meeting in the backseat of her Towncar, she tells him she knows what he has been up to and he is going down. She tells him to turn the files over to her, he does, but not the flash drive.

Bridget goes to Tyler’s hotel, just in time to see Andrew leaving. She goes to Tyler’s room and bam! he’s dead. Guess he wasn’t bulletproof after-all. Ha! Of course Bridget thinks Andrew did it, but we know better.

Cut to Olivia in the backseat of the Towncar with the flashdrive, oh my.

Cut to Malcolm on the phone, there is a knock at the door, its Andrew looking very menacing.

Next Week:

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