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Monday Ratings

3 Jan

The Bachelor is back. Celebrity Wife Swap premiered ( the end of civilization) and CBS’ was all new.  

So who won you ask? One Guess, no surprises here – CBS with a 3.7 rating and a 9 share ABC was distant second with a 2.4 rating and a 6 share.

Top Shows last night

2 1/2 Men 4.4 rating and a 10 share with 13.8 million viewers

2 Broke Gilrs 4.3 rating and a 10 share with 12 million viewers

The Bachelor was down 17% from the previous year (maybe there is hope for us yet)

However Celebrity Wife Swap premiered higher  than the last two episodes of Castle. I hope it was just the curiosity factor and this show will go quietly into the night.

Losers of the night ( repeats don’t count)

Who’s Still Standing

Fear Factor

Rock Center

Ratings Round Up

27 Nov


Overall Winner: With a 2.1 rating and a 6 share CBS’s heaping helping of leftovers won the night, led by The Big Bang Theory.

In a move that has restored my faith in humanity, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving beat A Very GaGa Thanksgiving.  ABC programming couldn’t find a better entertainer to profile for Thanksgiving. Sorry monsters.

Full analysis here TV By The Numbers


In my Friday What You Should Watch post I asked if Hoops and YoYo would become the new Christmas special classics for this generation.  Based on the ratings 0.8 and a 3 share I would say Rudolph’s and Frosty’s places in history are safe.

The winner of the night

Univision, yes you read that right, the Spanish language channel beat out the English broadcast channels

To be fair to the networks were running repeats and crappy new Christmas Specials.  FOX was second with Iron Man

A pretty amusing analysis of the night can be found here TV By The Numbers


Preliminary numbers are in and ABC wins the night with the Standford Notre Dame game.

Analysis and numbers here TV By The Numbers

TV News Round Up, Ratings, Grimm, Fringe Boss talks cancel and more

22 Nov

First Monday Night Ratings

Thanks to TV By The Numbers for the numbers

CBS won the night even though all it’s shows dropped compared with last week.  People could be getting ready for the holiday and have less time for TV this week.

Here is a breakdown

Top Show of the night, 2 and a Half Men 5.2 rating and a 13 share, It wasn’t as funny as last week, but still a good outing.

Second highest rated: 2 Broke Girls 4.4 rating and a 11 share.  Alot of gross out humor, used tights, cum jokes and vibrators. I guess nothing says Thanksgiving like skank humor.

How about the big twist on How I Met Your Mother. Google it I am not going to spoil it.

House stayed even, so did Hart of Dixie, Castle returned strong but their numbers could be adjusted down for Monday Night Football.

Full numbers and analysis here TV By The Numbers

TV Line has a very interesting article about the fate of my Fringe, what is really important to note about this article, is it covers 7+DVR ratings and how those numbers are calculated into a shows overall performance.

7+DVR are the number of people who tape a show and watch it later, Fringe has alot of those, it was those numbers that saved it last year. The problem is advertisers don’t like those people because they are skipping the commercials.

Interesting reading that adds a whole new demension to the ratings game, TVLine

Grimm got a full season order, no surprise, it’s numbers have been steady TVLine

And another sign that General Hospital really is going to get canclled next September, Kimber McCullough has announced she is leaving the show. Kimberly orginated the role of Robin Scorpio and has been with thw show since 1985. Earlier this month Johnathan Jackson (Lucky Spencer) announced he was leaving.  Look for more exits over the next few months.  Brian Frons ruined ABC daytime.  TVLine


Friday Ratings, Blue Blood rules the night, Grimm Holds Strong and Fringe….

19 Nov

Friday November 18th, Blue Bloods was the overall winner of the night, with a 2.0 rating and a 6 share and over 12 million viewers.  Grimm is holding it’s on in the 9pm slot against CSI:NY, the both had a 1.6 rating and a 5 share. CSI had more overall viewers with 9.9 million vs. Grimm’s 5.4 milion.

 But if you know anything about ratings or have been reading this blog you know the rating/share is more important than overall viewers.

The rating/share represents the 18/49 demo, the holy grail for advertisers, Grimm’s overall viewer numbers are low, but the viewers they do attract are gold when it comes to advertising dollars.

A Gifted Man rose a tenth and was #2 in its time slot. Perhaps the rumors of its cancellation have been greatly exaggerated.

Here is the full analysis at TV By The Numbers

Sunday Ratings – Duh Football Wins

14 Nov

Preliminary numbers are in

Lets see how the rest of our shows stacked up, as always thanks to TV By The Numbers for the numbers.

Once Upon A Time – Was even with last week, holding steady at 3.8 rating a 9 share and 11 million viewers.

The Good Wife – 2.0 rating, a 4 share and 10 million viewers. Since the game on CBS went about 30 minutes over its hard to compare to last weeks numbers

Pam Am was up a tenth vs last week, but it is still headed for cancellation.

Want the full analysis click here

Bubble Watch – Bubble doesn’t mean cancelled – Maybe?

13 Nov

TV by the Numbers has updated it’s Bubble list, they have added Bones, Ringer, and Rules of Engagement.

Keep in mind Bubble watch seeks to predict what will happen to a show by season’s end, based on its ongoing performance.  Last year they predicted Fringe would be cancelled and it wasn’t, there is always hope.

Bones is on the bubble because, “it is an older show with ok ratings”. It is also airing a shorter season due to Emily’s pregnancy, to make up for it they are airing the Bones spin off  The Finder.  I remember the episode last season when they introduced the characters and the concept for the finder and I was not impressed. 

Ringer, “it might be easier to just put all the CW shows other than the Vampire diaries on the bubble”, an excellent suggestion, but as the article points out not very practical. I suppose the CW could cancel everything but TVD and start over.  I would get rid of 90210 and Gossip Girl, before Ringer. 

Here is a snapshot of each category, a link to the full article can be found below. 

Certain Cancellation

A Gifted Man

Harry’s Law

Likely Cancellation

Pan Am

Body of Proof


On the Bubble




Hart of Dixie

Likely renewal

Once Upon A Time

Happy Endings


Blue Bloods

Certain Renewal


2 Broke Girls


Bubble Watch

Friday Ratings

12 Nov

Blue Bloods droped 4 tenths from last week, but CBS still wins the night in the 18-49 demo, with an overall rating of 1.5 and a 5 share, total viewers for the night, 9.86 million.

Fringe hit s series low, 1.1 rating and a 3 share, total viewers 3 million. It seems like the more complex the show gets the less viewers it has.  Is this a symptom of the dumbing down of America.

Grimm held its own against CSI:NY, Grimm’s rating/share was 1.5/5 vs CSI‘s 1.7/5, but it had half the viewers, 5 million vs CSI’s 10 million.

A Gifted Man, held it’s own, if this keeps up it may get a stay of execution.  

What does it all mean, Fringe could get canclled, Nikita will get cancelled, this is most likely the last season for Supernatural and Grimm may just hang in there.

Full analysis and numbers can be found here TV By The Numbers

Monday Ratings

8 Nov

It’s sweeps people, lets see how our favorites did. 

CBS won the night in the coveted 18-49 demo, but ABC had total viewers.


The entire CBS comedy block from 8 to 10, 2 Broke Girls was second highest with 4.5 rating and a share of 11, 21/2 Men was the highest with a 5.1 rating and a 12 share.


Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie each had a 0.6 rating and 1 share. 

Full analysis available at TV by The Numbers

Sunday Ratings – So how did we do

7 Nov

Well until Football is over ( not soon enough for me) that will dominate the ratings.

 The good news, Once Upon a Time only fell by 5% against NBC football, it was number one among scripted shows with a 3.7 18-49 rating and a 9 share with total viewers 11.38 million.

Other top winners for the night; The Simpsons and Family Guy. The Good Wife only pulled in 2.1 18-49 rating and a 5 share with 8.99 million total viewers, it was in last place in its time slot.

But the real bad news belongs to Pan Am, 1.8 17-49 rating and a 4 share, with 5.5 million total viewers.

For all the analysis check out TV By The Numbers.

Friday Ratings

5 Nov

Numbers provided by TV By The Numbers.

CBS won the night both for ratings and total viewers, thanks in large part to Blue Bloods. The Tom Selleck family cop drama that delivers a consistent diet of solid performances and good story telling. Blue Bloods was the highest rated show of the night across all networks and times.

Blue Bloods total overall viewers 12.5 million, with a  rating/share of 2.1/6.

In the 9 o’clock timeslot, Grimm had a higher rating/share, 1.8/5  then CSI: NY 1.6/5 but had less overall viewers 5.92 vs. 9.65. This was Grimm’s second week so the big question, did it hold, build or drop, well it dropped 14%, which sounds like a lot until you look at the ratings for the night. Grimm was still first place for the 18-49 demo which is very important. That will keep it on the air for a few more weeks, I expecte a full season pick up will be announced in December.

And now for my baby Fringe, rating/share 1.3/4 and 3.28 million viewers, it was up a tenth with viewers. 

For a complete breakdown and to see where your favorite show ranked click here.

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