Smash “Chemistry”

13 Mar

The question on everyone’s mind, could Derek sink any lower? And the answer is yes, on last night’s episode of Smash, he convinces Ivy to take medication when her throat becomes strained and she can’t sing. Tom had warned him that she is hyper sensitive to medicine.  This has dire consequences, especially for Derek.  Derek is the new love to hate character on TV.

Ivy’s throat problem couldn’t come at a worse time, the workshop is in a week, will Karen have to take over for her?

Poor Debra Messing the show basically ruined her character last night, she and Michael picked up their affair and in an insult to all working woman she whined that her home life was stressing her out and that is why she can’t meet her deadline. If I ever said that to my boss, I would be laughed out of his office and never ever be allowed to sit at the boys table again, forget any career advancement.  Most of the forums I read on last night’s episode had audience support at all time low for Julia. Way to go show, perform a character assassantion half way thru the first season on one of your leads.

Ellis somehow became Eileen’s BFF, snitching to her, drinking with her and going to see apartments with her. I hope her gets his, and I hope Tom and Eileen are the ones to do it and soon. His character can go away, and the actor is not much to speak of, neither would be missed. All of a sudden Eileen is hanging out in dive bars, and buying bartenders drinks. WTH!

Karen, Katherine McPhee is as exciting to watch as paint drying, I hope they figure out a way to get rid of her before the second season. Beautiful voice, yes, everything else no. Anyway, she overhears Derek and team talking about maybe having to use her if Ivy doesn’t get better, and gets her hopes up. She needs to make some extra cash so works a Bar Mitzvah, she sings, whatever, Tom texts her and tells her to get ready to step in for Ivy.  But the big news, Karen is spotted by a big music producer, which means we may get rif of her after all, but it pisses of Ivy, who was originally supposed to sing at the Bar Mitzvah. 

If I was involved with this show, I would get rid of everyone except Tom, Ivy, Derek and Dev and start over. But I am not so I have to make do with what I have.

Ivy freaks because of the meds, she sees visions of Karen in costume as Marilyn in her bedroom mirror ( oh brother). She has more hallucinations, and Tom is called to rescue her.  Next day ay rehearsal, Ivy’s voice is back, she and Michael do a number called “History is Made At Night”, they do great until the end when they stumble a little. (BTW, they are using the same couch he and Julia had sex on, ewwww) They laugh it off, but, Derek is as usual a jerk, he berates them both for being unprofessional and Ivy goes off. 

She calls him a narcissistic prick, insults his looks and calls him a bad lay. Great moment, so I sat thru 55 minutes of crap for 2 minutes of glory.

Next week: Bernadette Peters shows up as Ivy’s mother, who happens to be a Broadway legend. So Ivy is a legacy.

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