TV Tid Bits

28 Apr

Earlier this week NBC announced they have hired a new show runner for Smash, and who did they hire Josh Safran. Josh Safran who is credited with running Gossip Girl into the ground.  Who the heck is in charge at NBC, they are a failing network with a failing show so lets hire a hack to make it worse.  So I guess any hopes of the show focusing more on the making of a Broadway show and less on the crappy personal lives storyline are pretty much crushed with announcement.  I hope Megan Hilty gets a better offer and gets off this sinking ship as fast as she can. 

We could build a half hour sitcom or one hour drama around her, basic premise she is singer in a piano bar, so we get a song every week. If we go with the sitcom she has wacky co-workers and/or neighbors, her accompanist is a key role no matter which format we go with. If we go hour long, the bar is owned by her mother, she has siblings, one troubled, one successful. 

Sarah Michelle Geller announced she is pregnant with her second child. I knew it!! She was looking a little full in the last few episodes of Ringer. Still don’t know if it will be renewed. EOnline! has it as part of their Save One Show campaign, you can still vote until 5pm tomorrow April 29th.  I have no idea what this means for the renewal chances, maybe she knew it was a done deal so figured, I am going to be unemployed, Freddie just got a new job, so I will be stay at home mom to Charlotte and push out another puppy.

Want to know when the season finale of your favorite show airs? Click Here

Hart of Dixie and Nikita are sure to be renewed, Ringer is a long shot? I don’t get that Hart of Dixie is total crap. Want to know the status of all the shows TVLine has a list here

Deadline has a great series of updates about pilot season. Want to know what the networks think you want to see on your TV next season before the upfronts in three weeks. Click Here  

Am I the only person who doesn’t get the appeal of Ryan Seacrest, he inked a new multi-platform deal with NBCUniversal, and will return as the host of American Idol, where he makes 15mill a year. He gets 15mill a year to host AI. rest of the details on the deal can be found here if you want to vomit.


One Response to “TV Tid Bits”

  1. Elizabeth April 28, 2012 at 6:49 pm #

    I saw that news about SMASH and rolled my eyes. I’m with you there. I did get into Ringer and hope it gets renewed. I actually love Hart of Dixie but do not like Rachel Bilson – if it wasn’t for the other characters I’d hate the show. I’m not so sure it will be renewed though – especially if CW picks up a bunch of the new pilots on their table.

    Oh and you are soooooo not alone on the Ryan page – I can’t stand him and sooo do not see what the big deal is about. All I do know is he must be doing something right to keep landing these gigs.

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