3/22 Thursday What You Should Watch

22 Mar

The Vampire Diaries is all new tonight. Also new tonight, Touch the new Kieffer Sutherland series starts its run tonight at 9 on FOX.

Did you see the pilot?  Great premise, Keifer is awesome, but can they sustain it? Lets see.

The NCAA marches on, I picked the Tar Heels in the pool, did I lose yet?

NBC is all new tonight. Are you watching Awake, its pretty damn addictive. I saw a great question on another board. “Do the other people exist and keep living when Britten is in the other reality?

Ashley Judd’s missing is back for week two at 8 on ABC.

Last week on TVD, we finally learned who the serial killer is, and no it’s not one of the vampire, it is my beloved Alaric and his broken ring. Apparently that Gilbert ring has a kink in its mojo.  Speaking of kink, Sage played by Cassidy Freeman who was featured prominently in the 1912 flashbacks is back in Mystics Falls and the previews hint at a 3 way between Damon, Rebekah and Sage.  Oh my, i will be over here on the fainting couch, someone get my smelling salts.

This week

The Vampire Diaries

Damon meets an old acquaintance at the Wickery Bridge restoration ceremony; Abby struggles to adjust to her new life; Elena asks Stefan for help; Damon tells Stefan about a new discovery.


A widower and his son try to understand how a robbery at a pawn shop triggers a sequence of events that impacts people all over the world.


Detective Britten runs into Rex’s former baby sitter, Kate, during an investigation into an alleged suicide; while working a case with Bird, Kate appears again, but this time as a suspect.


As the search for her son continues, Becca makes a questionable agreement with the head of French intelligence (Joaquim de Almeida).

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