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Ringer “I’m The Good Twin”

18 Apr

So it’s over, Ringer aired it’s season (and most likely series) finale last night. And to be honest, I am not to sure how I feel about it.

As finales goes, it wrapped up some things, left a few things open and started new threads for next season. With the exception of Malcolm, no one of consequence got killed, Jimmy was a throw away and I think we all knew Bodaway wasn’t going to make it to season 2.  I wish the writers had decided to give Andrew and Bridget a happy ending, I think it would have been far more interesting if Bridget had confessed to Andrew only to find out he knew all along.

The scene when Bridget came clean was really well played, SMG and Ioan Gruffudd really rocked the emotion, my heart broke for both of them. I really hope Ioan gets another show, I need him on my TV every week.

The way they ended it, with Andrew and Juliet turning their backs on Bridget gives them more options for season 2, but I really think renewal is a long shot and I would have preferred a happy ending. Perhaps they can give me an alternate ending on the DVD.  Now that Tim (Gregory Harrison), who is sexier now then his younger days, and he was pretty damn hot on Trapper John, M.D. owns Martin/Charles will he be a regular in season 2.  Now that Bodaway is dead what is Machado going to do, I wonder how they will bring him back.

Andrew has kicked Bridget to the curb, Henry stole all of Shiv’s money and kicked her to the curb, and told Bridget Shiv is alive. Does Bridget move in with Henry, team up and go after Shiv. Of course Shiv holds the mother of all cards, the twins are Andrew’s. Does she move back in with Andrew?  They really painted themselves into a corner, the show doesn’t work if Bridget knows about Shiv.

I guess the only question left is will it be renewed, guess we will find out during the upfronts in mid-May.

Did you watch Ringer? Do you think it deserves a second season?

Television Without Pity has listed 4 reasons  Why Ringer Should Be Cancelled, the two I most agree with, everyone was massively stupid and it will free up the actors for other shows.  Click on the link to see the rest.

Mad Men “Signal 30”

15 Apr

I have been in love with Vincent Kartheiser since Another Day in Paradise, that love was cemented when he was cast to play Angel’s son Connor on Angel.  Tonight’s episode of Mad Men, “Signal 30” was a tour de force by Kartheiser, this should be his Emmy submission and win.

There was so much speculation about this episode, Signal 30 is the code for car accident fatality and also the name of the drivers ed movie that was used in the 60’s, we saw a bit of it in tonight’s episode. You can also catch the whole thing on You Tube, it’s pretty gross even by today’s standards. People thought someone was going to die, stunt doubles for Lane and Pete were listed as part of the episode.  In the end it was another master fake out by team Weiner, good job, bravo.

The entire episode was another in a long list of Mad Men masterpieces, I really enjoyed John Slattery’s direction.  The levels that Kartheiser took us through tonight, from hitting on high school girls, (creepy), to trying to keep up with big brother Don, who fixes fawcetts and passes on hookers. Pete can’t catch a break, he is a broken man who has “nothing to offer”.  There is a part of me that says Pete is getting what he deserves, years of being a first class jerk, but the vulnerability he showed to Don in the elevator broke my heart. John Hamm‘s reactions and line delivery were so tight, these are two skilled actors at the top of their game.

 There were definitely parallels between Lane and Pete tonight, two lost men trying to find their way and have some meaning. Their fight at the end was fantastic, and no one stopping them made it so realistic. The advertising world is cut throat, it is kill or be killed and that scene summed it up perfectly. Or course the fight was more about man vs. man then advertising, but the industry supports that attitude. It will be interesting to see how they interact going forward. Poor Lane, he kissed Joan and she rejected him, but she was so classy and sweet about it. I don’t think she could have let him down any gentler.

Megan and Don are growing on my as a couple, but if they have a baby I am going to spit nails. She really knows how to handle him, and I think Don likes being handled. Betty was such a child he had to be the parent, Megan is an adult and that means Don can be also.  I wonder how much longer he will stay faithful to her, a tiger doesn’t just change their stripes that quickly.

I would love to hear the rest of the story Kenny was writing at the end of the episode, maybe AMC can convince Weiner to publish it or run it in Vanity Fair under Ken’s pen name.

What did you think? Was it as great as I thought?

The Killing “Ogi Jun”

15 Apr

I don’t want to sound mean, but I do not care about Linden and her custody battle, Richmond’s recovery or the Larsen kid’s emotional problems. Why do good shows insist on dragging down the action with unnecessary side stories.  Smash does the same thing, stick to the theme, the main idea. If you can’t figure out enough action around the theme, don’t bore me with BS.

I do care about the investigation into Rosie’s murder, so lets stick to that ok.  Linden and Holder worked on tracking down tattoo guy, in the process they learned Stan was suspected of a murder of a former associate. The murder was his ticket out of the polish mafia, it gives us more insight into Stan’s character. And a possible motive for murder.

Speaking of Stan, he goes to the morgue to retrieve Belko’s body, how much do we love Brent Sexton. When he gets there, he finds out that Kovarsky has made the funeral arrangements. Kovarsky is making a serious play to get Stan back in the family, and using everything he can to manipulate Stan. Stan teaches Tommy a valuable lesson, if someone talks shit about Rosie, pick the biggest kid in the bunch and punch him in the bridge of the nose. I guess Stan doesn’t believe in turn the other cheek.

Holder and Linden stake out tattoo boy’s house, and bond, I love these two together, Starsky and Hutch, Eames and Goren, they are the new cop power couple. Linden takes off, Tattoo boy shows up Holder gives chase. He couldn’t jump the fence and the kid gets away, that was not believable.  I will say this,  the soundtrack for this show is fantastic, the music for the chase sequence was spot on.

The mayor pays Richmond a visit in the hospital, for a bit of gloating. Basically Richmond tells him he knows he was behind whatever evidence the police had that made them so sure he was the killer. I guess Richmond and Jamie are going to team up to uncover the truth. Richmond decides to officially withdraw from the race, Jamie tries to talk him out it, Richmond fires him.  Again I really don’t care about this BS, it doesn’t solve the murder.  

Terry calls Jasper’s dad, with whom she had an affair, or he was her Beau Soliel client, not sure if we ever got confirmation. I guess that secret has yet to come out. It doesn’t impact Rosie’s murder, so moving on.

We find out Tattoo boy’s name Alexi, he is a foster child, who was the son of the man Stan killed.  Oh dear, that can’t be good. I know you are thinking it was a revenge killing, but that is too obvious for this show. I think Alexi and Rosie were in love and were planning on leaving together, I don’t think either knew the truth about their father’s connection. 

I always hope that she shows I watch are smarter than me, all this build up and Rosie’s murder is simple revenge. I have more faith in this creative team.

Are you watching The Killing or did you give up after last year’s finale.

Fringe “The Consultant”

14 Apr

FauxLivia is still reeling from the death of AltLincoln, she has vowed to uncover the mole.  Be careful, uncovering the mole may be more than you bargained for. The COW, Robert Jones has created a device that makes planes and cars crash, the twist is, the victims counter dies from the same injuries in the Amberverse even though they are not in a plane or a car.

Walter is sent “over there” to consult, while there he bonds with Faux and makes her scrambled eggs after she drinks too much out of her grief for Lincoln. The scene is classic Fringe, right down to Walter in Faux’s bathrobe. He helps her put the pieces together that leads her to arrest AltBroyles for being the mole.  Loved Walter tuning the bodies to find out what frequency they vibrate to, it is a scientific fact that their are vibrations all around us and rhythms we arent even aware of that drive the motion of the planet.

We find out that he was doing RDJ’s bidding because RDJ was providing him with medicine that was saving his son’s life.  Father’s going to great lengths to save their sons is a recurring theme on this show. I wonder who on the writing staff has daddy issues.

RDJ gives Broyle’s a device, he tells him to plug it into the Machine, when he does it will merge the two universes.  If that happens does one universe cancel out the other in parts or whole, or do they co-exist. Imagine seeing your double everyday. Freaky!!! Broyles doesn’t go thru with it, he calls the other Broyles and confesses everything, he is arrested and in ends up in a cell next to Mena, I mean Nena, wonder which one of them RDJ kills first.   Broyles does what is right, even though it will kill his son. 

All in all it was an ok episode, too little Peter for my taste, but I am sure with the end of the season on the horizon that will change very soon.  Next week’s trip to the year  2036 looks promising, is that Peter hugging his daughter in the promos? Is that Walter encased in Amber?

Odds are Fringe will be renewed for a fifth and final season of 13 episodes. It doesn’t matter when it goes off the air, this show will be missed.

Next Week: The Observers are bad guys?

Ringer “It’s Called Improvising Bitch”

11 Apr

I gotta hand it to the folks at Ringer, I think they knew the end was near so they just keep going for broke with these last few episodes.  Even if they don’t get a second season at least they will be remembered as that bat-shit crazy show Sarah Michelle Gellar did for a season on The CW. We should have known the ship was going down when the wardrobe went from being cutting edge fashion to Target chic.

On last night’s episode. Catherine tries to kill Bridget, who she thinks is Shiv, when Andrew foils her plan she decides to kill them both, when Juliet foils that plan she decides to hold everyone hostage. Then she calls, wait for it… Olivia, her lover and partner in crime. Olivia is having none of this craziness and tells Catherine good-bye, sending Catherine over the edge, or more over than she is already.   Our hapless tri call Agent Machado on cell phone they have hidden in the couch, using the old one way call to fill him in on their situation.  He springs into action, and heads off to Olivia’s, he uses her to lure Catherine out of the apartment. She takes Bridget hostage and heads to Olivia’s, where our FBI guy finally gets to save the day.

Meanwhile, Shiv is still trying to get Henry cleared of Tyler’s murder. She heads over to Oksana’s (the hotel maid that fingered Henry) and quickly figures out Oksana is a high priced hooker and that is why her payoff wasn’t nearly enough. One of Oksana’s tricks shows up, she hides Shiv in the closet.  Ok, if all the crazy with Catherine wasn’t enough, check this out.  Shiv is locked in the closet while Oksana and her customer have sex, do blow and Oksana od’s, and to top it off Shiv goes into labor.  Love this crazy show!!

Shiv has a C-section, her twins, yes her female twins are premature and in bad shape. Henry is by her side, and in a move that proves Henry bought a clue, he asks the doctor for a paternity test. Go Henry.

I am not sure how they can top this if they get a second season, I am sure they will have to dial it back a bit if they do. 

What are the possible cliffhangers for next week’s finale? The paternity test? Does Macawi kill Shiv or Bridget? Does Andrew figure it out?  One thing I am sure of, I won’t get a satisfying end to the show. What would I do if it was up to me, if I was Pam Veasy and The CW let me know I had one hour to wrap it up.

First of all I would apologize to the audience that stuck it out all season, I would apologize for squandering the talents of  Ioan Gruffudd, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jason Dohring.  I would apologize for taking a show with an interesting premise, and some great glossy noir episodes in the first half of the season and letting it unravel into the campy crapfest we witnessed in the last 12 episodes.

Then, Malcolm leads Machado to Macawi, Machado gets shot (doesn’t die) Malcolm saves him and kills Macawi in the process. A new bromance is born.  Henry finds out the twins aren’t his or Andrew’s and leaves Shiv and the twins. Shiv, leaves the hospital, abandoning  the twins to social services.  Henry and Bridget renew their vows, the second half of the episode is filled with wedding fun, Juliet and Bridge getting all gussied up. Henry and Tim coming to an agreement over Martin Charles and destroying the flash drive.

Last two minutes of the episode, set against some of the music this show is known for using. (The CW site for Ringer music)

Bridget walks down the aisle, to a beaming Andrew

Shiv walking down the street

Bridget gets to Andrew, he leans in to kiss her and whispers in her ear, I love you Bridget.  Pull back to reveal Bridget’s reaction.

Cut to Shiv walking into a strip club to apply for a job.

Chessy, obvious, but hey after the crap Pam really wrote how could my version be any worse.

Next Week:

Smash “Understudy”

10 Apr

Rebecca Duvall (Uma Thurman) “the star” didn’t show up until the last five minuets of the episode which was fine by me. Last night’s episode proved, what we all know is going to happen. Our rag-tag troupe is best when left alone, we don’t need no stinkin’ stars.

Tom (Christian Borle) owned the episode last night, no surprise here, he was nominated for a Tony for his role in Legally Blonde: The Musical and has appeared on Broadway numerous times.  Between his musical number and banter with Sam ( his future BF) Christian was pitch perfect, more Tom please.

Ivy, fresh from being fired from Heaven on Earth and Bombshell (formerly Marilyn) is plotting her way back in. She meets the gang for drinks, congratulating Karen on being named Rebecca’s understudy by buying her sunglasses like the ones Marilyn wore in Niagara. She even advises Derek to be nice to Karen, telling him that the directors that got the best performances out of Marilyn were the ones who babyed her. This leads Derek to some weird hallucination, I am not sure where it came from, but Kat McPhee’s Marilyn was spot on during that sequence.

As usual Eileen is trying to raise the money, now that she has Rebecca she has the investor’s, but they have some crazy demands and it totally bums Eileen out. She heads out to her dive bar, has a Martini and tells her bartender boytoy whats up. He offers her money, but its not enough so she hooks him up with some rocker dude who has a ton of cash and doesn’t care about losing it.  She fires the old investors, but not Ellis. If I was Anjelica Houston I would tell the producers that is is not believable that her character would have fired him three episodes ago. 

Other random happenings, Julia tries to reconcile with her X, she makes her son a grilled cheese sandwich to make amends for ruining his life.  I hope that was Jarlsberg from Dean and De Luca and not some Kraft singles processed cheese in that sandwich. Tom and Julia celebrate ten years of working together by going to see a performance of their first big hit, Three on a Match.  Debra Messing is the weakest link on this show, her character is the worst. Hopefully this will all change now that Theresa Rebeck is gone, apparently the character was based on her life.

Dev hits Derek for visiting Karen, and then he asks Karen if she would quit the show to go with him if he got a job in another city. We all know Karen picks the show, so say good-bye to Dev. Too bad because he is damn hot with his shirt off.  How much longer do we think Derek and Ivy will be together if Karen is single?

Fun fact, did you know that Jack Davenport (Derek) and Debra Messing (Julia) starred in The Wedding Date.  Wonder if she got him the job on Smash.

Rebecca finally shows up, and based on the previews it isn’t going to go well at all. She has never done Broadway, and is completely wrong for the part so all heck is going to break loose.

Next week

The Killing “Numb”

9 Apr

Numb, Richmond is Numb, Terry and Holder want to be Numb and I bet Sarah wishes she was.

As the episode opens we catch up with Mitch on her road trip, she is smoking listening to bad rock and passing up a hitchhiker who looks a little like Rosie.  The same girls pops up later at the hotel where Mitch is staying and banging random sales guys she picks up in the hotel bar.

Holder continues his downward spiral after finding out he was a patsy for the high ups and used to further their agenda. I must say when he hits bottom he really knows how to hit bottom. He lies to his nephew, beats up a former dealer and his mother, has skanky sex with a fellow junkie in his car and ends up playing in traffic.

Stan Larsen takes matter into his own hands, he uses his polish mafia buddies to track down the Beau Solei (escort service) computers. When his buddies get the computers they tell him Rosie wasn’t on them, but we see them being erased at the end, so either she was and they are covering it up or they are erasing them to cover up the crime and resell the computers for profit. If memory serves, Terry worked for the service, I wonder when that will come up again.

Richmond, thinks he is getting feeling back in his legs and insists on starting rehab immediately. By episode end he must face facts, and his future as Professor Xavier.  I am interested to see where we are going with this character, will he continue his run for mayor, will he ever find out why he was set up. Will we?

Sarah spends the entire episode in a bulky sweater, that looks hot and uncomfortable, I couldn’t work like that. I do have to give the show credit, they aren’t trying to sex her up with a lot of cleavage.  She works on tracking down Rosie’s backpack, when she gets it and realizes what Holder did she calls him to make nice.  She is also working on getting the warrants for the escort service computers, before she can the place is torched.  She uses surveillance camera footage to track down the guys who did it, they are driving Larsen’s van and the driver has the Anime tattoo.  In the scenes for next week we see them track the tattoo guy down, but who knows if it is the same guy.

In the end Linden and Holder reunite and get back to the business of solving the case.  Alot happens but a lot doesn’t happen, but again this is the killing.


Scandal “Sweet Baby (Pilot)

6 Apr

Great Premise + heavy handed writing x over acting = not going to be back next season.

Lets get the obvious out of the way, it was a pilot, and a lot can change between this episode and the next, so I am going to give this another shot next week.

I don’t know why I thought I would like this, I dont like Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practive and I think Shonda Rhimes is overrated, but I like Kerry Washington and Henry Ian Cusack.  I figured what the heck, at least it’s not about doctors.

What worked

  • the pacing, the editing and the sound mixing
  • Kerry Washington (sometimes)
  • Henry Ian Cusack – all the time
  • Darby Stanchfield – love her smart alec investigator, although she isnt’ written good enough to touch Kalinda’s boots she will do
  • Sully’s torment over being gay, he would rather be a murderer, than sacrifice his image

What didn’t work

  • the lazy set up, using a new hire to introduce us to the players and how the “crisis management”  game works was insulting
  • the new hire, this weak character thrown into the deep end, she has to be given the “don’t cry” speech on her first day (i would love someone to give that to a male character, I would love to see a male character cry at work)
  • Kerry Washington, when she is given lame preachy dialogue to deliver
  • Stephen’s proposal sub-plot

Perhaps the most ridiculous moment of the show, the president played by Tony Goldwyn putting the moves on and kissing Olivia Pope in front of the open windows in the Oval office. Secret service, snipers every where, really show, really.

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Smash “Hell on Earth”

3 Apr

The jokes write themselves folks, really that title. This show is hell on earth.

Everyone is still dealing with the aftermath of the workshop. Ivy and Karen are auditioning, Julia’s marriage is imploding, Tom is dating a republican and Ellis is being Ellis, still plotting.

In the most ridiculous plot point ever, the show is getting Ivy hooked on pills, mmmm didn’t Marilyn have a problem with pills. I swear to god if this season ends with a shot of Ivy passed out naked in her bed and empty pill bottles next to her I am going to break up with this show once and for all.

And in the second most ridiculous plot point of the evening, Karen’s orange juice commercial. What the heck is going on with this show, what does it want to be when it grows up. A show about launching a Broadway musical or a show about the random lives of people who happen to work in and around a broadway musical.

Eileen, Tom, Julia and Derek meet to review a list of possible “stars” for the show, of course Ellis is there (ugh). They fight, and scoff, but Eileen forges on, she thinks a star and a new title will fix everything, she sends Tom and Julia off to make a new one. Derek wants a finished script before he does anymore work, he will then give notes and in a year the show may be ready.  Eileen goes director shopping. We all know Derek isn’t going anywhere, lame tension.

Julia’s husband figures out from a piece of sheet music that she had an affair, he is pretty good. He confronts Michael, actually he punches Michael, (thank god someone did). Frank moves out.  If I was Debra Messing I would quit this mess, first the lame adoption storyline, now the affair.

Ellis, who we thought was gay, then all of a sudden has a girlfriend has sex with the Rebecca Halls manager (a man) in an attempt to land her for Marilyn. Talk about going above and beyond for your job.

Ok so it wasn’t all bad, I kind of liked Derek and Ivy together, I was kind of surprised they were still together. The other bit of fun was Ivy’s drug/drunk tumble on stage. Of course Karen is there to witness it, when Ivy comes out of the theatre they go at it, screaming at each other, hurling insults, its great.

The next scene with them drinking, dancing and singing in Times Square is absolutely ridiculous. Its only saved because Ivy says. “we’re not best friends now”, which means the bitch fest will continue.  Ellis makes his move he and asks Eileen for a co-producing credit simply because he got Rebecca Hall to consider Marilyn, Eileen puts him in his place, again. How many times is she going to smack him down before she fires him.

 In the end they get a title “Bombshell” oh god, and the cheesefest continues.

Next week: Uma Thurman arrives as “the star”.

The Killing “Reflections/Lucky Day”

1 Apr

I know I am in the minority here but I like the pacing of this show, I like that they haven’t revealed Rosie’s killer. Life isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon and the answers we seek don’t always come as quickly as we would like. Tonight’s premiere was full of new developments to keep us plenty busy this season, lets hope they all lead somewhere and don’t go the way of the “The Cage” or Bennet Ahmed.

Tonight’s premiere picked up exactly where the season finale left off, Richmond (Billy Campbell)  under arrest for Rosie’s murder is shot, Linden (Mirelle Enos) finds out the picture was a fake and Holder (Joel Kinnaman) thinks he has closed the case securing his future. By the end of the episode he finds out he is a pawn and both he and Linden have been used. 

Linden tries to get answers but obstacles are at every turn, even though she is a cop the sheriff’s department, who controls the cameras has closed ranks.  Holder questions Belko (Brendan Sexton III) who has shot Richmond and killed his mother (BTW Belko was Rosie’s killer in the Danish version).

Gwen (Kristin Lehman) and Jamie (Eric Ladin) bond in the hospital waiting room while they wait for word on Richmond, its nice to see the writers fleshing these characters out some more.  They were both on the verge of becoming one note characters last season, Gwen was shrill and unlikable and Jamie’s motives were not exactly clear.  Gwen tells Jamie that Richmond wasn’t with her the night Rosie died, he went out and when he came back he was soaking wet. 

We have a few new clues, a tattoo reflected in the mirror of Rosie’s bike from the super 8 movie she shot. As the patrolman aptly points out, not exactly the councilman’s style.  Holder’s curiosity is piqued, he starts to do some research. His promotion to detective first class came at too high a price, one man is paralyzed the other dead.

Somebody deposited Rosie’s backpack on the Larsen’s doorstep. He calls Holder, when he goes through it he finds the Super 8 camera but no film. Stan says the camera isn’t hers, and he quickly figures out that Richmond isn’t the guy. 

Mitch(Michelle Forbes) is taking a road trip, Terry is helping Stan (Brent Sexton) with the boys. We never did find out what Terry was hiding, and wasn’t it Terry not Rosie who had the connection to the escort service. Isn’t that how she met Jasper’s rich daddy? The Larsen family situation continues to unravel. Are Stan and Terry going to hook up, because they sure made it seem that way.

One of the most gripping scenes of the evening was the interrogation room scene between Stan and Belko, the acting on this show is really spectacular.  Belko is a broken man, and Stan feels responsible, the scene is short but its the emotion, the reaction that gives it the richness.  When he kills himself a few scenes later, the look on Holder’s face says it all.

Linden continues investigating the phony picture and the man who gave it to Holder, we all know that won’t be resolved any time soon.  She gets a reporter to call Sloan and congratulate him for providing the picture that lead to Richmond’s arrest, he hangs up on the reporter and erases his hard drive. He takes off with Linden on his tail, he meets with the mayor’s assistant, someone is photographing Linden as she watches.

Linden searches Richmond’s apartment, but it has been stripped clean by the cops. She looks at a photo of Richmond and his wife, her death still hangs over the show and while it may not be a major plot point it fits in somehow. She checks out where Richmond went the night Rosie was murdered when he wasn’t with Gwen. He went to the bridge in Tacoma where he had proposed to his wife, October 5th was their wedding anniversary. He jumped, tried to kill himself but a fisherman saved him. 

In the end Holder went to Linden to explain but she wouldn’t let him in, I hope theses two make up soon I don’t like it when they are on the outs.

Stan went to his mob buddy for help, he asked him to find and kill Rosie’s killer.

We go some answers, more questions and away we go into the second season of  The Killing.

What did we learn tonight

  • Richmond is paralyzed
  • Holder isn’t easily played
  • Jack eats too much junk food and wants to go live with his father
  • Linden and Holder’s boss is either in on it or trying to keep evidence from the bad guys, either way he is out
  • Linden goes to the DA with the evidence exonerating Richmond
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