Smash “The Movie Star”

17 Apr

Last night’s episode of Smash, “The Movie Star” was the best since the pilot. I enjoyed watching the core team create alliances against the impending disaster. My favorite scenes from last night were anything involving Tom, Julia, Derek and Eileen in Eileen’s office. When Eileen told Julia to go home and write a new scene, the looks on Derek’s and Tom’s faces were priceless. The other scenes I liked were Karen and Ivy, they aren’t friends but they are, it’s great watching this dynamic develop.  Kudos to Uma Thurman, she did a fantastic job of playing the “movie star”, with all the demands, and the bad singing it was terrific.

With the sweet, comes the sour, all that nonsense with Karen and Dev was just awful, I realize that they need to get rid of him so they can open the door for Karen and Derek, but this is annoying. Just have him leave. Julia’s personal life continues to be a waste of TV space and Debra Messing‘s talents.  I said this in my review of The Killing, some shows should just stick to the theme, like finding a murderer or mounting a Broadway show and stay away from the character’s personal lives.  That was the beauty of the original Law and Order, for years we didn’t know anything about the character’s personal lives and it was great.

Finally can we drop the stupid Derek hallucinations, what is he a 14yr old boy getting a boner in algebra, stop it show! Please. How much longer do I have to wait for Ellis to get fired. I loved when he complained about having to get gum for Rebecca and Eileen told him, “keep your enemies close, and celebrities even closer, and their assistants closer yet, there’s power in proximity”.  Now, Ellis STFU!!

I am fully back on board with this show, I can’t wait to see how long Rebecca lasts and if we have to wait until next season to get the reviews for the out of town tryouts.

Next Week: Only 3 Episodes Left


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