4/17 Tuesday Ringer Finale and other Stuff You Should Watch

17 Apr

This is it the Ringer finale airs tonight, is it the season or the series. 

Also new tonight, Glee, they are paying tribute to Saturday Night Fever, the timing is sad because Robin Gibb is in a coma. I loved Saturday Night Fever, even though I was way too young to understand the themes, the music and the dancing were so incredible. John Travolta, what a talent, he still is, too bad Scientology and Kelly Preston got their hooks into him.

Also new tonight, Private Practice is now on Tuesday’s at 10, NCIS, New Girl, and Raising Hope.


As the vow renewal ceremony approaches, Bridget decides to tell Andrew the truth about her identity; Agent Machado is forced off the case just as Macawi starts to close in on Bridget.


The glee club performs disco-inspired dance numbers in honor of the film “Saturday Night Fever.”

New Girl

Episode: Kids
Jess baby-sits Russell’s daughter and meets his ex-wife (Jeanne Tripplehorn); Schmidt and CeCe have a pregnancy scare; Nick’s girlfriend might be too young for him.

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