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Sunday 3/25 What You Should Watch

25 Mar

Mad Men is back tonight.  This is one of the hardest shows to get spoilers for, the critics got screeners and they kept a lot of the details to themselves. I think Matt Weiner welds serious power to keep the critics quite, he will shut down their access to the show.

The few details that have leaked out, there is a time jump, Don and Megan have married, Joan had her baby, the agency is still struggling and their will be another time jump mid season. The show starts in 1965 and the Civil Rights movement is in full force.

The Good Wife, Mathew Perry guests as Alicia’s new adversary, I know everyone loves Chandler Bing, but I like it when Matt goes dark.

Once Upon A Time, was great last week and this week’s kidnap with the Mad Hatter looks pretty awesome.

We also have, The Amazing Race, Celebrity Apprentice and GCB.

Enjoy your last night of freedom before you head back to work or school.

Mad Men

Episode: A Little Kiss
Pete and Roger butt heads, and Joan clashes with a houseguest.

Once Upon a Time

Episode: Hat Trick
During her search for Mary Margaret, Emma is kidnapped by a mad man with an affinity for hats; the evil queen hires a man of magic.

The Good Wife

While on a panel investigating a police shooting, Alicia starts to wonder about the chairman’s actions; the IRS starts looking at Kalinda.

The Celebrity Apprentice

When the teams are tasked with putting on a party to promote a drink mix, one group creates a beach experience, while the other goes with a Garden of Eden theme.

The Amazing Race

Two teams hit the hay to see how they stack up; the racers take an oily detour in Azerbaijan.


Gigi plans a party for Carlene’s uncle (Bruce Boxleitner) and asks guests to dress as their favorite Texan; Amanda works as a consultant for Cricket and Blake’s denim line; Zack and Sharon seek counseling.

Fringe “A Short Story About Love”

24 Mar

Fringe, I love you, I have been loyal to you and supported you and you have repaid me with the perhaps your most beautiful episode to date.  Just like a fine wine, or a gourmet food I had to keep going back to the last five minutes and re-watching, savoring each moment of the most beautiful reunion in TV history.

Last night’s episode was filled with so many beautiful moments, the imagery (white tulips), Walter‘s hilarity (“beaver hunting”), Lincoln Lee‘s heart quietly breaking it made the case of the week more palatable. It would be very easy to say that the writers showed us the agony and the ecstasy of love in very black and white terms, but long time viewers of Fringe know it is not that easy.

We also know that when we get something as good as, “she is your Olivia”, they are going to break out hearts again by seasons end. Bastards.

The COW follows Anson Carr ( Michael Massee) a badly scarred (looks like burns) serial killer who kills the male half of loving couples through dehydration, think sun dried prunes. Anson extracts their pheromones, which he combines with castoreum, he uses this mixture to seduce their wives immediately following their funerals.  After the kiss, he wraps their heads in plastic wrap and smothers them. Why does he do this? He wants to distill the essence of whatever it is that makes people fall in love with each other, so that the whole world can share the kind of in-it-until-the-end-of-time romance that Anson himself has never known.  Last night’s episode was truly icky, the best or worst of the ickiness, watching Carr clean out the dehydration chamber.

Peter is about to leave town on a bus headed for New York, Walter calls him back when he realizes the Observers did something to him when they took September out of the lab after the performed the mind meld.  The implanted something in his eye, that would eventually seep into his subconscious. I another cringe worthy moment, we watch as Walter removes the disc from Peter’s eyeball with tweezers.  Its an address, Peter sets off on his quest.

When Peter finds the address, it is the Observer’s apartment. He finds a briefcase containing the tolls we have seen the Observer use of the previous scenes. One device is a GPS locator that keeps beeping, he follows it to a giant drill bit is sticking out of the ground. Peter takes back to his house, (cause that is what I would do, it could explode, but oh well) It turns out be a beaso which brings The Observer back to this plane of existence.  The Observer gets to finish telling Peter what he didn’t in last weeks episode. 

And this is the big moment, Peter is already home, ( a lot of people in the forums already guessed this) he was restored to this universe because the attachment between him and his family and friends was too strong. “I believe you call it… love,” The Observer says, very Wizzard of Oz, but I love it anyway.

The bigger moment, Peter and Oliva run into each other’s arms at the end of the episode, complete with big smoochy kiss and handheld camera circling them.  I know my happiness won’t last for long, but I will bask in the glow of the moment.

A couple of other moments worth mentioning

  • Scooby Doo on the TV behind Walter while he is working in the lab
  • the idea that Walter has a hidden nanny cam in a Teddy Bear in the lab to spy on the cleaning crew
  • Peter munching on snacks while he works on the drill bit just like Walter
  • Walter tells Peter, “You’re a better man, than I”, Peter remarks this is a something he has heard before
  • Nina tells Oliva MD just go a patent on speeding up time ( has this show done a time jump yet)

Next week it looks like we are dealing with some freaky experiment Dr. Jones created. There are 8 episodes left until the end of the season and possibly the end of the series. I really don’t think Fox is going to cancel this show, it will give it a fifth and final season.

ABC Close to Renewing Grey’s, Revenge, Castle, Once Upon a Time and More! – TVLine

23 Mar

ABC Close to Renewing Grey’s, Revenge, Castle, Once Upon a Time and More! – TVLine.

3/23 Friday What You Should Watch

23 Mar

Happy Happy Joy Joy Fringe is back!!!

The NCAA tournament continues.

ABC has shark tank, The CW has Nikita and Supernatural and Grimm is a repeat.

Did you hear Grimm has been renewed for season 2, no surprise there, it was one of the few succesful shows NBC has this season.

Top Spot: Fringe

After the heartbreaking cliff hanger of the winter finale I’m not sure I want to watch, but I must. Will Peter get home, will Olivia’s memories continue to fade and what new pearls of wisdom will Walter share.


After recent emotional events and shocking revelations, Peter considers his options; a killer targets love


Driven to the breaking point by Lucifer, Sam ends up in a mental hospital; Dean’s plea for help leads him to a healer with the face of an old friend.

3/22 Thursday What You Should Watch

22 Mar

The Vampire Diaries is all new tonight. Also new tonight, Touch the new Kieffer Sutherland series starts its run tonight at 9 on FOX.

Did you see the pilot?  Great premise, Keifer is awesome, but can they sustain it? Lets see.

The NCAA marches on, I picked the Tar Heels in the pool, did I lose yet?

NBC is all new tonight. Are you watching Awake, its pretty damn addictive. I saw a great question on another board. “Do the other people exist and keep living when Britten is in the other reality?

Ashley Judd’s missing is back for week two at 8 on ABC.

Last week on TVD, we finally learned who the serial killer is, and no it’s not one of the vampire, it is my beloved Alaric and his broken ring. Apparently that Gilbert ring has a kink in its mojo.  Speaking of kink, Sage played by Cassidy Freeman who was featured prominently in the 1912 flashbacks is back in Mystics Falls and the previews hint at a 3 way between Damon, Rebekah and Sage.  Oh my, i will be over here on the fainting couch, someone get my smelling salts.

This week

The Vampire Diaries

Damon meets an old acquaintance at the Wickery Bridge restoration ceremony; Abby struggles to adjust to her new life; Elena asks Stefan for help; Damon tells Stefan about a new discovery.


A widower and his son try to understand how a robbery at a pawn shop triggers a sequence of events that impacts people all over the world.


Detective Britten runs into Rex’s former baby sitter, Kate, during an investigation into an alleged suicide; while working a case with Bird, Kate appears again, but this time as a suspect.


As the search for her son continues, Becca makes a questionable agreement with the head of French intelligence (Joaquim de Almeida).

3/21 Wednesday What You Should Watch

21 Mar

Revenge isn’t back yet. BOOO ABC is running the pilot for Ashley’s Judd’s new show Missing tonight at 10pm.  It debuted last Thursday at 8pm stronger than I expected against American Idol, it had a 2.1 rating/6 share with over 10 million viewers. 

I wonder if it will hang on there, only time will tell. It has about a month to establish a foothold, before all the shows come back for the final runs leading up to season finales and May sweeps.

Only one of ABC Wednesday‘s comedy block shows is new BOOO, but since it’s Happy Endings there is a little silver lining. This show is very funny, catch up on Hulu or iTunes.

So what’s good? Well nothing really unless you like Whitney or Are You There Chelsea? which judging by the ratings not many of you do.

There is Survivor, CSI and Rock Center, like I said BOOO!!!!!

Happy Endings

Dave gets bullied at the gym and Alex teaches him to fight back; residents of the condo challenge Jane for her job as president of the homeowner’s association.

Ringer “That Woman’s Never Been A Victim In Her Entire Life”

21 Mar

Ringer, if there is one thing I can count on this show for it is the wacky. When the Tarot card fell out of the shooters back pocket I laughed out loud. I guess it could have been a matchbook, but a Tarot card is so much more mysterious?  And kind of Buffyish.

The episode picks up exactly where last week’s ended Agent Guyliner (Machado) is chasing the shooter down the alley, he doesn’t catch him, but is able to rip is back pocket before he gets away. The Tarot card falls out of the ripped pocket, the symbol on the card is The Tower. Our trusty FBI agent informs us it represents one of two things, ruin/failure as in the Tower of Babel, or dualism ( like twins), opposing forces clashing into each other.  He tracks the card to a dry cleaner that was giving them away.

Andrew is alive and in surgery, Juliet calls Henry he comes to the hospital, Bridget tells him Andrew saved her life. This gives Henry pause, perhaps Shiv has been full of it the whole time. Henry confronts Shiv, he calls her a liar and a sociopath, he kicks her to the curb. Whoo-Who he grows a pair. That lasts about a day, he takes her back and tells her he killed Tyler, but it was an accident, they were fighting and Tyler hit his head. He switches Tyler’s flash drive with a fake and takes off, that means Olivia has the fake.

Henry goes one better, he gave the drive to his father in law, to convince him to pull his investments from Martin Charles.  Good Henry.

Andrew wakes up and he and Bridget make up and are all lovey dovey. Best line of the night, when Andrew woke up, Bridget says “hey Superman”, no he’s Mr Fantastic, get your superheros straight. Bridget asks Andrew why he went to Malcolm’s room, he said Olivia suggested a bribe to get rid of him, he took the money and hit the road.  He’ll be back. Bridget tells Andrew about the guy she killed. She explains to him that she didn’t tell him at first because she wasn’t sure he wasn’t involved.  BTW Olivia is in the wind.

What if Andrew is also twins? That would explain how he goes from nice to evil. I wouldn’t put it past this show to pull something like that, they are that crazy.

Catherine, Andrew and Bridget decide New York isn’t a safe place for Juliet and she has to return to Florida with her mom. She doesn’t want to go, she runs away to the beach house. Bridget tracks her down, Juliet confesses the plot she and he mom hatched to Bridget. Bridget heads back to Park Ave to tell Andrew, Machado is there he informs them that one of Macawi’s henchmen has been found dead, with Malcolm’s id. My guess, Malcolm killed the guy. Agent Machado informs Bridget and Andrew that he thinks Macawi’s men are here to kill Shiv because they think she is really Bridget. (good guess)

I think it would be a good twist if Macawi and Shiv were in on the whole thing from the beginning.

Shiv heads off to the hospital to confess all to Andrew, she calls Henry to let him know he arrives just in time to stop her. They are in the hall talking just as Bridget shows up. Lucky for Bridget and Shiv they are both wearing the same coat or Andrew might had figured it out. I guess the baby bump wasn’t that noticeable, no coat can hide that. Ok he just got shot maybe I should give him a pass.

Just to recap, Andrew is ok, Olivia is missing, Flash drive on the lose, Juliet confesses, Henry sort of got his balls back, Shiv’s control is slipping and Malcolm lives to see another day.

God I hope this show gets renewed it is just good old fashioned fun.

The preview for next week made my head hurt, we see a dead body, maybe Olivia, maybe Catherine, Henry being questioned by the police. what the hell is my Andrew doing kissing Catherine!!! Shiv shooting someone, we are led to believe it’s Bridget. But you know how the promo monkey’s edit stuff. I think she is shooting Olivia or maybe Catherine. Maybe Shiv has been working with Catherine to destroy Andrew.

3/20 Tuesday What you Should Watch

20 Mar

Glee still isn’t back, it isn’t scheduled until mid April. But in case you wanted to know if Quinn survived the car accident, there are plenty of pictures taken on set when they filmed the next few episodes. 

The River wraps up its run tonight, the series finale airs at 9 on ABC.

NCIS and NCIS LA are all new, so if the FOX comedy block.

Top Spot: Ringer, will Andrew survive getting shot ( of course), will he be paralyzed. Will Shiv drop the whole revenge thing. I don’t belive this is about getting back at Bridget for Sean’s death, she isn’t that sentimental.  After tonight, we only have 4 episodes left, The CW still hasn’t decided if the show is coming back. 


After someone tries to kill Bridget, Agent Machado commits himself to finding the responsible party; Henry suspects Siobhan of putting a hit on her sister; Andrew confesses to asking Malcolm to leave; Juliet disappears.

The River

As the Magus travels to the final destination, one of the crew is shot; Jahel asks a spirit for help.


Episode: The Tell
When classified information is leaked, the Secretary of the Navy (Matt Craven) investigates alongside Gibbs and Dr. Samantha Ryan (Jamie Lee Curtis).

Smash “The Workshop”

20 Mar

Why is Smash one cliché after another, here are just a few from last night

  • morning of the workshop music montage
  • Ivy’s mother is the stage mother from hell singing the theme song from a musical about the ultimate stage mother from hell
  • Ellis is Eve Harrington
  • Eileen’s never ending issues with the production, you would have thought someone mentioned the  name of that Scottish play
  • Karen passes up her big meeting with the record producer to perform in the workshop (yeah right)
  • Ivy’s pill addiction continues

As the title suggests last night’s episode was the big workshop to get the investors. Once of the many problems facing our little acting troupe is the heat in the building is blasting because the boiler is broken. Now call me crazy, but why didn’t they use some of the fans they used to blow up Marilyn’s skirt in the workshop to cool off the audience.

As it turns out no one wants to invest in “Marilyn”, quelle surprise.  The team, Tom, Julia, Eileen and Derek regroup to discuss what to do. Derek thinks it was Ivy. Tom thinks it was Michael, Julia agrees and Michael is fired.  Eileen suggest they need to hire a “star”, if you have read the press, than you know Uma Thurman has been seen on set, I think she is the big name they bring in. Poor Ivy, I feel so bad for her, couple that with Karen getting the shot with the big record producer, I don’t know if she will go over the edge, but the stage is set.

Karen records a demo for “Mr. Raskin”, the record producer she was referred to after the Bar Mitzvah. I couldn’t decide if the guy who recorded the demo was just a sound engineer or Mr. Raskin. Anyway she sings a cover of Colbie Caillait’s “Brighter Than The Sun”, the engineer/Raskin is blown away. I thought she was the same Katherine McPhee complete with weird arm gestures we see every time she sings. Didn’t Simon Cowell beat that out of her on Idol.   

Speaking of Simon, Smash’s very own Simon Cowell, Derek is still trying to get Karen in the lead. He is such a snake and I love it. But, he is a little clueless, he doesn’t pick up on the Julia/Michael thing at all. Which seems very out of character, sloppy writing.

Ivy’s (Megan Hilty) mother a Tony award winning actress name Leigh Conroy comes to town for the workshop, she is played by realife Tony award winning actress Bernadette Peters, and oh man is she good. Granted the character is pure stock, all smiles and charm in public but behind closed doors, she humiliates and insults Ivy constantly. Driving Ivy to take sleeping pills.  To make matter’s worse when she attends rehearsal with Ivy she is asked to sing by the cast and she does, of course.   

She tries to make things up to her at the end, but you just know she will be back to beat her up so more, that is what an abuser does.

What I found most interesting about the scene was Derek’s reaction, he watched Ivy the whole time, knowing how this performance by her mother was killing her. After he told Ivy how great she is doing with Marilyn. I thought for a moment he was being a human, but then I realized he knew he had to say something to make her feel better to preserve his precious workshop. He is a crafty one.

Julia and Michael continued their affair, until Julia calls it off. After Michael’s wife and kid show up at rehearsal, apparently the guilt she feels over her own son knowing is nothing compared to the guilt she feels when she sees Michael’s son. Good thing the adoption got quashed.  In another insult to working woman every where, Julia is so distraught she has to go home. The workshop is tomorrow its crunch time, but she has to go home and cry. Suck it up, you made your bed now lie in it, the show must go on.

As I mentioned up post, Michael is fired, that isn’t going to come back to bite her at all. No not at all. Ellis saw them together and told Eileen.  What is up with Ellis when did he become Eileen’s BFF, I am only putting up with this nonsense because I hope he gets his in the end.

Eileen’s bartender came to the rescue with a plumber when the heat in the rehearsal space needed fixing. Is it me or is he going to turn out to have a bunch of money to invest. I bet he is more than a bartender.

 Next week Derek takes matters into his own hands in the aptly titled “The Coup”

Once Upon A Time “Heart of Darkness”

19 Mar

Last night on Intervention, the Dwarves confronted Snow about her behavior since taking Rumple’s potion, even Jiminy Cricket was there to mediate.  Snow refused to listen, in the end she stormed out pick axe in hand (hi-ho hi-ho) off to kill the queen.

Rumple gives her a special bow and arrow to get the job done, she takes aim and shoots. Charming jumps in the arrow’s path and prevents her from killing the queen knowing it would blacken her heart forever. He is trying to help her remember who she is and the love they have for each other. They kiss “true love’s kiss” and she remembers him, just as the Queen’s men show up and tear them apart.

In a Last of the Mohican’s reference, she calls after him, “I will find you” as the Queen’s men take him away.  The Dwarves’ agree to help her in her quest to get Charming back.

In Storybrooke, Mary Margaret has been arrested for killing Katherine, they found her heart on MM’s jewelry box, and the murder weapon hidden in her apartment.  She hires Mr. Gold as her attorney. 

August tells Henry the answer to helping MM is in The Book, the book says Regina’s keys will open any door. He steals her keys, brings them to Emma and they try them on MM’s apartment door, the keys work. This convinces Emma that Regina set MM up.

Emma goes to Mr. Gold, (he is studying the lamp of the Genie under a magnifying glass, nice touch) she asks for his help, she tells hom she will do whatever it takes to defeat Regina. He agrees to help and tells her to fear not because she is more powerful then she knows.

Back to Fairytale land, Rumple takes a strand of Charming’s hair and mixes it with a strand of Snow’s, it forms a magical bond in a bottle.  Rumple has created True Love.

In Storybrooke, MM uses the key someone left in her cell to break out of jail.

Sure the show has clever moments, and heavy handed moments but all in all it is stable in the ratings and its fan base is loyal It is sure to be renewed, now lets just hope the programming monkey’s don’t screw it up and move it to a new night.

Next week, Emma goes to a tea party, The Mad Hatter is in town.

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