4/1 Sunday What You Should Watch

1 Apr

The Killing is back tonight with a 2 hour premiere at 8pm on AMC, and as many of you have pointed out it seems appropriate that the second season should debut on April’s Fool Day.  Many thought the show pulled a fast one at the end of the first season by not revealing who killed Rosie Larsen.  You know the old saying, fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you.  The show’s creators claim they will reveal the killer by the end of season 2 and it will not be same person it was in the original Danish series.

I will be watching because I got hooked on the characters and the actors.  

Also on my DVR schedule tonight, Mad Men and Once Upon A Time.  The Good Wife is not on, but when it returns in two weeks we will see the Alicia/Jackie fight that was teased at the end of last weeks episode.

Once Upon A Time promises to finally reveal the source of Regina’s hate for Snow, something about a stable boy. 

Mad Men continues its slow burn, the season premiere last week, was satisfying and unsettling.  I don’t like this Don Draper, what has Megan done to him.  I think she is pulling a con, and she is going to Dick Whitman Don Draper. Only time will tell.

The Killing

Sarah investigates a possible cover up; an ominous discovery is made at the Larsen’s house; Councilman Richmond has a dark secret.

Mad Men

Episode: Tea Leaves
Peggy is given new responsibility; Don and Harry indulge a client.

Once Upon a Time

Emma keeps searching for evidence to prove Mary Margaret’s innocence in Kathryn’s murder; the root of the evil queen’s disdain for Snow White is revealed.

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