Once Upon A Time “Red Handed” As in caught…

12 Mar

Last night’s episode of Once Upon A Time, “Red Handed” dealt with Ruby’s backstory and answered the question, “what happened to Katherine”.

“Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?”, not Red Riding Hood, becasue she is the wolf!!

Am I the only one who found the descriptions about Ruby’s “issue” were a little too close to her having her period. She turns once a month, only under a full moon, (the full moon is on a 28 day cycle), it started when she was 13 and the best part, she ripped her boyfriend to shreds when it was her time. Girls, come on who among us hasn’t wanted to that from time to time. And her name is red, and she wears a blood red cape. Granny was like her but it faded as she got older, just like menopause.  So the the show equates menstruation with turnig into a beast, who writes this stuff Rush Limbaugh?

Red’s boyfriend is named Peter, as in Peter and the wolf, I am surprised they didn’t lift a little of the melody for the background music. Granny keeps Red away from Peter in Fairy Tale Land, and Ruby away from August in Storybrooke land.  We later learn why she keeps Peter away, but why August.

They found Katherine, well part of her. Her heart in a box, Mary Margaret’s fingerprints were found on the inside cover, so more trauma for our lovers. But that is pretty much a gimme since the show is all about the Queen getting revenge on Snow.

I noticed that they added the writer to the list of people who can break the curse in the opening credits. Interesting, we know he doctored Henry’s book, but we don’t know what he added.

All in all it was a good episode, the Red/Ruby backstory was tight, Granny sure is a badass. I am glad they got a happy ending in Storybrooke even though they didn’t get one in Fairy Tale Land. As usual Emma and Regina shared some zingers, the whole scene in the hospital was great.

In the end Ruby found her worth, felt better about herself and returned to Granny’s, with less make-up and her hair toned down. Does this mean the end of her short shorts.

Next week, more Snow and the queen.


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