Monday 5/14 What You Should Watch

14 May

The Smash season finale is tonight, will it be Ivy or Karen, or will they keep us waiting all summer. 

House only has 2 episodes left.  Will Wilson die? Is he already dead?

Bones and Hart of Dixie also air their finales tonight. I was so shocked that Hart of Dixie got renewed, I will be surprised if it makes it the full season.


Episode: Bombshell
As Tom and Julia work to save the show, Derek makes a decision that permanently changes Karen’s and Ivy’s lives; Ellis’ true colors are revealed.


Episode: Holding On
The team believes a patient’s problems are both physical and psychological; Foreman tries an alternative approach with House.

Hart of Dixie

Episode: The Big Day
As Bluebell braces for an impending storm, Lemon and George get ready for their wedding day; Zoe is stranded in a barn with Wade.


When a past suspect is back in court on appeal, Booth and Brennan work to prove he is guilty once and for all; Brennan becomes a suspect.

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