Monday September 3 – What to Watch – COMA “Don’t Let Them Put You Under”

3 Sep

Happy Labor Day. Hope you got the day off.

NBC launched Grimm early. hoping it would garner ratings and viewers against the end of summer fare. But the gamble has not paid off, getting less an half a point in the key demo over a repeat of Hawaii 5-0 and not doing much better in overall viewers.  Grimm will move back to it’s Friday home in a few weeks, will it last the full season?

Anthony Bourdain‘s “No Reservations” begins its final season tonight on the Travel channel.

Major Crimes continues it’s run on TNT tonight at 9pm, its pulling down 6 million viewers a week. Solid numbers from The Closer spin off.

New shows start premiering next week.  Until then we have re-runs and the finales for some of the summer shows like “Star’s Earn Stripes” and “Hotel Hell”.

So what’s new and worth a peak, A&E has “Coma”, from the Scott (Tony and Ridley) brothers, based on the book by Robin Cook.  The big screen adaptation made in 1978 starred Genevieve Bujold and Michael Douglas, it did pretty good and made people afraid to have surgery. Interesting fun fact, Michael Crichton directed and adapted the screenplay.  Crichton later laid one of his claims to fame as the creator/writer/executive producer of ER. 

The TV mini-series stars Lauren Ambrose, as the young medical student who discovers something sinister is going on at her hospital afer healthy patients fall into comas. Steven Pasquale stars in the Michael Douglas role, also hand Geena Davis, Ellen Burstyn, James Woods and Richard Dreyfuss. Impressive cast.  


Episode: Quill
During the investigation of an accident site, Nick discovers a disease that is quickly spreading; Monroe and Rosalee come across an infected creature; Capt. Renard gets a tip about a dangerous fugitive.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Episode: Austin
A music festival that serves roasted pig, crawfish with sausage

Major Crimes

Major Crimes partners with the FBI on a homicide case; Provenza opens up to a suspect; Rusty has his first day of school.

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