Sunday 4/22 What You Should Watch

22 Apr

It’s official my DVR is going to blow up tonight

The Killing, Veep, The Big C, Girls, Mad Men, The Amazing Race, Once Upon A Time, The Good Wife, Celebrity Apprentice and The Client List

3 way tie for the top spot, The Killing, Mad Men and Once Upon A Time.

The Killing

Sarah gets a mysterious message; Mitch befriends a runaway girl; Richmond questions his political future.

Mad Men

Peggy is upset by a difficult pitch; Don meets a potential client.

Once Upon a Time

Episode: The Return
Mr. Gold tries to expose August’s true identity; Regina is confronted about her involvement in Kathryn’s disappearance; David hopes to reconcile with Mary Margaret.

The Celebrity Apprentice

The celebrities are invited to Donald Trump’s apartment and asked to create a display for his new fragrance; one team deals with an indecisive leader


Episode: Fundraiser
Vice President Selina Meyer and her staff try to find their footing in Washington, D.C.; a series of missteps cause the staff to work damage control.


Episode: Vagina Panic
Hannah worries when she realizes that Adam might not be practicing monogamy; Marnie denies her growing boredom; Shoshanna confesses a secret.

The Big C

Episode: Bundle of Joy
Cathy meets a “joyologist” at a creative retreat; Sean takes Andrea out for Valentine’s Day; Adam attends church with his new crush

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