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S.H.I.E.L.D – Dream Cast – Buffy, Firefly, Dollhouse Reunions coming up

30 Aug

Earlier this week Joss Whedon and ABC announced they are developing a new TV show based on the S.H.I.E.L.D organization introduced into the Marvel Comic Universe by  Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1965. Here is a link to Wikipedia article that gives you all the background.

Joss is one of those people who likes to use the same actors over and over, so one can only hope we will be bringing back some of the old favorites to join him on this new show.  Let’s speculate, shall we.

S.H.I.E.L.D Executive Directors, over the years the organizations has had 10 EDs, the most recognizable is Nick Fury. Joss and team may not want to use Fury to prevent and cross over confusion for the Avengers film franchise so he can pick from one of the others. But if he does go with Nick Fury, my choice would be D.B Woodside, last seen as Principal Wood on Buffy’s final season.

Aside from Fury I find it high unlikely that Tony Stark, The Hulk, Thor or Black Widow will be dropping by anytime soon. Good thing S.H.I.E.L.D has about 100 other agents, some super hero, some not to pick from.

Amy Acker – Jessica Drew, the original Spider Woman

Eliza Dushku – Daisy Johnson, Seismic powered super agent,

Alan Tyduk – Gerald Silicon Simms, member of the Elite Agents, with with liquid-metal cybernetic arms

Amber Benson – Valerie Jessup Jones, daughter of super villan Vulture

James Marsters -Norman Osborn, we need a villain

Enver Gjokaj – Warhawk,

Emma Caulfield- Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine -Former Special Director at Public Relations. Senior liaison officer to MI5 and Nick’s X

Alexis Denisof -Agent Coulson 

The DVD Box Set that Ate My Weekend

21 Aug

 It used to be a DVD box set, now it’s streaming episodes via Netflix or Amazon. It starts innocently enough, I see a repeat of a show I

Cover of "Veronica Mars"

Cover of Veronica Mars

watched back in the day, like Veronica Mars or the Dallas re-boot airs and I want be to revisit the show. 

The next thing I know I have spent the whole weekend watching all three seasons of Veronica Mars, or Season 1 of the original Dallas.  Alias, Buffy, Gilmore Girls, Dawson Creek and The Closer have all sucked me in. 

Has this ever happened to you? What show sucked you in?

2012 TV Birthday Wishes

30 Dec

It’s a new year, a birth of sorts, a birth-day if you will, so how about a few wishes for the new TV year.  I would love to hear your wishes/hopes/desires for TV 2012, please head to the comments.

My wishes

Fox doesn’t cancel Fringe

Fox does cancel American Idol ( I know never in a million years). I am hearing rumors that Ryan Seacrest is stepping down to take over for Matt Lauer when he leaves the Today show.  Let me tell you about Ryan, when I moved to L.A. in the 90’s Ryan was the afternoon drive Dj on Star 98.7, now he is a media mogul, his producing deal with E! Entertainment is worth millions, yes, we have him to thank for the Kardashian’s. Not to mention his radio hosting duties, he replaced Rick Dees on Kiss and Casey Kasem on the weekly Top 40. Ryan just jumps into any grave. The rumor around Hollywood is a certain male media mogul who had his heyday in the 50-70’s  had a lot to do with Ryan’s success, and the old casting couch was a big part of it.  They don’t call him GayCrest for nothing.

We find out who got shot in the Revenge pilot before the season finale, it would be great to wrap up that storyline before the end of the season.  My money is on Tyler for the victim and real Emily for the shooter.

House ends it run, the season has been fantastic they can go out on top.

The CW Renews Ringer and Hart of Dixie and cancels 90210 and Gossip Girl

Fox decides not greenlight the Glee spinoff, but figures out a way to keep Kurt. Lea and Corey can leave my TV now.

This isn’t so much a wish, but a fact, Med Men is back this spring. Don Draper how I have missed you.

The networks cut the number of competition/reality shows, and get back to scripted comedy and dramas with shorter seasons, so we get more choice and reduced production costs. Isn’t the 22 episode format a thing of the past.

 Vampire Diaries continues to keep Elena and Stefan apart and keeps Stefan bad. 

CBS renews A Gifted Man or gives Patrick Wilson a new show, please keep him on my screen

When The Closer ends next summer, they kill off someone other than Brenda’s father, like Fritz. That show can take the high drama and Kyra would turn in one hell of a performance.

Blind Items

20 Nov

I love Blind Items, they are mini mysteries.  See if you can figure these out, head to the comments with your guesses.


Actress on a very successful sitcom, she was/is the lead, but her role has been diminished as of late. The creators/writers make it all seem very plausible and storyline driven. Behind the scenes, it is a different story. Seems our girl has made some questionable decisions, that have lead to unprofessional behavior on the set.  She isn’t winning at all. (source: over heard at lunch)

#2 –

I really wish I could have witnessed this first hand. I heard it was hysterical. So, this recent network reality star who is more famous for something other than being on a reality show for a bit was walking down the street yesterday in West Hollywood when she was confronted by a very angry man. The reality star has supposedly been dating this B-/C+ primarily television actor and the man on the street was not happy. The gist of the conversation was that the reality star had stolen his man. The reality star thought the person meant like he was a fan of the actor and was just joking about the theft of “his man.” Turns out that is not the case at all as he loudly proclaimed right there on the street that until our reality star came along, the man on the street and the actor had been “fucking and sucking” every night but because he could not make him famous he went out and found a “slut like you.” (source CDAN via DLISTED)


While at a party a few weeks ago, TV Actor 1 set up his new lover, TV Actor 2, with a ‘date’ for the night. Actor 1 thought that Actor 2 would enjoy the experience of hooking up with someone different. The media got hold of the story from other party guests, and reported that the hunk was on the prowl and had a one night stand with this very beautiful woman. Well, almost. The mainstream media got it wrong. The ‘date’ was actually a pretty pre-op transsexual! The Actors are both happy about the media report, though, as it allows them to both remain in the closet for another season. (source: Blind Gossip via DListed)



Freshly Pressed

11 Nov

Oh Freshly Pressed, you elusive little minx. How I want you to want me. You are every guy I had a crush on, I try to get your attention, I pretty myself up. I try to be clever or insightful, but I guess I am just not good enough.

Everytime I start an entry, I say will this be one to catch your eye.  I know you have over 500k to choose from, but I am special. I know you will see it, out of the corner of your eye. You will be drawn to me.

I write about TV, I am not deep, my grammar stinks, I am not perfect.

Someday I will write that perfect post, the one that catches your eye and we will be together.

Freshly Pressed I desire you.

Freshly Pressed you represent validation

Freshly Press you are acceptance

I see what you like, the kind of writers, you like recipes and photography.

I hate to cook, and I don’t own a camera.

You want a blonde, I am brunette, you want blue eyes I have brown.

I could dye my hair, get contacts, but I would never be comfortable, always being something I am not just so you will love me.

Do I give up my dream of being picked by you, and accept that we aren’t meant to be?

Do I keep writing what I like, the way I want and just get on with my life.

Like every love letter and journal entry I wrote to every crush before, this will go unread, you will never know how I feel.

TV Relationships I Love and Hate

6 Nov

Watching Declan and Charlotte on Revenge, made me think of some of the other TV couples I have hated. Either their storyline was boring or the actors had no chemistry.  Here are my lists of relationships I love and hate.  

I would love to hear about the relationships you love and hate the most.  Please head to the comments.


Rosanne and Dan Conner – Rosanne – Rosanne and Dan gave each other so much crap, they called each other on everything, but you always knew they loved and respected each other. They loved each other so much Rosanne created an alternate reality when Dan died of a heart attack.

Clark and Lex – Smallville –  One of the greatest bro-mances of all time, there was so much chemistry between these two there are entire forums devoted to Clex fan fic. 

Mulder and Scully – The X-files – Talk about love and respect and enough sexual tension to snap all the wires on every piano in the western hemisphere, these two had it and then some. 

Buffy and Spike – Buffy The Vampire Slayer – This was Buffy’s adult relationship, it showed just how hard a relationship can be.  That is isn’t all flowers and hearts, you have to compromise, and you may not always like the person.  But they had fantastic sex, and who among us wouldn’t like our sex life to be intense enough to bring a house down.

Claire and Cliff Huxtable – The Cosby Show – Again respect is the key here, and Claire was right a lot, and Cliff aknowledged it.  These two showed what a healthy relationship could be if you worked at it.

Jack and Karen – Will and Grace – Love of fashion and snark, what a foundation for one of TV’s best non-sexual relationships.

 Alaric and Damon –  The Vampire Diaries – Another bromance, these two may not have the chemistry of a Clex, these two together certainly light up my screen.

Brenda and Fritz – The Closer – Awww, they are so sweet. Fritz is the most patient loving man on the planet. He is fiercely protective of Brenda saving her from herself sometimes and he also gives her that cold bucket of water in the face when necessary.

Sam and Dean – Supernatural – The best brother relationship ever on TV. They have died for each, sold their souls for each other, and no matter how many times they go their separate ways they always find their way back blood is thicker than water.

Frank and Joyce – Hill Street Blues – Who can ever forget the end of the pilot when we cut to Frank and Joyce of bed, the Capt and the lawyer we saw interacting all episode without so much as a nodding glance to their personal relationship. Theirs was one f the sexiest on TV during the 80’s. 


Declan and Charlotte – Revenge

Clark and Lois – Smallville

Ross and Rachel –  Friends

Buffy and Angel – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Stefan and Elena – The Vampire Diaries 

Rachel and Finn – Glee

House and Cuddy – House

Meredith and Derek – Grey’s Anatomy

Mike and Carol Brady – The Brady Bunch

Carrie and Mr. Big – Sex and The City

Help – Dog Training

5 Nov

I got a dog from a shelter about 5 months ago, she is the sweetest little thing, but she has terrible separation anxiety.  She weighs ten pounds and manges to do more destruction then a 50 lb dog I had. She doesn’t tear up furniture, or shoes or clothes, just the wood frames around doors and the walls.

When I leve her alone she does this








I started off by keeping he in the bathroom with a  baby gate, But she did this.

She also managed to figure out to how slip the baby gate out of the groove and escape.

So I bought a puppy pen, well guess what, she managed to figure out how to get out of that as well. My sweet little escape artist. My boyfriend calls her Alcatraz, as in escape from.

Next up, the crate, so can’t escape it and hasn’t managed to destroy it, but she hates it. When she is in it she barks and scratches at the bottom like she is trying to dig her way out.

The Crate

Because of my work schedule she has to be in the crate most of the day, and I hate it. My goal is to get her out of the crate and hanging out without destroying, or pooping or peeing in the house.
We are starting obedience classes next week, the classes helped  a lot with my other dogs, and I hope the trainer will be able to help us with the separation anxiety as well.
I am open to suggestions? Any dog training secrets you want to share, please head to the comments.
Thank you

Burning Question – Are you Team Jack or Team Daniel

2 Nov

Revenge Wednesday at 10pm on ABC, has quite the love triangle brewing between Emily (Emily Van Camp), Daniel (Joshua Bowman) and Jack (Nick Weschler). 

Are you Team Jack or Team Daniel, follow the link below to the article at TV Line to get more of the story.

Love Triangle

Fringe — Friday Can’t Come Soon Enough and other stuff

31 Oct

Thanks TV Line for the tid bits

To ease the wait, here is a link to the Executive Producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H Wyman talking about Peter’s return and the impact it will have.

click here

Are you a fan of Bones, more specifically the Booth/Brennan romance, then click below to feel the love

Booth/Brennan Romance Music Video

Chase and Taub are finally back on House on

Braun HF 1, Germany, 1959

Image via Wikipedia

November 7th click below for a sneak peak

Chase and Taub

Blind Item

26 Oct

It didn’t take long

the character Fonzie from the sitcom Happy Day...

Image via Wikipedia

Which two leading ladies on this new show are already at odds over screen time and line counts. They look about even on-screen, but apparently one thinks the other should have less since her character is becoming more popular with fans then expected.

Sounds like what happened with the Fonz and Richie, and we all know how that turned out.

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