Monday 4/23 What You Should Watch

23 Apr

New tonight, Smash, House, Hart of Dixie and Bones

Looks Rebecca Duval is going to try to have Karen fired, oh please let it happen. Katherine McPhee really drags this show down. Tom in drag would be a better Marilyn.


Episode: Publicity
Karen is seduced by Rebecca’s (Uma Thurman) glamorous life; Eileen’s ex-husband meets her new boyfriend; Julia panics when her son disappears

Hart of Dixie

After a night of partying, Wade wakes up with an uninvited guest, a massive hangover and no memory of what happened; George takes a trip to New Orleans; Lemon shares her troubles with her father.


Booth and Brennan investigate the death of a truck company employee whose body is found in the woods; Hodgins buys new lab equipment; Brennan worries about Parker’s return from England.


Episode: Body & Soul
The team treats a boy who wakes up from nightmares of being choked still unable to breathe; Park has intimate dreams about co-workers; Dominika discovers a secret that has the potential to ruin her relationship with House.

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