3/19 Monday What You Should Watch

19 Mar

Lots of new episodes of all our favorites tonight, except Hart of Dixie.

CBS comedy block is all new tonight, I have been jonesing for 2 Broke Girls, so glad its back.

House is new tonight, the march to the series finale continues.

Dancing With The Stars premieres a new season. The case on an all new Castle is about the murder of contestant on dance show, what a coincidence.

Top Spot: Smash – It’s the moment we have been waiting for, the workshop finally takes place and we get to meet Ivy’s mom who is a broadway star, played by a real Broadway legend Bernadette Peters.  Based on the sneak peak below she is redefining stage mother. singing “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” from Gypsy.


Episode: The Workshop
Eileen, Derek and the team present “Marilyn the Musical” to would-be investors; Ivy struggles to perform; Karen must make a difficult choice; Julia and Michael face the consequences of their actions.


Episode: Love Is Blind
The team works to save a blind man with a mysterious illness; House’s mother makes an unexpected visit.

2 Broke Girls

Caroline and Max spend their spring break dog-sitting at a couple’s lavish apartment.


The investigation into the death of a contestant on a popular dance competition show leads Castle and Beckett to a shocking secret that may have led to her death.

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