The Killing “Reflections/Lucky Day”

1 Apr

I know I am in the minority here but I like the pacing of this show, I like that they haven’t revealed Rosie’s killer. Life isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon and the answers we seek don’t always come as quickly as we would like. Tonight’s premiere was full of new developments to keep us plenty busy this season, lets hope they all lead somewhere and don’t go the way of the “The Cage” or Bennet Ahmed.

Tonight’s premiere picked up exactly where the season finale left off, Richmond (Billy Campbell)  under arrest for Rosie’s murder is shot, Linden (Mirelle Enos) finds out the picture was a fake and Holder (Joel Kinnaman) thinks he has closed the case securing his future. By the end of the episode he finds out he is a pawn and both he and Linden have been used. 

Linden tries to get answers but obstacles are at every turn, even though she is a cop the sheriff’s department, who controls the cameras has closed ranks.  Holder questions Belko (Brendan Sexton III) who has shot Richmond and killed his mother (BTW Belko was Rosie’s killer in the Danish version).

Gwen (Kristin Lehman) and Jamie (Eric Ladin) bond in the hospital waiting room while they wait for word on Richmond, its nice to see the writers fleshing these characters out some more.  They were both on the verge of becoming one note characters last season, Gwen was shrill and unlikable and Jamie’s motives were not exactly clear.  Gwen tells Jamie that Richmond wasn’t with her the night Rosie died, he went out and when he came back he was soaking wet. 

We have a few new clues, a tattoo reflected in the mirror of Rosie’s bike from the super 8 movie she shot. As the patrolman aptly points out, not exactly the councilman’s style.  Holder’s curiosity is piqued, he starts to do some research. His promotion to detective first class came at too high a price, one man is paralyzed the other dead.

Somebody deposited Rosie’s backpack on the Larsen’s doorstep. He calls Holder, when he goes through it he finds the Super 8 camera but no film. Stan says the camera isn’t hers, and he quickly figures out that Richmond isn’t the guy. 

Mitch(Michelle Forbes) is taking a road trip, Terry is helping Stan (Brent Sexton) with the boys. We never did find out what Terry was hiding, and wasn’t it Terry not Rosie who had the connection to the escort service. Isn’t that how she met Jasper’s rich daddy? The Larsen family situation continues to unravel. Are Stan and Terry going to hook up, because they sure made it seem that way.

One of the most gripping scenes of the evening was the interrogation room scene between Stan and Belko, the acting on this show is really spectacular.  Belko is a broken man, and Stan feels responsible, the scene is short but its the emotion, the reaction that gives it the richness.  When he kills himself a few scenes later, the look on Holder’s face says it all.

Linden continues investigating the phony picture and the man who gave it to Holder, we all know that won’t be resolved any time soon.  She gets a reporter to call Sloan and congratulate him for providing the picture that lead to Richmond’s arrest, he hangs up on the reporter and erases his hard drive. He takes off with Linden on his tail, he meets with the mayor’s assistant, someone is photographing Linden as she watches.

Linden searches Richmond’s apartment, but it has been stripped clean by the cops. She looks at a photo of Richmond and his wife, her death still hangs over the show and while it may not be a major plot point it fits in somehow. She checks out where Richmond went the night Rosie was murdered when he wasn’t with Gwen. He went to the bridge in Tacoma where he had proposed to his wife, October 5th was their wedding anniversary. He jumped, tried to kill himself but a fisherman saved him. 

In the end Holder went to Linden to explain but she wouldn’t let him in, I hope theses two make up soon I don’t like it when they are on the outs.

Stan went to his mob buddy for help, he asked him to find and kill Rosie’s killer.

We go some answers, more questions and away we go into the second season of  The Killing.

What did we learn tonight

  • Richmond is paralyzed
  • Holder isn’t easily played
  • Jack eats too much junk food and wants to go live with his father
  • Linden and Holder’s boss is either in on it or trying to keep evidence from the bad guys, either way he is out
  • Linden goes to the DA with the evidence exonerating Richmond

2 Responses to “The Killing “Reflections/Lucky Day””

  1. smallscreensadie at 11:24 am #

    I hope Linden and Holder work things out quickly, too. It’s driving me crazy! (In kind of a good way, though..)

    I totally get the impression that Stan and Terry are going to hook up, too. I hope not, though. That’s one thing the show doesn’t need!

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