Ringer “Let’s Kill Bridget” Oh F#!&K It Let’s Kill Everyone

28 Mar

Coco Channel had a lot of fashion advice, one of her gems, after you finish dressing take off the last accessory you put on, this will ensure you have not overdressed.  Well Ringer should take this advice, only they need to remove more than one accessory.

I guess the show really is getting cancelled because they keep piling so much stuff on there won’t be anything left for next season.

I do have to hand it to them, last night’s opening tease was probably one of the best of the season. 

Henry being interviewed by the cops, Catherine and Andrew kissing, Bridget or Shiv shot dead. After the commercial we find out that all of this action is a flash forward. We pick up 2 days earlier, Machado is questioning Bridget and Andrew about the Tarot card. Am I the only one who thinks showing SMG a tarot card is just too funny. I know I need to let go of the Buffy but I can’t.

Plotwise a lot happened last night, and in true Ringer fashion they dropped a bomb on us in the last 2 minutes of the show, more on that later.

Henry’s father in law turned him into the cops for Tyler’s murder, that is cold. Juliet and Andrew conspired to get the money back from Catherine with a phony real estate deal, Machado went after the Tarot Card guy, and in the end he and Bridget (who thinks is Shiv) faked her death so Macawi would think he killed Bridget. Got all that, I told you a lot of accessories, right, and not small cute accessories either. I am talking big plastic, neon colored earings, belts, bangles and slouchy socks from the 80’s accessories.

Poor Henry, one of the forums calls him “toolbelt”,  because he is such a tool.  I agree he is a tool, but I really hope he doesn’t go down because of Shiv.  I am getting a vision of the season/series finale, Henry being escorted to his jail cell, Shiv in labor, Catherine and Bridget in a life or death struggle over a gun or on a balcony. 

BTW I am completely convinced that Andrew knows who Bridget is, and has known for awhile. I predict that comes out in the second to last episode. I am so in love with Ioan Gruffudd, if only he would marry me. A girl can dream.

Other things worth mentioning:

  • Bridget’s really bad stripper hair, and those outfits
  • Limo driver guy, what is up with that plot point
  • Machado loosing control and tackling the dry cleaner customer and getting suspended, rogue FBI agent, nothing more dangerous
  • Gregory Harrison Still brings the pretty
  • Catherine’s necklace when she meets with Toby (eww note to writers everywhere do not use the name Toby ever) 

And of course the biggest moment of them all, Catherine is on the other end of the hitman’s phone at the end. So has she been the mastermind the whole time trying to bump off Shiv.

Next Week:

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