Scandal “Sweet Baby (Pilot)

6 Apr

Great Premise + heavy handed writing x over acting = not going to be back next season.

Lets get the obvious out of the way, it was a pilot, and a lot can change between this episode and the next, so I am going to give this another shot next week.

I don’t know why I thought I would like this, I dont like Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practive and I think Shonda Rhimes is overrated, but I like Kerry Washington and Henry Ian Cusack.  I figured what the heck, at least it’s not about doctors.

What worked

  • the pacing, the editing and the sound mixing
  • Kerry Washington (sometimes)
  • Henry Ian Cusack – all the time
  • Darby Stanchfield – love her smart alec investigator, although she isnt’ written good enough to touch Kalinda’s boots she will do
  • Sully’s torment over being gay, he would rather be a murderer, than sacrifice his image

What didn’t work

  • the lazy set up, using a new hire to introduce us to the players and how the “crisis management”  game works was insulting
  • the new hire, this weak character thrown into the deep end, she has to be given the “don’t cry” speech on her first day (i would love someone to give that to a male character, I would love to see a male character cry at work)
  • Kerry Washington, when she is given lame preachy dialogue to deliver
  • Stephen’s proposal sub-plot

Perhaps the most ridiculous moment of the show, the president played by Tony Goldwyn putting the moves on and kissing Olivia Pope in front of the open windows in the Oval office. Secret service, snipers every where, really show, really.

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2 Responses to “Scandal “Sweet Baby (Pilot)”

  1. Elizabeth at 6:36 pm #

    I agree with almost everything above. One can never put too much credence into a pilot – it never runs the same as following episodes. This did feel a bit forced and cliched to me too. However, I did like it. I could care less that it’s a Shonda show I love Kerry Washington 🙂 I too am looking forward to next week’s episode and will give it the 4 episode trial run.

  2. Luvy at 8:40 am #

    The show, Scandal, is Phenomenal! I thought the first airing of the episodes was great. The chemistry between the president and Olivia Pope was realistic and riveting. There acting, the President and Olivia Pope, was right on point and the dialog was sounded genuine; it was as if the problems going on were real and Olivia Pope and her team were handling them. Thankfully, the show is back for season 2 unlike some expected would not happen. I, personally, look forward to season 3 and so on.

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