Awake “The Little Guy”

9 Mar

I really like this show, the pilot was fantastic and last night’s episode maintained the quality established last week.

If you have not seen the pilot, the basic premise is this: a car accident takes the life of a family member, a police detective (Jason Isaacs, Brotherhood, Harry Potter)lives two alternating parallel lives, one with his wife (Laura Allen, The 4400, Dirt) where the son died and one with his son (Dylan Minette, Saving Grace) where the wife died. Is one of his “realities” merely a dream?.  In each reality he has a therapist and investigates crimes, the crimes cross over into each reality, sometimes the clues from one solve the crime in the other.

The show is a mystery in a mystery, its smart and well acted, I sincerely hope it finds an audience. It is worth your time, you can catch up on episodes on iTunes, NBC on line and some cable on Demand services depending on who your provider is.

Last night’s episode, “The Little Guy”,” revolved around the case of a man named Bernard MacKenzie. In one reality, he is a genetics doctor who mysteriously had his insulin switched with ingredients to induce a heart attack and kill him. In the other, MacKenzie is the name of a homeless man who had been arrested several times in the past but is now dead. 

Britten only solves the crime in one reality, I like that things aren’t wrapped up in a neat little package, its refreshing.

The show does an interesting thing with the information Britten (Isaacs) gathers from each reality. For example, his son Rex, tells him the laundry smells different. Britten finds out that his wife used fabric softener. He takes this information back and does the laundry the way his she would have bringing routine back to his son’s world that has been turned upside down since the death of his mother.

In the reality with his wife, they find out Rex was secretly building a motorcycle with his friend. Britten uses that information to bond with Rex.  The interactions with the the therapists are really interesting, both believing what he is saying about the alternate realities and helping him work through it. They don’t believe two realities exist, but they believe he is experiencing some sort of split mind.

Then came the zinger, in the last 5 minutes of the episode, we see Britten’s superior played by Laura Innes, meet with a mysterious man. We come away with the impression that the accident wasn’t an accident and Britten is a problem that needs to be dealt with, so now we have a little conspiracy theory on top of the Fringeness of the show.

I am sticking with this one, I want to see if they can maintain the premise, they has set up some lofty goals.


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