Tuesday September 4th – Friday September – September 7th – What’s On

4 Sep

The Democratic National Convention kicks off tonight running until Thursday night when Barack Obama accepts the party’s nomination for re-election.  The Republican Convention was pretty boring, aside from Clint Eastwood‘s foray into theatre of the absurd.  Lets see if the Democrats can liven things up.

My favorite part of this who political process is watching the Daily Show and Colbert Report on Comedy Central, nobody covers the BS better.  If you didn’t catch any of the coverage last week both shows are available on Hulu.

This week I highly suggest setting the DVR for what I am sure will be an amusing take on the continuing farce that is American Politics.

On Friday night at 8pm the major networks will air Stand Up to Cancer a celebrity filled telethon to raise funds for cancer research.   

If you are looking for original programing this week, I suggest the following:

Tuesday 9/4 – Part 2 of Coma on A&E and America’s Got Talent at 8pm on NBC

Wednesday 9/5 – So You Think You Can Dance, FOX at 8pm

Thursday 9/6 – Rookie Blue Season Finale 9pm on ABC

Friday 9/7 – Stand Up To Cancer at 8pm on all networks, Boss on Starz 9pm, The Bill Maher Show 10pm HBO


The Colbert Report

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