Sunday 6/3 What You Should Watch

3 Jun

Drop Dead Diva and The Glades are back tonight. Both of these shows started strong, but lost their way and my interest waned. I really hope these new seasons will restore these shows to their once former glory.

I don’t hold out much hope for Drop Dead Diva, the have added Kim Kardashian to the cast as Stacey’s business partner. Is Stacey becoming  a famewhore who makes sex tapes.

The Glades, when they screwed up the relationship between Jim and Callie, they ruined a central part of the show and it’s man draw. Perhaps they too have learned their lesson and will reignite this flame.

Med Men airs its penultimate episode tonight, I have no idea how they can top last week’s bombshells, and I can’t even begin to imagine how they are going to wrap up this season.  Is getting rid of Megan too much to ask.

The Killing has three episodes left, we have been promised they will reveal Rosie’s killer at the end of the season. All signs point to a complicated conspiracy involving the Indian Casino, the Mayor’s office and the Polish mob. I think its going to me more simple, I think’s it Gwen, but her motive wasn’t jealousy, it was to set up the mayor to win the election for Richmond and to get back at him for molesting her as a child.

Drop Dead Diva

Episode: Welcome Back
Kim discovers that the firm is in financial trouble; Teri is sent to bring Jane home; Grayson comes to terms with his feelings; Fred moves on with his new girlfriend; Stacy seeks the advice of a relationship guru.

The Glades

Jim and Carlos investigate the death of a wealthy man who left his fortune to a band of UFO enthusiasts; Callie has trouble finding a job in Palm Glade.

Mad Men

Don follows an unexpected lead; Sally goes out.

The Killing

Episode: Bulldog
Sarah and Holder go on the run; Stan and Richmond face life-altering decisions.

The Client List

Selena and Evan begin dating; Travis is caught in a curious situation; Riley advises one of her clients; Linette tries to compete with Taylor.

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