Sunday 3/11 What You Should Watch – The Good Wife, NCAA, Once Upon A Time

11 Mar

New Episodes of GCB, Once Upon A Time, Amazing Race, Celebrity Apprentice, The Good Wife and Desperate Housewives.

The NCAA tournament, is on the sweet 16 is bigger than ever.

Maybe I am just really cynical, but does anyone else find it odd that Nicolette Sheridan‘s lawsuit against Marc Cherry for wrongful termination from Desperate Housewives is going on at the same time the show is ending it’s run. Thats a lot of publicity for the once great show at just the right time.

Watched GCB, couldn’t stand it, Kristin Chenoweth was the horrible, she ruined the show for me, all that plastic surgery and spray tan.

Once Upon A Time, this week we get Red Riding Hood’s story, how she met Snow, the whole wolf thing. The promo makes her out to be a bad ass. Judging by the short shorts she wears in Storybrooke I have no doubt. She is the Pinky Tuscadero of Once Upon A Time. Did you know the color red repels wolves?  The previews and sneak peaks only show the fairy tale side of her story, I wonder what the parallel in Storybrooke will be?

I am into Celebrity Apprentice, I can’t stand Donald Trump, his is the pig of pigs and his kids make me want to barf. But I like the contestants he has on, and they are doing it for charity. Penn and Adam Carolla are my favorites.

Top Spot – The Good Wife

Last week, we met Will’s well meaning sisters who came to help him through his suspension, they misread his relationship with Kalinda and thought she was his girlfriend. I was surprised that this show went with the more harm than good plot with the sisters, it has been done to death, but they did it. At the beginning of the episode Will was determined to stay away from the office, that lasted all of a week, good thing because while he was away the vultures circled his office and the letterhead.

Caitlin came in handy, and Diane promoted her. Kalinda told Alicia to watch out for that one. I could of told her that, this is “All About Eve“, plus a surprise.  And Peter found out he can’t get ahead and be as squeaky clean as he would like. I was surprised that he seemed so bummed that he had to play the game, he had to know the system is still corrupt.

This week everyone’s favorite murdere is back Colin Sweeney, played by the fabulous Dylan Baker.

The Good Wife

Episode: Long Way Home
Alicia helps Colin Sweeney when a sexual misconduct claim affects his efforts to win back control of his company; Peter asks Cary to enforce office policies.

Once Upon a Time

Episode: Red-Handed
Emma gives Ruby a job as her assistant; David faces questions about Kathryn’s disappearance; Red Riding Hood yearns to run off with her love but is prevented by a dangerous situation.

The Amazing Race

The teams face a dirty task; one team is affected by a random act of kindness.

The Celebrity Apprentice

The teams must produce an event to introduce a new car; while the men’s project manager selection is questioned, conflict divides the women’s team; Trump makes a surprising decision.


Amanda worries that Laura will be branded as less-than-pretty at school; Gigi throws a luncheon to reintroduce Amanda to society; Carlene plots revenge against Amanda; Blake and Cricket disagree; Sharon wonders about Zach.

Desperate Housewives

Susan learns that Ben’s loan shark is targeting Mike; Carlos exhibits unusual behavior during his first day back at work; Tom’s girlfriend, Jane, has shocking news for Lynette

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