Thursday 3/29 What You Should Watch

29 Mar

New episodes of The Vampire Diaries and The Big Bang Theory tonight, are the highlights of my night.

We also have Touch on Fox at 9, Awake at 10 on NBC and Person of Interest at 9 on CBS, something for everyone.

Will the gang in Mystic Falls finally rid us of Klaus and the Originals storyline, I can’t remember a story arc I have detested more than this.  They have the weapons, they have the man power, now can they just get over the romance BS and get the job done.

The Vampire Diaries

Damon and Stefan enlist Elena, Caroline and Matt to help with their new plan to destroy Klaus; Klaus threatens someone close to Bonnie, forcing her to work on a spell for him; Klaus and Rebekah find a way make Finn cooperate.

The Big Bang Theory

When Penny buys Leonard and Sheldon Star Trek collectibles, Sheldon finds himself haunted by Mr. Spock; after a blind date, Raj believes he has met his future wife.

Person of Interest

The machine directs Reese and Finch to a person who has almost no digital footprint and seems to be living a double life.


Martin meets a homeless man who shares Jake’s obsession with numbers; Teller (Danny Glover) visits Jake’s board-and-care facility.

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