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Saturday Morning News Round Up

1 Sep

Linking you with latest Entertainment News from around the web

Skipping the BBQ and sales at the Mall here is you guide to the TV marathons TVLine

Can’t Wait till the season premiere of Castle TVLine’s got ya covered

How about some Spoilers on Grimm, Castle, Parenthood and more Entertainment Weekly has the goods

The Box Office Report for Friday, scary beats guns Deadline Hollywood

Finally some good news for Benn Affleck Argo is on its way to Oscar gold Deadline Hollywood.  If you haven’t heard about this movie of seen the trailer click the Argo link for more.

Luke Perry and Jennie Garth are shopping a sitcom. Kelly and Dylan 4-evah. Suck it Brenda. Did you see the magic of their Old Navy commercials Lainey Gossip

As predicted The Master, Paul Thomas Anderson’s (There Will Be Blood, Boogie Nights) latest film is tearing it up at The Venice Film Festival. Joaquin Phoenix is drawing rave reviews.  Deadline Hollywood

In a WTF career move LeAnne Rimes, who lives on Twitter in a Bikini is suing those who criticized her. LeAnne you are a talented girl, you don’t need BS to get publicity. Get back to recording. BTW Eddie will cheat on you just like Brandi, leopards don’t change their spots. Celebitchy

Have you been wondering what David Chase, Soprano’s master mind has been up to. The wait is over his new feature “Not Fade Away” will be the Centerpiece Gala at the New York Film Festival – Collider

The Good Wife season 4 promos looks so good, welcome Kalinda’s husband Entertainment Weekly

Shame on Warner Brothers

8 Jan

The article talks about the blow to Netflix and Redbox, but what about the consumer who can’t afford to shell out $29.99 to buy the movie. Many people can barely afford $12.50 to go see a movie so they wait the 6 months to rent it, now they have to wait another 2 months.

Boycott Warner Brothers . Greedy Bastards!!

In blow to Redbox, Netflix, Warner Bros. to hold DVDs out of rental market for 56 days – LA Daily News.

Friday 1/6 Ratings and News

6 Jan


ABC was all new last night and easily won the night in adults 18-49.

Grey’s Anatomy returned with an impressive 4.5 rating. Lets see how it does next week when CBS returns with the new episodes.

The Vampire Diaries had a 1.4 rating, exactly the same as the last new episode it aired on November.

Full analysis can be found here Tv By The Numbers

News Tib Bits

Let the negotiating begin, possible pay cut for Ryan Seacrest puts his AI future in doubt (psst he wants Matt Lauer‘s job)

Grey’s does Fringe, they are doing an alternate reality episode. Hope it works out  better than last season’s musical episode

NBC is considering bringing Canadian  medical drama Saving Hope to the US. It stars one of the greatest actresses of our time Erica Durance (Lois Lane on Smallville).  If you followed Smallville and read the fan boards the you know I am kidding. She was the worst thing that ever happened to Lois Lane of the Superman mythos, expect for Bryan Singer‘s Superman Returns. But I digress.

More stories and details at TV Line

If the Superman franchise wasn’t dead enough now comes this bit if casting genius The Superficial

Jeremy Renner realife action star – gets into bar fight  Celebitchy

Ratings, News and other Stuff Wednesday 1/4

4 Jan

Ratings, no surprise here, CBS won the night, NCIS and NCIS LA were all new. Mark Harmon sure has come a long way since he played a two timing doc in St. Elsewhere. Did you know he is married to Mindy (Pam Dawber), from Mork and Mindy in realife.  TV By The Numbers 

Once Upon A Time is doing Hansel and Gretel, former Buffy start Emma Caufield plays the evil witch TV Line

Revenge teasers from Mike Kelly, definitely worth a read if you dig the show as much as I do TV Line

Celebrity Apprentice 5 cast announced Entertainment Weekly

New TV shows in development for 2012 season, check out what the Nets think we want to watch Entertainment Weekly

Best of 2011: Top 10 OMG TV Moments Eonline 

Hugh Jackman is headed back to broadway in a musical about Houdini written by Aaron Sorkin Deadline Hollywood

Nick Cannon has mild kidney failure so MiMi tweets her nursing skills to the world Dlisted

And the Photoshop Award goes to Celebitchy

Aww Demi doesn’t think she is lovable, STFU Celebitchy

Somebody renewed their contract, Timberlake and Biel got engaged Celebitchy

News Round Up

22 Dec

Did you see the season finale for American Horror Story last night, what did you think? I wasn’t disappointed, lets see if they can keep it going into Season 2. well done Jessica Lange, well done.

Ryan Murphy, AHS co-creator told reporters, that the second season will be set in a different city/locale,  and most of this season’s cast, (Connie Britton. Dylan McDermott) will not be returning as regulars. I suppose that is one way to keep it fresh.

Castle is planning an episode set in the 40’s. Nathan Fillion is playing a Sam Spade type, Beckett is a gangster’s girl, and the fabulous Mark Pellegrino (Dexter, Supernatural and The Closer) is set to guest star as a crocked club owner.  This could either be a jump shark moment or a fantastic episode only time will tell.

Revenge, Emily Van Camp recently revealed the writers are planning to increase the business at Jack’s bar The Stowaway. Wonder what the big draw will be? FauxAmanda mixing up some Black Dahlia’s perhaps.

Hart of Dixie has cast Zoe’s dad, we’re psyched to see Gary Cole (The Good Wife, The Brady Bunch movies) back on our screen. How will the reunion play out, we hope great so Cole will stay around.

Supernatural Jason Dohring (Ringer, Veronica Mars) will be popping up on the January 13th episode as the god of time, he will send Dean back to 1944.

Glee has cast Oscar winner Helen Mirren to perform the voiceovers for one of the characters inner monologues. The show hasn’t revealed which character she recorded the monologues for, Jane Lynch is the obvious choice, so I would go with Brittney. In other Glee news, the January 17th episode will also feature songs from the musical “Grease”.   Hell Ya!!

The Good Wife is back January 8th, and from the looks of the preview the second half of the season is picking up the pace. Cary and Kalinda!!  Click Here

Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin‘s new show on HBO has added Jon Tenney (The Closer) to its cast.  Set in a fictional newsroom the show also stars Emily Mortimer, Jane Fonda and Sam Waterston. 

Need to know what Marathons on TV this weekend, TVLine has the scoop.

The Vampire Diaries the January 12th episode belongs to Caroline and her 18th birthday, and a major turning point for Stefan and Elena.

Off Topic – I remember when “spoilers” meant “spoilers”, now its more like previews, there is nothing spoiler about anything TVLine or Entertainment Weekly or Eoline publish.  Stop using the word spoiler in the title of the post it is false advertising.

For example, below is a “spoiler” from Ask Ausisello, there is nothing spoiler about this, if you watch the show you would know this is exactly were the show is headed.

Question: The wait for new Vampire Diaries episodes is maddening. Please give us some Delenda scoop to tide us over? —Gabi
Ausiello: Stefan’s seeming betrayal of Damon and Elena leaves the pair “fraught with sexual and romantic tension and very, very, very angry at Stefan,” reveals Plec. “It leaves them thrown together to defend themselves against whatever Klaus’ next move is going to be. It leads to a fairly interesting showdown between Damon and Stefan in which Damon literally tries to beat the answer out of Stefan as to why Stefan betrayed him and ruined his plan.”

Monday 12/5 Sunday Ratings, News, Spoilers, Gossip and more

5 Dec

Sunday Ratings

Football, Football and more football, it was the clear winner. Wonder how all the Football fans feel about Madonna doing the half time show. Is she still relevant to enough to draw a crowd?

The Simpsons and Family Guy had the highest gains, coasting to a solid second.

Once Upon A Time, fell, it still pulled a 3.1 rating, but it needs to come back up. Maybe Prince Charming’s backstory wasn’t that interesting. Next’s episode should pull in strong numbers, they are teasing a “death”. 

The Good Wife was at an all time low, after seeing last nights episode I totally get it.  Big tease that something happened to Grace, big let down.  All it did was set up Alicia’s break up with Will and a possible Alicia/Kalinda reunion when Alicia finds out Kalinda found Grace.

Full analysis here TV By The Numbers

Foz is trying to boost viewers for The Finder, the sort of Bones spin-off Fox is moving Bones December 15th episode to January 12th at 8pm, leading into The Finders series première in Bones regular slot at 9pm on Thursday’s while Emily is on maternity leave. More info here

Fringe and House added 64% to the 18-49 demo in week nine of the Live+7 Ratings. It’s great that they get these numbers, but it is bitter-sweet because most advertisers don’t care about these numbers because viewers can fast forward through the commercials. Keep in mind it was Fringe’s performance in this area last year that earned it another season.  Keep hope alive.

Bubble Watch

Bubble watch predicts what may happen in May, a major part of the deciding factor in this game is the syndication rights. How much can the network get, how many episodes a show has in the can (88 is the magic number), who owns the show, is it the network or the production company.  

TV By The Numbers has put all 3 CSI’s on the bubble.  Any guesses who will stay and who will go, I say everyone but the original CSI are DOA.  

Also on the bubble, The Mentalist, and even though the ratings are low in its new Sunday slot the The Good Wife, will be renewed.  

Here is the full list

Titus Wlliver, one of my favorite all time character actors, (Mr. Black on Lost, Glen Childs on The Good Wife) has been cast in a guest starring role on Grimm

House’s green card bride is back TVLINE


What the heck is LeAnne Rimes wearing Dlisted

I think I am blind now, what was Christina thinking Dlisted

Here are a couple of Blind Items about an R&B Singer, the NBA, an NFL player, a B list actress and an Oscar winner who has gone off the range. Dlisted

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TV News for Friday 11 25 2011

25 Nov

TV Line has a great article about Once Upon A Time.

OUAT is back this Sunday at 8pm on ABC, this weeks installment “That Still Small Voice” covers Dr. Hooper’s (aka Jiminy Crickett) backstory.   The article covers this Sunday’s episode, more info on Ruby and some hints about the winter finale airing in 2 weeks.

“Storybrooke mourns the loss of one their own”

Justin Hartley has just booked a gig on Castle’s. Lets hope he is shirtless, because if you remember Justin from his days as Green Arrow on Smallville, no one does shirtless like him.

Boycott Kim Kardashian petition picks up steam AOLTV

There is a God Charlie Brown tops Lady Gaga in the ratings on Thanksgiving Entertainmnet Weekly OnLine

Another sign the end of the world will happen in 2012 American Idol is back on Janury 22 Preview Clip

Best Gifts for TV Fans 2011 Guide

And no Friday would be complete without one of Ted C’s Blind Items if you can follow him and solve this you must belong to Mensa EOnline

TV News Round Up, Ratings, Grimm, Fringe Boss talks cancel and more

22 Nov

First Monday Night Ratings

Thanks to TV By The Numbers for the numbers

CBS won the night even though all it’s shows dropped compared with last week.  People could be getting ready for the holiday and have less time for TV this week.

Here is a breakdown

Top Show of the night, 2 and a Half Men 5.2 rating and a 13 share, It wasn’t as funny as last week, but still a good outing.

Second highest rated: 2 Broke Girls 4.4 rating and a 11 share.  Alot of gross out humor, used tights, cum jokes and vibrators. I guess nothing says Thanksgiving like skank humor.

How about the big twist on How I Met Your Mother. Google it I am not going to spoil it.

House stayed even, so did Hart of Dixie, Castle returned strong but their numbers could be adjusted down for Monday Night Football.

Full numbers and analysis here TV By The Numbers

TV Line has a very interesting article about the fate of my Fringe, what is really important to note about this article, is it covers 7+DVR ratings and how those numbers are calculated into a shows overall performance.

7+DVR are the number of people who tape a show and watch it later, Fringe has alot of those, it was those numbers that saved it last year. The problem is advertisers don’t like those people because they are skipping the commercials.

Interesting reading that adds a whole new demension to the ratings game, TVLine

Grimm got a full season order, no surprise, it’s numbers have been steady TVLine

And another sign that General Hospital really is going to get canclled next September, Kimber McCullough has announced she is leaving the show. Kimberly orginated the role of Robin Scorpio and has been with thw show since 1985. Earlier this month Johnathan Jackson (Lucky Spencer) announced he was leaving.  Look for more exits over the next few months.  Brian Frons ruined ABC daytime.  TVLine


TV and Gossip

6 Nov

For your Sunday morning here is a round up of some the latest TV news and a little bit of gossip for good measure

  • AMC launches a new show tonight, Made Men and Breaking Bad are hits, but does anyone remember Rubicon – AMC
  • Certain Prey airs on USA tonight, this movie comes from John Sandford’s Prey book series about detective Lucas Davenport.
  • I read the books and imagined Lucas much younger and hotter, think Timothy Olyphant,  than star Mark Harmon. He strikes me as more of a Harry Bosch type.
  • No day is complete without another tragic story of the continuing downfall of Lindsay Lohan. Dlisted. This time she crashed Leo’s premiere party for J.Edgar, and boy did she make a federal case out of not being allowed in.
  • I am sure you have seen it by now but here is the Jeopardy “What is a threesome video”
  • Spoilers aplenty over at
  • Its end of the world as we know it, first Lohan, then the Kardashian’s now this – Radar Online

Fringe Sneak Peak – Charlie Sheen’s New Show and more news

27 Oct

TVLine has an exclusive first look at Peter’s return, season 4 is set to resume this Friday as long as the World Series is over.

If Fringe is on here is a little sneak peak of the first Peter-ful episode since last May

Fringe “Novation” Friday Fox 9pm

A few more tid bits

FX has picked up Charlie Sheen’s new show Anger Management

Latest News on

  • Jennifer Carpenter‘s (Deb on Dexter) role on The Good Wife
  • Supernatural’s possible trip to the 1940’s
  • Once Upon A Time in episode 2 we get to meet the Evil Queen’s magic mirror and you are going to love who they got
  • and more on A Gifted Man, Gossip Girl and Burn Notice
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