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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

31 Aug

It’s Labor Day Weekend, the unofficial end of summer.  Summer officially ends on September 22, the Fall Equinox, when day and night are of equal length (12 hours), the Sun crosses the celestial equator moving southward in the northern hemisphere. The days will get shorter, and in theory things should cool off. 

The first day of school, is the Tuesday after Labor Day, it always follows the same ritual, see old friends, get your schedule, get your books.  The first English class of the year means writing a quick essay titled, “What I did this Summer” or “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”.  

I love summer vacation, the smell of Coppertone, mixed with chlorine, wearing your bathing suit under your shorts and T all summer because you never know when you are going to end up at the next pool. Day dreaming about how next year will be your year, plotting your look, your attitude, got it all figured out. 

Catching up on General Hospital, wondering if Sam and Jason will ever find happiness. Occasionally reading a few pages from the summer reading list, knowing full well that you are going to cram all that reading into the car ride you have to take from New Jersey to Cap Cod when your family goes for it’s annual summer vacation.

Sitting in the third row, trying to block out the endless drone of your parents chatter. Thank God they got the DVD players with headphones for your brother and sister. Out of the corner of your eye you catch the flicker of color that Sponge Bob makes and your mind slowly wanders from Wuthering Heights to memories of the lifeguards at the Cape.  

Sam Elliot in the movie “Lifeguard”

Then that movie Lifeguard with Sam Elliot pops into your head. Now if you have never seen Sam in this movie, you are missing a lot. He was hot when he did Road House, imagine how hot he was 13 years before that when he did this movie. But I digress.  Obviously I am not going to have sex with the lifeguard, like the girl in the movie,  but they are the mythical creatures of summer, the tales you make up when you see your friends in September.  The perfect tan bodies, the beach hair, the whole rescue fantasy thing.

Sam Elliot in the movie “Road House”

Our family vacation is the 3rd week in August, after the Cape we head to Boston for the big family reunion and the feasts of St. Anthony and St. Lucy. In between June and August I have time to kill, so its movies, TV and hanging with the girls and my boyfriend when he has time. He is working this summer and is busy, busy, whatever.

My summer started with The Avengers, by box office standards ($1.49 billion worldwide, $617.8 millions US) this was a hit, the critics loved it 92% on RT, the people loved it 96%.  They finally found a Hulk we can all love, thank you Mark Ruffalo. As a longtime Joss Whedon fan, it’s great to see him get his big screen success. Can’t wait for the sequel.

While I was waiting for The Dark Knight Rises, I amused myself with some new TV, in the form of Saving Hope, a sappy hospital drama imported from Canada.  I tuned in to see if Erica Durance (Lois Lane on Smallville) was really a horrible actress of had just been saddled with bad material and poor direction on Smallville. It turns out she isn’t as bad as I thought, and while not in the same league as Elisabeth Moss, she didn’t totally suck. But the show kinda did, by the end of the summer I didn’t care if Michael woke up or not.

I discovered my new guilty pleasure, Awkward on MTV.  Next up, Bunheads, I was really looking forward to this, I am a Gilmore Girls fan, and was thrilled at the thought of getting that warm fuzzy, quick witted TV fix again. Alas that was not meant to be, what I got was an annoying female lead, Sutton Foster, who has two line readings and no control over her body, which is odd for a dancer.  I hope it gets a major overhaul for next season, and Amy Sherman Palladino and company read the forums and listen to the fans and make the  necessary changes. 

Men In Black III was next on the movie list, I went for my boyfriend and Josh Brolin’s incredible Tommy Lee Jones impression, but nothing can make up for the 2 hours I will never get back.  The things we do for love, he totally wouldn’t go see The Vow with me but I had to see this for him.

Back to TV, cable to be exact, The Closer’s final season and the premiere of The Newsroom on HBO.  James Duff and crew gave Brenda Leigh and team a heartfelt good bye.  Momma Johnson’s death was easier to take, knowing that Brenda was only down the street and she took Gabriel with her.  The Newsroom, I know the critics have been harsh, and the people harsher, but I really like this show, yes it needs a few tweaks, like toning down Emily Mortimer’s Mac, so she doesn’t screech all the time. But I am sure Sorkin will fix what he needs to for next summer.

Still wasting time till Dark Knight, so I went to Rock of Ages, Ted and Magic Mike.

Rock of Ages tanked, but I liked it, the music was awesome, I looked up all the original artists on iTunes.  I spent the rest of the summer blasting Poisons “Nothing But A Good Time”, then I caught my parents mouthing the words and I totally had to laugh. I know the movie was cheesy and Tom Cruise was downright weird, but in a good way. His Stacee Jaxx thing totally worked, people are to harsh on Tom. 

Ted, who knew a stuffed Teddy Bear could be so subversive, the whole movie was in bad taste, with gross out joke after gross out joke. Who cares, it was freakin awesome, with a box office gross of $214.8 million, I smell a sequel. 

Now on to Magic Mike, I was really torn when I saw this movie, the commercials and trailers made it look like a good time, but really the story was much darker than I expected. I didn’t mind the darker take, I just wish Soderberg followed it thru and committed to the dark side. As far as box office Magic Mike cost $7 million to make, to date it has made $113.1 million, clearly Warner Brothers is happy.  BTW this was Channing Tatum’s third movie this year to earn over $100 million. No wonder he is getting $10 mill for his next movie, and is lunching with Clooney in Italy.

I saw The Amazing Spiderman, I liked the re-boot, they changed it enough to engage me in the story of Peter Parker, and kept enough of the basics to keep it real. It didn’t do Avenger’s numbers, but $258.4 million is pretty good.

Finally, The Dark Knight Rises, this was the equivalent to the family trip to Europe, (I wish) definitely the darkest of the three movies in the trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises proved that super hero movies can elevate to the levels of profound storytelling, with richly drawn characters who are as complex as Shakespeare’s with stories just as intricate. Nolan’s dystopian vision of modern life, a timely commentary on the times we live in, the haves and have nots. The running total so far is $422.3million, Warner Brother’s is sure it will hit $1billion worldwide.  Now if only it could score a few Oscar noms and wins, my summer fantasy would be complete. 

The rest of the summer is a blur, yes there was the Olympics, but I didn’t watch, I know how very un-American, they just don’t do it for me.  I saw the new Bourne movie, it was ok, Matt Damon was better. Still love Jeremy Renner. 

In the end I saw more winners than losers, and overall enjoyed my summer vacation. Would I do it again, sure, not a single regret, except the trips to the dentist. 

And about that Lifeguard, I’ll never tell.

What did you do with your summer vacation?


31 Aug

My new Twitter obsession.


S.H.I.E.L.D – Dream Cast – Buffy, Firefly, Dollhouse Reunions coming up

30 Aug

Earlier this week Joss Whedon and ABC announced they are developing a new TV show based on the S.H.I.E.L.D organization introduced into the Marvel Comic Universe by  Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1965. Here is a link to Wikipedia article that gives you all the background.

Joss is one of those people who likes to use the same actors over and over, so one can only hope we will be bringing back some of the old favorites to join him on this new show.  Let’s speculate, shall we.

S.H.I.E.L.D Executive Directors, over the years the organizations has had 10 EDs, the most recognizable is Nick Fury. Joss and team may not want to use Fury to prevent and cross over confusion for the Avengers film franchise so he can pick from one of the others. But if he does go with Nick Fury, my choice would be D.B Woodside, last seen as Principal Wood on Buffy’s final season.

Aside from Fury I find it high unlikely that Tony Stark, The Hulk, Thor or Black Widow will be dropping by anytime soon. Good thing S.H.I.E.L.D has about 100 other agents, some super hero, some not to pick from.

Amy Acker – Jessica Drew, the original Spider Woman

Eliza Dushku – Daisy Johnson, Seismic powered super agent,

Alan Tyduk – Gerald Silicon Simms, member of the Elite Agents, with with liquid-metal cybernetic arms

Amber Benson – Valerie Jessup Jones, daughter of super villan Vulture

James Marsters -Norman Osborn, we need a villain

Enver Gjokaj – Warhawk,

Emma Caulfield- Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine -Former Special Director at Public Relations. Senior liaison officer to MI5 and Nick’s X

Alexis Denisof -Agent Coulson 

Saving Hope Louie Rookie Blue Office — What to Watch – TVLine

30 Aug

Saving Hope Louie Rookie Blue Office — What to Watch – TVLine.

Jersey Shore Cancelled — MTV Announces: Season 6 Will Be The Last – TVLine

30 Aug

The end of civilization gets a stay of execution.

Jersey Shore Cancelled — MTV Announces: Season 6 Will Be The Last – TVLine.

Fall TV Preview 2012: Watch, DVR, Skip – Photo Gallery – Fall TV Preview 2012: Watch, DVR, Skip – TV Shows & TV Series Pictures & Photos | TWoP

30 Aug

Television Without Pity presents it’s annual Watch, DVR, Skip list, both informative and amusing.

Fall TV Preview 2012: Watch, DVR, Skip – Photo Gallery – Fall TV Preview 2012: Watch, DVR, Skip – TV Shows & TV Series Pictures & Photos | TWoP.

NBC Rolls Out Online Sampling Of New Series With ‘The New Normal’ –

29 Aug

NBC Rolls Out Online Sampling Of New Series With ‘The New Normal’ –

Fringe The Final Season

29 Aug

Anyone who followed my blog last year knows I am a die hard Fringe fan, the final season (13 episodes) begins its run September 28th on Fox.  I am glad that the powers that be decided to give the show a proper send off, I have no doubt that team Fringe will give their fans a fantastic ride and equally satisfying and loving farewell.

Please enjoy the promos below to get you ready for the ride.

Fall 2012 TV What I am excited about

29 Aug

I can’t believe it has been a year since I was going all weak in the knees for Ringer, Revenge and Once Upon A Time.  It’s that time again, what to watch this year.  

So what am I excited about this year? Quite a bit actually, and as always the 3 episode rule applies, its rare when a pilot nails it, you have to give a new show at least three episodes to settle and give the viewer some indication of where it is headed.

So which shows get at least three episodes?

666 Park Avenue – Terry O’Quinn and Vanessa Williams star, it looks pretty campy and the premise sounds silly. Click on the title to read it. But, I will give it 3, who knows it could be the big break out of the fall. But I doubt it.

Revolution – Bill Burke and the electronic apocalypse. Interesting premise, no more power, simpler times, maybe maybe not. Created by Eric Kipke (Supernatural),  it plays on a basic fear and a simple desire, to return to a quieter time, a slower pace.  Lets see how it plays out, its either Lost or The Event.  

Vegas – Dennis Quaid and Michael Chklis star in this period drama, its sheriff vs mob in old school Vegas. Expect lots of Rat Pack references. 

Go On – Mathew Perry sitcom, he is getting over the death of his wife with the help of a support group.  We’ll see sitcoms are tricky.

Emily Owens, MD – I loved Mamie Gummer on The Good Wife, lets see how she does on her own. It looks like Ally McBeal meets Grey’s Anatomy meets Mean Girls,  but I will give it a shot.

Nashville – Connie Britton, that’s all I needed to hear and I was in.

Chicago Fire – This is all about the eye candy for me Exhibit A and B.

Arrow – And more eye candy, based on how succesful Smallville was and how pretty Tom Welling was, I am all set to watch this al season. CW knows how to bring the pretty boys to my screen.

Elementary – The BBC Sherlock re-boot airing on Masterpiece Mystery is fantastic, and Benedict Cumberbatch‘s take on Holmes is genius.  SO why do we need this version, I guess we will have to tune in to find out if we really need another “quirky” detective series. Just like lawyers before them, they seem to be all the rage lately.

Beauty and The Beast – Curiosity factor only, I wan to see if Kristin Kreuk can play anything besides Lana Lang. I doubt I will stick past three, but The CW could shock me and make this nonsense work. Note to CW, how can a beast be a beast with one huge scar, that’s not much of a beast.

Returning Favorites, Once Upon A Time, The Good Wife, Revenge, 2 Broke Girls, Bones, Smash (mid-season), Happy Endings, Hart of Dixie, Supernatural, Scandal, Big Bang, Glee, Blue Bloods.

And the biggies, my favorites, the reason I love Thursday and Friday, The Vampire Diaries and Fringe.  Dude, Elena’s a vampire and this is Fringe’s last season.  Can’t f’ing wait, its on!!!

TV News Tid Bits

29 Aug

Joss Whedon is heading back to TV. Whedon and ABC have inked a deal to bring S.H.I.E.L.D to the small screen. S.H.I.E.L.D (Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division) was featured in this summer’s Avengers movie, the covert quasi-military group was headed up by Nick Fury.  Production is set to start immediately with Whedon directing the pilot.

Will they ignore the big screen versions of Nick and the super heroes? Will they take this opportunity to introduce some of Marvel’s other characters, hoping they could launch more big screen franchises.

Seth McFarlane will host Saturday Night Live’s 38th season premiere on September 15th. Frank Ocean is the musical guest.

Starz is launching a pirate series in 2014, they did gladiators,why not pirates. The series is set 20 years before the Treasure Island books begin and follow the adventures of Captain Flint and his men.

ABC has announced it will air Spike Lee‘s Michael Jackson documentary “Bad 25”.  The documentary provides an in depth look at the album and tour, including interviews with Martin Scorsese, Joe Pytka and others who worked on videos from the album. Bad sold 45 million copies, and marked the third and final collaboration between Michael and Quincy Jones.  The doc is set to to screen at the upcoming Venice and Toronto film festivals.

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