Wednesday 5/9 What You Should Watch

9 May

Revenge is new tonight, Legacy takes us back to 2002, call this the “origin” episode for our revenge super hero.

All of ABC is new tonight, so yuck it up with The Middle, Suburgatory, Modern Family and Don’t Trust the B…

Season Finales airing tonight, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


Episode: Legacy
Back in 2002, Amanda Clarke starts reading her father’s journals and begins staking out the Grayson’s home; as her anger and determination grow, she forms a plan to seek justice — as Emily Thorne.


While Tessa tries to adjust to living with Eden, George takes issue with Eden’s parenting; Lisa and Malik consider which camp they should attend.

Modern Family

Episode: Disneyland
When the family travels to Disneyland, Phil struggles to keep up with Luke; Claire is stunned when they run into Dylan; Cam and Mitch must curb Lily’s new penchant for running.

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23

After struggling to make ends meet, June comes up with a creative way to make extra money; James launches a line of super-skinny jeans.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Episode: Homecoming
When three dead bodies turn up a few blocks from a campaign dinner, the team makes a shocking discovery.

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