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4/30 Monday What You Should Watch

30 Apr

We are moving into May sweeps and season finale time of year. Get ready for lots of new episodes and cliffhangers.

House set us up last week for an emotional series finale when Wilson announced he had cancer. The House Wilson relationship is a bromance for the ages. Wilson can’t die.


Episode: The C-Word
When the team treats a 6-year-old with multiple health issues, they must collaborate with her mother (Jessica Collins), who is also a doctor; Wilson and House go on vacation.


When a corpse is discovered in the woods, the team considers two families involved in a nearly century-long feud; Brennan is apprehensive when her father (Ryan O’Neal) offers to baby-sit for her daughter.


Episode: Tech
Ivy worries as Derek grows closer to Rebecca (Uma Thurman); Karen has to choose between Dev and the show; Ellen and Julia fight over Michael’s possible return; Sam brings Tom to a family dinner.

Hart of Dixie

Wade must swallow his pride when he asks Zoe to be his partner in a competition; Rose lands a date; Lemon and George discuss their relationship issues with the Rev. Mayfair.

4/29 Sunday What You Should Watch

29 Apr

The Good Wife‘s season finale airs tonight. Will Peter really run for governor? Will the Florrick’s move back into their old office? The previews  make it look like Kalinda is going on the run, is she running from Lamond Bishop or is her x-husband finally coming to the show. I am betting on the ex-husband, the writers have been dangling that carrot in front of us for a year and half. It’s time for the payoff. If the show didn’t already have enough on its plate, Michael J. Fox and Martha Plimpton are back to take down Lockhart/Gardner. 

 Once Upon A time, it’s the second to the last episode of the season, based on the previews Regina is putting the moves on David(ewww), and we find out that August (the writer) is Pinocchio and he leads Emma on a quest to discover her destiny.

The Killing, last week they dropped a bomb, what does it mean, we should find out in 3 or 4 episodes. This is The Killing after all.

Mad Men, the last two weeks have been exceptional, and that is saying a lot for a show that is always exceptional. I can’t wait for tonight’s installment. I for one am hoping to find out that Megan is running a con on Don, somebody suggested she could be the daughter of the real Don Draper.  Unfortunately that is too soapy for Mad Men.

Also new tonight, HBO has Girls and Veep, CBS has The Amazing Race, NBC has Celebrity Apprentice and ABC is airing the second to last episode of Desperate Housewives.

TV Tid Bits

28 Apr

Earlier this week NBC announced they have hired a new show runner for Smash, and who did they hire Josh Safran. Josh Safran who is credited with running Gossip Girl into the ground.  Who the heck is in charge at NBC, they are a failing network with a failing show so lets hire a hack to make it worse.  So I guess any hopes of the show focusing more on the making of a Broadway show and less on the crappy personal lives storyline are pretty much crushed with announcement.  I hope Megan Hilty gets a better offer and gets off this sinking ship as fast as she can. 

We could build a half hour sitcom or one hour drama around her, basic premise she is singer in a piano bar, so we get a song every week. If we go with the sitcom she has wacky co-workers and/or neighbors, her accompanist is a key role no matter which format we go with. If we go hour long, the bar is owned by her mother, she has siblings, one troubled, one successful. 

Sarah Michelle Geller announced she is pregnant with her second child. I knew it!! She was looking a little full in the last few episodes of Ringer. Still don’t know if it will be renewed. EOnline! has it as part of their Save One Show campaign, you can still vote until 5pm tomorrow April 29th.  I have no idea what this means for the renewal chances, maybe she knew it was a done deal so figured, I am going to be unemployed, Freddie just got a new job, so I will be stay at home mom to Charlotte and push out another puppy.

Want to know when the season finale of your favorite show airs? Click Here

Hart of Dixie and Nikita are sure to be renewed, Ringer is a long shot? I don’t get that Hart of Dixie is total crap. Want to know the status of all the shows TVLine has a list here

Deadline has a great series of updates about pilot season. Want to know what the networks think you want to see on your TV next season before the upfronts in three weeks. Click Here  

Am I the only person who doesn’t get the appeal of Ryan Seacrest, he inked a new multi-platform deal with NBCUniversal, and will return as the host of American Idol, where he makes 15mill a year. He gets 15mill a year to host AI. rest of the details on the deal can be found here if you want to vomit.


The Summer Season

28 Apr

When I was growing up, summer meant vacation and re-runs on TV, of course cable had just started, there wasn’t a USA or TNT. Did you know when HBO first started it was only on in the evenings and only showed movies, when it went 24 hours it was a big deal and when it debuted its first made for cable show it was an even bigger deal.

Now, we have the summer season, and this summer is shaping up to be one of the best. TNT and USA dominate the ratings during the summer with shows like The Closer, Rizzoli and Isles, Suits and Necessary Roughness the broadcast networks struggle to compete.

Among our returning favorites listed above, I am looking forward to a couple of new entries, the Dallas re-boot on TNT and Aaron Sorkin‘s new show Newsroom on HBO.

Dallas, premiering Wednesday June 13 at 9 on TNT, its bringing back the old favorites, J.R., Bobby and Sue Ellen to tell the familiar tale of Ewing brother vs Ewing brother, add to the mix their sons battling it out. I have high hopes that this will be my guilty pleasure this summer. Pretty people, with lots of money in pretty outfits doing despicable things.

The Newsroom, premiering Sunday June 24th at 10 on HBO. Jeff Daniel’s stars as a cable news anchor, who, with his staff wants to take back the news from the corporate bigwigs that have made it a profit center.  I am a big fan of Sorkin’s writing, and who didn’t love the first few seasons of The West Wing, regardless of your political beliefs.  

The Closer is ending its run this summer, it’s spinoff Major Crimes will premiere Monday August 13th at 10pm immediately following The Closer’s finale. If you are wondering who from The Closer will be making the leap the picture to your right may give you some idea of who will be joining Mary McDonnell‘s character Chief Radar. It seems weird that Fritz, is is in the picture he is Brenda’s husband. I can’t imagine they are killing her off, her character is too popular and I am sure Kyra wants to leave the door open to come back for a paycheck.

Charlie Sheen returns to our TV screens this summer in Anger Management, premiering Thursday June 28th at 9pm on FX. Like a bad train wreck, I just can’t look away.

Eric McCormack is trying for another TV comeback, his last attempt didn’t even make a full season. I am not sure this one will do much better. Perception is about a neuroscientist (McCormack) that the FBI recruits to help with complex cases.  It premieres Monday July 9th at 10. I will take a pass on this one.

Other Returning Favorites, Braking Bad, Pretty Little Liars, True Blood, Weeds, Drop Dead Diva, Episodes and Franklin and Bash.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Olympics are this summer.

What are your summer favorites?

The Vampire Diaries “Do Not Go Gentle”

27 Apr

I guess if we were going to lose Alaric, (Matthew Davis) at least they are giving him a good send off.  I remember when they got rid of Cordelia on Angel it was so lame, you could tell how mad the producers were at her for getting pregnant and screwing up their season 4 plans to make her the big bad.

But I digress, back to TVD. Last night’s episode was made of win, coming on the heels of that awesome Damon/Elena kiss this was completely satisfying sex after fantastic foreplay. 

I am completely in camp Delena, they are so hot and for the adults, while Stelena are all mushy romantic and boring, I watched all those scenes rolling my eyes with disgust.

Last night’s episode centered around Mystic High’s annual decade dance, dances to TVD are like birthday’s to Buffy, they never end well. Let’s talk about the good first, the costumes, Matt and Jeremy’s budding bromance, Damon and Ric while Ric was dying and Bonnie possessed.  The best scene, when everyone came to say good-bye to Ric, I will admit it, I cried, it was so sad.

That lasted all of 5 minutes, and then BAM. Alaric is a super powerful, Vampire who also happens to be a Vampire Hunter, with a white oak stake coated in the melted metal of his resurrection ring.  This sequence of events almost makes up for all the Klaus crap this season, I say almost because I don’t know how this going to end up. The actor who plays Alaric has already booked another show on The CW, dead or not he is off the show.

There is a lot of spec on the net that Elena will be turned in the finale, and Damon or Stefan will be made human, it sounds cheesy but I think this show could make it work. As long as it makes Klaus goes away I am all for it.

What didn’t work, the salt line, I have seen enough episodes of Supernatural to know that all you need is a human to scrape their foot through it to break the spell.  Anything Klaus, his last scene screaming at this mother in the coffin was so over the top, yeah yeah you are going to raise an evil army, blah blah.

While Ester has all the vamp folk holed up in the gym, she is busy making Alaric into super vamp killer, of course this requires Elena’s blood.  Ester gets halfway thru the spell before she is interrupted by Matt and Jeremy. Alaric stakes her, which breaks the boundary spell, but they are too late. Alaric has two choices, drink blood and become a vampire or die. He decides not to complete the transformation and chooses to dies, everyone comes to say good bye, lots of crying ensures,Damon and Ric bond one more time.

But wait, Bonnie, possessed by her witchy friends shows up, she disables Damon and makes Alaric feed on her. He completes the transformation and he is now SuperVamp. Evilaric.

Next Week: Is the second to last episode of the season, usually this is the episode when all the shit goes down. Klaus is going to try to leave town with Elena (like that will ever happen), but meets with resistance from an unlikely source. Stefan and Damon talk about the future.

Friday 4/27 What You Should Watch

27 Apr

Fringe is wrapping up season 4, tonight is the first of the final three episodes.

Blue Bloods is new tonight, thank goodness, because I need a Reagan family dinner.

We also have new Grimm, Supernatural and Nikita.


Episode: Worlds Apart
Both teams fight for the same cause; shocking developments related to the Cortexiphan children arise.

Blue Bloods

Episode: Working Girls
When an attempt is made on the life of a witness in Danny and Jackie’s care, they realize the task force has a leak; Erin receives a job offer that would have her working with her father.


An investigation into a construction worker’s death leads Nick into a conflict in the creature world; Juliette makes Nick invite Monroe to dinner.


Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart) acquires a hard drive that contains sensitive information about Dean and Sam; Bobby tries to help the brothers retrieve the hard drive, but his anger toward Dick gets in the way.


Episode: Shadow Walker
Nikita talks Birkhoff into using $20 million of his own money to lure Percy into a trap; Birkhoff is arrested.

Fringe Renewed For Season 5 – TVLine

26 Apr

The TV gods have smiled on me!!!!

Fringe Renewed For Season 5 – TVLine.

Revenge “Justice”

26 Apr

Nolan to Amanda, “you do realize if you expose the Grayson’s for jury tampering, you risk your fiancé spending the rest of hs life in prison”?, Amanda says “I came here for one reason, nothings going to get in my way”.  Amanda is committed to her to plan, I guess we now know she is not in love with Daniel.  I am not sure who is more cold, her or Victoria.

“Justice” opens, several months, and 15 days into Daniel’s trial. Which make sense since this show is about Revenge and we need to wrap up the trial to get back to business.

 However, I have to hand it to Mike Kelley, the murder and the trial are interesting ways to expose more of the characters layers.  We always knew Victoria was calculating, but who knew to what extent, getting her own son beat up in prison just to spring him.  Jury tampering, threatening inocent children. The trial has also upped the cat and mouse game between Amanda and Victoria, it’s great to see two solid female leads heading up a show.  The men definitely take a backseat to these ladies.

In a nutshell, Declan recants his story, he says he didn’t see anyone on the beach that night. Jack comes back to town, Amanda gets the bloody hoodie and plants it on Victoria’s goon, or “mini-Frank” as Nolan has named him, Nolan really does get the best lines. Victoria has hired the goon to go after one of the jurors, instead he gets arrested and put in jail. He threatens to expose the Grayson’s,  Conrad has him killed, makes it look like a suicide and in the fake note mini-Frank confesses to killing Tyler. Case closed. 

In between, Daniel breaks house arrest to confront Amanda about having an affair with Jack, he lands back in Jail. Conrad gets rid of Victoria’s artist boyfriend. And we get a lot of cool Amanda/Nolan scenes, how I love these two together.

In the end, Amanda figures out that her dad was killed just like mini-Frank, the Grayson’s murdered her father. Game so Fu&#ing On!!

Next Week

Thursday 4/26 What You Should Watch

26 Apr

WOW!! So much new stuff tonight, and really good TV to boot.

First up of course, The Vampire Diaries, it’s time for Mystic Falls annual decades dance.

Also new, The Big Bang Theory, Scandal,  Person of Interest, Missing, Grey’s Anatomy and Awake.

The Vampire Diaries

Damon and Meredith (Torrey Devitto) plan their next move; Elena and Bonnie choose their dates for the school dance; Tyler is determined to sweep Caroline off her feet.


Olivia and Cyrus get into a heated argument about the Amanda Tanner case; the team helps a dictator who claims his wife and children were kidnapped.


In order to prove her innocence, Becca must recall details of a traumatic case from the past; Michael tries to protect himself and Oksana.

Grey’s Anatomy

The residents travel to San Francisco for the oral boards; sparks fly when Richard and Catherine (Debbie Allen) bump into each other at a hotel; Alex feels guilty about being away from the hospital when Tommy’s health takes a turn for the worse.

The Big Bang Theory

Knowledge of Howard’s sexual history makes Bernadette reconsider their future together.


Episode: Game Day
The final play in a big football rivalry happens differently in Detective Britten’s two realities; Rex’s heart is broken; Vega and Hannah plan a going-away party for Britten.

FOX: If ‘Fringe’ Is Renewed Here Are 7 Reasons That Had Nothing To Do With It – Ratings | TVbytheNumbers

25 Apr

If you ever wondered how the decision making process works when it comes to renewing a show, here is a funny little post.

FOX: If ‘Fringe’ Is Renewed Here Are 7 Reasons That Had Nothing To Do With It – Ratings | TVbytheNumbers.

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