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The Closer – The Leak revealed

7 Aug

If you have been a faithful viewer of The Closer like I have, then the last few weeks have been difficult, last week Mama Johnson died, this week the leak was revealed and next week is the end. 

Brenda Leigh has been one of my all time favorite characters, Kyra Sedgewick was made for this role.

The reveal of the leak, was, as expected, it was Gabriel via his girlfriend, but that didn’t make it any easier to take. 

Gabriel was new to his role when Brenda Leigh came to Los Angeles, he was assigned to drive her around and quickly became her staunchest supporter. He helped her when budget cuts threatened the department, she protected him when he was wrongly accused of shooting an unarmed man.

Brenda didn’t accept his resignation, and we know Corey Reynolds, the actor who plays Gabriel is not continuing onto the spin off Major Crimes.  So how will the character be written out, will he die in the line of duty next week? Will he quit when Chief Johnson leaves?

Has the departure of a TV character bummed  you out? If so, which one?

Emmy Nominations 2012

21 Jul

Lets talk about the Emmy nominations.

Emmy Award

Emmy Award (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First the snubs, any and all of Revenge, really Academy, no Gabriel Mann, (Nolan), no Ashton Holmes (Tyler), don’t get me started on the lack of Emily Van Camp or Madeline Stowe.

But the biggest and longest running Emmy injustice is their failure to recognize John Noble, Walter Bishop on Fringe. This man consistently turns in a stand out performance week after week, for 22 episodes. Not some mini-series of 6 or 12, yes I am talking to you Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey), John Hamm ( Mad Men) and Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad). It’s like giving teacher of the year to a substitute, its lame.

And while we are on the subject, how does Veep and Girls get nominated, they weren’t that funny. Where all the broadcast sitcoms really that bad, what about Community and Parks and Recreation. Oh Academy is HBO paying you guys off or something. And Lena Dunham‘s nomination for lead actress is an insult to the rest of the women on the list.  I hope Amy Poehler wins, that would be sweet.

Did you know that there are no other supporting actors in a comedy on any other show other than Modern Family, that all but one slot went to that show is ridiculous.

I have learned with these awards that it is politics and favorites, its high school all over again. Just like life, work is nothing more than high school repeated with cliques and pets, and so are these awards. Ok, bitterness rant over.

More disappointments, Vincent Kartheiser and John Slattery from Mad Men, but, Jared Harris’ nomination makes it a little better.

What about Person of Interest, or Blue Bloods. Does the Academy have any other channel besides HBO?

What was I happy with, it was nice that Downton Abbey was recognized, unfortunately its was a horrible season. I was very happy that Brendan Coyle (Mr. Bates) was recognized. He is by far my favorite Downton character.  Good to see Louis C.K. get nominated, I am not a fan of the show, but I respect what he is doing.

Also good, but expected, Claire Danes and Damian Lewis from Homeland, I think Claire is the odds on favorite to win. Damian not so much, it would be great if John Hamm finally won. Hamm gave a fantastic performance this season, Weiner gave him some very complex material this past season and Hamm delivered. His performance was so understated, those performances are usually undervalued because the actor isn’t chewing up the scenery. 

I was extremely pleased to see Ben Feldman’s name on the list for best supporting actor in a drama, he was a great addition to Mad Men this season, I can’t wait to see what Weiner does with him next year. This actor has a come a long way from being Jane’s guardian angel Fred on Drop Dead Diva.  The supporting actor in a drama category is the tightest race there is, Dylan Baker, Michael J. Fox both for The Good Wife, Jeremy Davies (Justified), Mark Margolis (Breaking Bad) and Jason Ritter (Parenthood).

There were some other nominations that were pretty much a gimme, but deserving none the less. Woody Harrelson and Julianne Moore for Game Change, Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman for Hemingway and Gellhorn and Benedict Cumberbatch for Sherlock. 

All in all, no surprises (well none in a good way), Veep and Girls were bad surprises.  The rest was as pretty much as expected.

The Emmy’s will be given out on September 23rd, Jimmy Kimmel is hosting, he brings the funny so at least we have that.

What are your thoughts on the nominations? Did one of your favorites get left off the list? Sound off in the comments below.

Father’s Day, Rocks of Ages, The Killing and Fall TV 2012-2013

17 Jun

First of all Happy Father’s Day to my daddy and the daddy’s everywhere.

I saw “Rock of Ages” last night, if you grew up in the 80’s, loved the hair metal music, then this movie is for you. The plot is nothing new, dreamers in Hollywood looking for their big break, set against a boy meets girl, boy looses girl, boy gets girl back formula. But that isn’t why I went I went for the music, nothing beats Def Leopard, Poison, Guns and Roses and Whitesnake. The highpoint of the film is Tom Cruise, his performance as Stacee Jax (a cross between, Axl Rose/Vince Neil, actually every 80’s band singer) is fantastic, Cruise commits 100% to this role, and his singing is awesome. He is a rock star!

Anyone who has ever doubted Cruise’s ability needs to look no further than comparing his performance in MI4 to this to solidify his talent and movie star status. Game over Cruise wins.  There is a a lot of crazy stuff that goes on in the move, none of which I will give away. You must see this movie.  Long Live Rock and Roll.

The Killing

Rumor has it we will finally find out who killed Rosie Larsen tonight, do we still care.  Most of you don’t, ratings have been down this year and renewal is not likely. It’s a shame, the show had a good cast, but its creator and writers just couldnt pull it off, they had too many red herrings and inconsistencies. The show revealed the members of the 10th floor meeting last week, while they may be involved I think the person who put Rosie in the trunk has yet to be revealed.  Could it be Aunt Terry, or after all of this Richmond, or the mother.  

Fall Tv Schedule

I know it’s only June, but I am already looking forward to the new Tv Season, the networks released their schedules, below is a list of the shows I will be watching and possibly discussing in this space.  For the new shows I will watch the pilot and possibly one of two episodes before I decide if they get a season pass on the DVR.


Once Upon A Time, Revenge, The Good Wife and new entry 666 Park Avenue. 


Bones, 2 Broke Girls, Castle, new shows Mob Doctor and Revolution


Mathew Perry’s new sitcom Go On, Hart of Dixie, and new medical drama Emily Owens, MD


My new guilty pleasure, Nashville starring Connie Britton, also new Arrow and Chicago Fire and returning champ Supernatural


Returning Champs, Vampire Diaries, Person of Interest, Scandal. Glee and The Big Bang Theory. New entries, Elementary and Beauty and The Beast


Fringe and Blue Bloods

What about you? Have you mapped out your fall tv picks? What are you going to watch or pass on?

Season Finales 2012

26 May

Now that  TV season 2012-2013 has been put to bed, let’s reflect on the season finales of some of our favorites.

Did they meet or exceed expectations, or fall flat.

The Vampire Diaries – I knew it was coming, I knew they would turn Elena. It was the road to the last 5 minutes that was so satisfying, the flashbacks with Elena’s parents and Aunt Jenna tieing her past and present together created lovely symmetry and storytelling. If that wasn’t big enough, Klaus has taken over Tyler’s body, which should make all the interactions between Caroline and Tyler creepy but really good next season. Before Elena became a vampire she picked Stefan, but I don’t think that is going to stick, and they killed Ric.  I am sure he will be back, nobody ever really dies on TVD.

The Good Wife – Kalinda’s ex is coming, and it looks like a lot of trouble is coming with him. Best scene Eli, Peter, Cary, Alicia and Will at the elevator. Not since the Impala on Supernatural has an inanimate object played such an important part in a TV show. Lockhart/Gardner might be bankrupt thanks to Patti Nyholm and Louis Canning, the always pitch perfect Martha Plimpton and Michael J. Fox. – Met Expectations

Revenge – Far exceeded expectations. Death, Pregnancy and Amanda’s mom back from the dead.

Smash – I really really wanted to like this show, I stuck with it all season and hoped it would pull it out for the finale. Boy was I wrong. Kat McPhee was horrible as Marilyn, they ruined the character of Ivy Lynn, and just when you thought it wasn’t possible, Derek became more of a slime ball. Julia’s pregnant, but somehow she and Tom manage to finish the big closing number minutes before curtain and Karen still learns the whole number by the end of the show. Not to mention she learned pretty much the whole show in a day, because that is totally believable. All I can hope is the new executive producer can fix this show, he already fired Ellis (TG) and Dev. I have doubts because the new EP is from Gossip Girl, but maybe, just maybe he can pull it off. – Fail

Scandal – Wow, they really knocked it out of the park with this episode. I can’t wait for this show to come back in the fall. Let me see if I have this straight, Quinn is some kind of fugitive, Cyrus had Amanda killed, the first lady is faking a pregnancy to save her husband’s career. Really can’t wait until for this one to come back. – Exceeded expectations

House – The guest appearances of Kutner (Kal Penn), Cut Throat Bitch/Amber, (Anne Dudek) and Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) were icing on the cake. House faking his death and riding off in the sunset with Wilson was double fudge cake so yummy and satisfying to this long time viewer. The House/Wilson bromance was always the heart of the show, David Shore acknowledged that and showed the fans respect by sending them off together.

Glee – It’s the graduation episode, it should be a big deal, these are characters we have watched for three years, characters we love. Obviously we love them more than Ryan Murphy and the writers, because this send off was lame and made the characters look stupid, it was insulting. The only bright spot, Rachel went to New York, please let her stay there and dont let the show follow her.  Kurt and Finn didn’t get into the colleges they applied to, and didn’t have a safety school?!!!  Finn enlists in the Army to pay tribute to his Dad, who was a Marine, makes sense right.  The graduation ceremony was completely unbelievable, most public schools have a huge graduating class and wouldn’t allow their glee to hi-jack it for a performance.  Basically a crap finale for a crap season.

Modern Family – The novella spoof was inspired, Jay (Ed O’Neill) dancing with Lily was hilarious and the perfect set up for the the big ending. Gloria is pregnant. – Exceeded Expectations

Happy Mother’s Day – TV Moms I Love

13 May

Joyce Summers (Kristine Sutherland) – Buffy The Vampire Slayer – She always saw the good in people and knew what mattered most, she fiercely protected Buffy even after she found out that Buffy could take care of herself. She did what every parent must do at one time or another in their childs life she took on the school principal. And as any fan of Buffy can tell you no matter how many times you watch the episode in which Joyce dies, “The Body” you cry every time, it’s like losing your mom.

Mrs. C (Marion Ross) Happy Days – Maybe it was because she was the only one who could put the Fonz in his place, or the fact that she was a TV mom in an era (1974-1984) when women were joining the workforce and a generation latchkey kids were born either way she is tops in my book.

Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) The Gilmore Girls – More of best friend than a mom, her junk food and coffee addiction did not get in that way of delivering some of the best advice to Rory along the way.  Not to mention for someone who never worked out never impacted her waistline.

Roseanne Conner (Roseanne Barr) Roseanne – Full of sarcasm and eye rolls Roseanne’s particular brand of motherhood turned a lot of people off, but I have yet to see a more realistic portrayal of a mother on TV to date.  And no one could argue she loved her kids and was devoted to her family.

Claire Huxtable (Phylicia Rashad) The Cosby Show – This is one smooth lady, she was always in control of her kids and her husband. And a successful lawyer to boot, get back with ya bad self Claire.

Carmella Soprano (Edie Falco) – The Sopranos – Between the fake nails and turning a blind eye to Tony’s latest fling Carmella kept Meadow and AJ in line and on track. I think that gets lost when people look back at her character, they forget those scenes and the balance it brought to the show.

Olivia Walton (Michael Learned) – The Walton – Another cool customer when it came to juggling a lot of stress, Momma Walton was one of the best. The woman was raising 7 children plus living with her in laws in rural West Virginia during the depression enough said. And dont’ forget she battled polio and he house burned down. But she always had enough food and love for everyone. She also had dignity and pride.

Fringe Season Finale “Brave New World Part 2”

12 May

Now that is how you do a season finale, and if that had been the series finale it would have been equally satisfying.

I don’t even know where to start, I suppose a big thank you to everyone at Fringe who repaid fan loyalty with such a satisfying episode. It resolved many issues and gave everyone a lovely close out scene, Broyles gets all the funding he needs and a promotion, Nina is officially a part of the team, Walter and Astrid share red licorice and Peter and Olivia get the happiest of all endings, a baby.

I am quite sure the final scene between Walter and September was filmed after it was announced the show was picked up for a final 13 episode season. We have our set up for the end, the Observers are coming, we know from the time jump episode that in 2036 Etta was 3 when her parents (Olivia and Peter) went missing. Peter was encased in Amber and we all assumed from that episode Olivia was dead.  Tonight we learned that the bullet she was wearing around her neck didn’t kill Olivia, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t dead.

Will the show jump ahead to Etta’s third year, will we see the resistance, and the team being confined or will we jump to 2036?  So many possibilities, I can’t wait for the fall.

Was it me or did it seem like there were quite a few Star Trek, Wrath of Khan references in last  night’s episode. Bell creating the universe and the opening shot of the dinosaurs roaming reminded me of the Genesis project, shooting Olivia, reminiscent of Spock‘s line to Kirk, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. or the one”, and Bells speech to Walter totally reminded me of Khan’s speech to Kirk. Khannnnnn!!!!!

Josh Jackson has done some of his best acting work during this season of Fringe and last night was no exception, his reactions to Olivia being shot and watching Walter save her were incredible.  There is a rule they teach you in acting class on day one, 98% of acting is re-acting, it is obvious Mr. Jackson learned that lesson very well.  Emoting is easy when you are talking, it is what you do when you aren’t delivering your lines that really matters.  Thats when you have to dig deep. I hope that Josh is submitted along with John Noble for Emmys this year and the academy finally takes note.

I really liked super hero Olivia, catching bullets was a neat trick, sorry she lost her powers. Was Jessica Nina’s daughter, or was that just a misdirect that could be explained away by her wonky brain when they were reviving her.  And of course the line of the night, goes to Walter, after he shot Olivia and told Peter they could save her Peter said “but she’s dead”, Walter responded, “when has that ever stopped me”.

I am not going to recap the episode, there are quite a few online just Google it, my favorite site for recaps and forum discussions is Television Without Pity, check it out. If you like your TV with a bit of snark, this is is the site for you.

Smash “Chemistry”

13 Mar

The question on everyone’s mind, could Derek sink any lower? And the answer is yes, on last night’s episode of Smash, he convinces Ivy to take medication when her throat becomes strained and she can’t sing. Tom had warned him that she is hyper sensitive to medicine.  This has dire consequences, especially for Derek.  Derek is the new love to hate character on TV.

Ivy’s throat problem couldn’t come at a worse time, the workshop is in a week, will Karen have to take over for her?

Poor Debra Messing the show basically ruined her character last night, she and Michael picked up their affair and in an insult to all working woman she whined that her home life was stressing her out and that is why she can’t meet her deadline. If I ever said that to my boss, I would be laughed out of his office and never ever be allowed to sit at the boys table again, forget any career advancement.  Most of the forums I read on last night’s episode had audience support at all time low for Julia. Way to go show, perform a character assassantion half way thru the first season on one of your leads.

Ellis somehow became Eileen’s BFF, snitching to her, drinking with her and going to see apartments with her. I hope her gets his, and I hope Tom and Eileen are the ones to do it and soon. His character can go away, and the actor is not much to speak of, neither would be missed. All of a sudden Eileen is hanging out in dive bars, and buying bartenders drinks. WTH!

Karen, Katherine McPhee is as exciting to watch as paint drying, I hope they figure out a way to get rid of her before the second season. Beautiful voice, yes, everything else no. Anyway, she overhears Derek and team talking about maybe having to use her if Ivy doesn’t get better, and gets her hopes up. She needs to make some extra cash so works a Bar Mitzvah, she sings, whatever, Tom texts her and tells her to get ready to step in for Ivy.  But the big news, Karen is spotted by a big music producer, which means we may get rif of her after all, but it pisses of Ivy, who was originally supposed to sing at the Bar Mitzvah. 

If I was involved with this show, I would get rid of everyone except Tom, Ivy, Derek and Dev and start over. But I am not so I have to make do with what I have.

Ivy freaks because of the meds, she sees visions of Karen in costume as Marilyn in her bedroom mirror ( oh brother). She has more hallucinations, and Tom is called to rescue her.  Next day ay rehearsal, Ivy’s voice is back, she and Michael do a number called “History is Made At Night”, they do great until the end when they stumble a little. (BTW, they are using the same couch he and Julia had sex on, ewwww) They laugh it off, but, Derek is as usual a jerk, he berates them both for being unprofessional and Ivy goes off. 

She calls him a narcissistic prick, insults his looks and calls him a bad lay. Great moment, so I sat thru 55 minutes of crap for 2 minutes of glory.

Next week: Bernadette Peters shows up as Ivy’s mother, who happens to be a Broadway legend. So Ivy is a legacy.

Is Smash smushed

1 Mar

I know the title is cheesy, but I can’t get seem to get a handle on this show. I don’t know if it wants to be a show about the making of a broadway musical with song and dance numbers or a show about the personal lives of the people who are making a broadway musical with song and dance numbers.

The characters are stock, not an original in the bunch. The wide eyed (sort of) fresh off the bus girl from Iowa who is learning just how tough it can be to make it in show business. The seasoned vet, who isn’t going to let anyone stand in the way of her big moment. But not so seasoned, that she doesn’t realize the director is just using her. Speaking of , the swarmy director, complete with his casting couch. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

I will say this Megan Hilty, who plays Ivy Lynn is extremely talented, more so than Katherine McPhee, but the original songs are just horrible.  When writing a musical you want to give the audience a melody that sticks in their head, a melodic thru line that they hum or whistle. It gets them to download the soundtrack, to recommend the show to their friends.  So far I couldn’t hum, whistle or even name one of the songs we have heard for “Marilyn”.  I am really surprised that the score sucks, they have some heavy hitters working on this stuff. But I guess not everyone is a Sondheim, there’s an idea, get Sondheim or another great B’way composer to work on  the music.

Smash like Glee has covered some popular songs, this past Monday Katherine McPhee covered Adele’s “Rumor Has It”, that was unfortunate. Because Miss McPhee is no Adele.

 I think Smash would work better if it focused more on the creative process that goes into making a broadway show, and less on the personal drama.  There are plenty of shows about relationships, and getting set up on dates and having to work with the guy you had an affair with.  Show me the personal drama of not getting the staging right, of arguing over a line of dialogue or the right note of music.

And Smash what is up with changing the sexuality of one of your characters after three episodes, Ellis was so gay in the first two episodes and now all of a sudden he has a girlfriend?!

I worked in theatre for years and let me tell you that the drama of rehearsal and production meetings was always way more interesting than our personal lives.  I worked on a show where the director was fired during dress rehearsal and the lead actress quit in protest. She didn’t have an understudy, so the assistant stage manager had to learn all her lines and do the show with only three days to prepare.  Talk about drama.

Or how about the show I did where the director made the lighting designer so mad he refocused all the lights so everyone was in shadow for an entire performance. The crew had to refocus as many lights as possible during the intermission. Did I mention the director and the designer were brother in-laws.

 I will watch the rest of the season, and yes it will be back next year but not for a full season. I think NBC will give it 15 more episodes and a major overhaul.

Birth Control in 2012

1 Mar

Riddle me this Batman. Why are we talking about birth control in 2012?  What about jobs? What about foreclosures? What about the

English: Picture Of Ortho Tri-Cyclen oral cont...

Image via Wikipedia

millions of people who live in poverty in the US?

Really we are discussing birth control in 2012, Really?

You men should thank God we have the Pill it allows you to screw everything you want without consequence.

Although I doubt anyone wants to have sex with Rush Limbaugh.  (shudders at the thought)

BTW if men had to take the pill not only would insurance companies cover it and no one complain about it, it would be given out for free.

What do you think? Should this even be an issue in 2012?

Smash “Enter Mr. DiMaggio”

25 Feb

What started as a promising show has quickly become a trite soap opera set against the backdrop of launching a Broadway musical.

First of all Ivy Lynn, you are supposed to be seasoned vet, and you honestly can’t tell the director is just using you.  He doesn’t care about working on the character with you, and you fell for the whole excuse about the gas problem at his apartment. He is no different than other man, they don’t invite you over to their place when they don’t want you in their lives.

Katherine McPhee singing more karaoke, didn’t we already see this when she was on American Idol, and she is a lousy actress.

Ellis the assistant as Iago, stealing the notebook, and he has a girlfriend, are they freaking kidding me.

Art imitates life, Debra Messing and the guy playing Joe DiMaggio left their real-life spouses when they met on the set. Their pretend affair became real, nice.

Stop having Anjelica Houston throw drinks in he ex husband’s face, the gag is tired.

The next episode, The Cost of Art is about the big name star they have to bring in to attract investors. Poor Ivy, all that sex and it didn’t matter, hope Karen doesn’t trip her when they are in the ensemble together.

Just like a bad relationship that you hope will get better, I am giving Smash the rest of the seaon its only 11 more episodes, may be it will get better. 

What do you think?

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