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Tuesday September 18th – What You Should Watch

18 Sep

ABC from 9 to 11 is airing “Best in TV: The Greatest TV Shows of Our Time” with Barbara Walters

The season finale of So You Think You Can Dance is on at 8pm on FOX

NBC has new episodes of, The Voice,  Go On, The New Normal and Parenthood

Go On

Recent widower Ryan King joins a grief counseling group at the behest of his employer.



Episode: Left Field
Jasmine and Crosby define the boundaries of their marriage; Sarah’s new boss (Ray Romano) helps her understand Drew’s feelings; Kristina receives potentially life-altering news.

So You Think You Can Dance

The top dancers are chosen.

Sunday September 16th What You Should Watch

16 Sep

Boardwalk Empire is back for Season 3 on HBO. 

Tonight ABC is catching us up on Revenge with three episodes airing back to back tonight from 8 to 11.

NBC Sunday Night Football game is Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49ers

CBS has repeats of The Good Wife and The Mentalist

Broadway or Bust continues on PBS.

The series finale of Weeds airs at 10pm on Showtime

Boardwalk Empire

Episode: Resolution
Nucky makes a resolution; Margaret considers a hospital expansion; Gillian builds a new business; Van Alden stumbles onto a confrontation.


Episode: It’s Time

Broadway or Bust

Episode: Boot Camp
Performers prepare for the auditions and awards ceremony.

The Good Wife

Alicia represents a judge facing misconduct charges; Cary makes a decision about his career; Kalinda deals with the consequences of Agent Delaney’s investigation.


The Mentalist

 A message from Red John causes Jane to lose focus on a current investigation, putting his career in jeopardy.


Episode: Pilot
Emily Thorne rents the Southampton home she once shared with her father and sets her plan in motion.

Episode: Chaos
Emily’s vendetta takes a dark turn at her and Daniel’s engagement party, putting everyone in mortal danger; Jack decides to track down Amanda; Charlotte goes to extremes to relieve the pain of her family’s betrayal.

Emily intends to finally follow through with her plan for revenge; the Graysons continue down a path of self-destruction; an explosive event changes everything.

Fall 2012 What’s On When

4 Sep

Sunday is a tough night for the first half of the TV season because of Football, and this year it gets tougher, the games will be starting later. But that didn’t stop CBS from keeping “The Good Wife” in it’s 9pm slot from last year and moving “The Mentalist” to 10pm. I wonder if this will be it for Simon Baker and crew, at the end of this season it will have 116 episodes, plenty for syndication beyond TNT.

ABC moved its breakout hit “Revenge” to 9pm, followed by rising star “666 Park Avenue”. 666 should benefit from Revenge’s lead in, but will it hold the audience.  I don’t know about you but Sunday doesn’t exactly scream drama about the devil night, maybe its just me.   “Once Upon A Time” is back at 8pm.

Look for football to win the first half of the season, and ABC to win the second.

Monday – ABC isn’t messing with the formula, its “Dancing with The Stars” at 8 and “Castle” at 10.

For as long as I can remember CBS Monday night at 9 was the time slot for comedy success. 2 Broke Girls moves into that slot this year, 2 1/2 Men has moved to Thursday.  Former champions of the 9pm slot, “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “Murphy Brown”. CBS debuts the new sitcom “Partners” in Girls old spot at 8:30.

Fox is going with “Bones” at 8, “The Mob Doctor” at 9pm, I wonder what is going to take Mob Doctor’s space when it is cancelled in 3.2.1.

But the biggest news is NBC at 10pm, “Revolution”, the new JJ Abrams show about what happens when the power is out.


Tuesday is still NCIS night on CBS, comedy night on FOX and low ratings night on NBC.  Same as last year.

Check out “The Mindy Project” 9:30 on Fox, Vegas at 10 on CBS and yes I will be back for more “Hart of Dixie” 8pm on The CW, followed by “Emily Owens, MD” for as long as it lasts. I don’t think Meryl Streep herself could save this one.

Wednesday is all about ABC, from 8 to 10 its the comedy block, new entry ‘The Neighbors” will be cancelled and “Happy Endings” will be back with its Wednesday family before long. But the biggest event is at 10pm “Nashville” , everyone who has seen it, says this is the one to beat this year, the new champ.

The CW has “Arrow” at 8 and “Supernatural” at 9, I know your asking is Supernatural sill on, well yes it is and this is it’s 8 season. Holy Smokes!

Thursday has three new entries, “Elementary” (Sherlock Holmes show), “Last Resort” (submarine thriller) and The CW’s “Beauty and the Beast”(this year’s secret circle).

We still have “Grey’s Anatomy” followed by “Scandal”, “The Big Bang Theory” and “2/1 Men”.  What else is on, lets see, let me think, oh yeah, VAMPIRE DIARIES.  It’s on, have you seen the trailer I posted earlier.

Friday, for me its all about “Fringe”, the final season, 13 episodes of bliss. Followed by “Blue Bloods”.

Saturday I remember when Saturday was must see TV, “The Love Boat“, “Fantasy Island”, now its repeats, crime and football.

Got all that?  Book mark Zap2it.com, best listing and news site on the net.  Even better than TV Guide.

S.H.I.E.L.D – Dream Cast – Buffy, Firefly, Dollhouse Reunions coming up

30 Aug

Earlier this week Joss Whedon and ABC announced they are developing a new TV show based on the S.H.I.E.L.D organization introduced into the Marvel Comic Universe by  Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1965. Here is a link to Wikipedia article that gives you all the background.

Joss is one of those people who likes to use the same actors over and over, so one can only hope we will be bringing back some of the old favorites to join him on this new show.  Let’s speculate, shall we.

S.H.I.E.L.D Executive Directors, over the years the organizations has had 10 EDs, the most recognizable is Nick Fury. Joss and team may not want to use Fury to prevent and cross over confusion for the Avengers film franchise so he can pick from one of the others. But if he does go with Nick Fury, my choice would be D.B Woodside, last seen as Principal Wood on Buffy’s final season.

Aside from Fury I find it high unlikely that Tony Stark, The Hulk, Thor or Black Widow will be dropping by anytime soon. Good thing S.H.I.E.L.D has about 100 other agents, some super hero, some not to pick from.

Amy Acker – Jessica Drew, the original Spider Woman

Eliza Dushku – Daisy Johnson, Seismic powered super agent,

Alan Tyduk – Gerald Silicon Simms, member of the Elite Agents, with with liquid-metal cybernetic arms

Amber Benson – Valerie Jessup Jones, daughter of super villan Vulture

James Marsters -Norman Osborn, we need a villain

Enver Gjokaj – Warhawk,

Emma Caulfield- Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine -Former Special Director at Public Relations. Senior liaison officer to MI5 and Nick’s X

Alexis Denisof -Agent Coulson 

4/11 Wednesday What You Should Watch

11 Apr

Revenge isn’t back, in its place is a re-cap episode to get us primed for the show’s return next Wednesday.

Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23 premiere’s tonight, the show is getting great buzz.

The rest of the ABC comedy line up is new, The Middle, Modern Family and Suburgatory.

The usual suspects are also new tonight, American Idol, Survivor, Criminal Minds, CSI and Law and Order SVU


Recapping the story so far.

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23

Episode: Pilot
When naive June is scammed by her new roommate Chloe, she decides to turn the tables on her and by doing so earns Chloe’s respect.

Modern Family

Episode: Election Day
On Election Day, the family does some last-minute campaigning for Claire; Claire experiences technical difficulties during interviews


Episode: Down Time
George becomes concerned when Dallas’ divorce is finalized; Dalia’s therapist, Dr. Richard Rohl (James Lipton) helps her make a breakthrough; Ryan and Tessa go on a date

Wednesday 2/15 What You Should Watch

15 Feb

Revenge, this is it folks, the engagement party, the shooting it all comes to a head tonight.

ABC’s comedy block is all new. Are you watching Suburgatory, it’s my new favorite sitcom.


Episode: Chaos
Emily’s vendetta takes a dark turn at her and Daniel’s engagement party, putting everyone in mortal danger; Jack decides to track down Amanda; Charlotte goes to extremes to relieve the pain of her family’s betrayal.


Episode: The Body
Tessa hopes to win the student body president election and change Chatswin High’s obsession with sports; when Ryan is injured during a wrestling match, George tries to help him overcome the setback

Modern Family

Episode: Aunt Mommy
After selling a house to Mitch and Cameron’s friends, Claire and Phil plan a celebratory dinner; overindulging in drinks leads to over sharing.

Revenge “Charade”

3 Nov

Holy Kinsey Scale Batman!!

courtesy ABC

That was some crazy episode.  Tyler and Nolan, I am really looking forward to these two trying to out manuever each other, let the games begin. Overall a very pleasing outing, note to the writers, I think Emanda (combo Emily/Amanda) has uttered enough of this type of line, “i always know who I am dealing with”, “I don’t scare easy” etc etc.  We get it she is a total badass focused on her mission.

We open with The Grayson’s being interviewed by a reporter from “The Times” about their 25th wedding anniversary. We quickly find out there will be a family dinner to honor the couple. Which can only mean, harsh words will be exchanged, stares of death and people will throw down napkins and stomp away from the dinner table.

The action shifts to Nolan’s house, where we find out he has hired a bodyguard after his run in with Frank.

Can we deal with Nolan’s outfits for just a sec, he reminds me a lot of James Spader in Pretty in Pink.  I could be wrong, but it looks like he wears a polo shirt under everything, he always has on two shirts, and the collar is flipped up. Very preppy 80’s, did I miss the memo are Izod’s back?

Back to the show, Emanda needs a favor from Nolan, (shocker) an update on Lydia’s medical condition, still comatose. I just want to point out that I said in my post last week that she would regain consciousness and return to the Hampton’s to be nursed back to health.  And that is exactly what the preview shows, and it looks like she is going to be staying at The Grayson’s.

Back to the reporter interview, ok I don’t keep up on the society pages, do they really write articles on people’s anniversaries? I know the Sunday New York Times does the whole weddings section and engagement announcements. Any who it seems a bit much.

Tyler is up to no good as usual, convincing Daniel he hit him, spying on conversations. He really is a jack of all trades, and the more we see of him, the more I am convinced he is the one dead on the beach from the pilot.

I think Ashley shoots him, but Daniel will be  accused and go on trial for murder. Then Emanda will have to decide to reveal her secret to save him, and just as she is about to they will nab Ashley.

Out of all the characters Ashley is the most expendable for season 2, they laid the groundwork last night for him to use her and for her to get revenge on him by killing him.

Emanda returns home to find Frank in her house, he thinks he has her, when he tells her found out about her past at juvy. But, we all know no one ever gets Emanda, there is always some twist. And as we are about to find out, Emanda and the warden are friends, and Amanda Clarke paid off the real Emily Thorne so they could switch identities.

Nolan and Emanda plot to takedown Tyler, and what a take down it is. A tape of Nolan and Tyler having sex, nice blackmail. Lets see how that plays out.  Tyler doesn’t strike me as the type to take that to well.  We also find out about Tyler’s secret life as a gay hustler, which leads us to an interesting discussion of the Kinsey Scale.  Tyler tells Nolan some story about his family losing everything, I don’t believe him, I think Tyler has been cut off. How would the Grayson’s not know that Tyler’s family lost everything, it doesn’t jive.

Frank finds the real Emily Thorne working as a stripper, really show, could we be less original, couldn’t she be a waitress? Isn’t your target audience women 18-49, do you think we want to look at strippers. Oh, that reminds me lets check the ratings, 18-49 3.0 rating 8 share, while Revenge had less over all viewers 8.5 million compared to CSI’s 10.7 million, Revenge had the higher share of the key demo.  remember the rating/share is more important, because that is the number that brings in the advertisers.

Oh yeah, Declan and Charlotte are still “whatever” who cares, unless there is some big stuff planned for these two I am so over it. Obviously Charlotte’s paternity is in question. David Clarke or Frank, my money is still on David. Jack is still in love with Emanda. I bet he finds out her secret or she tells him before we get to the engagement party. According to the show’s creator, Mike Kelley the show will not take all season to get back to the party or the shooting.

Frank tells the real Emily where the real Amanda is, he ends up in a ditch, Papa Grayson moves out and Lydia wakes up, and Tyler and Ashley form an alliance.  That is not going to end well at all.  Daniel tells Emanda he loves her.  Real Emily shows up on Amanda’s doorstep with Frank’s phone.

And in 2 weeks!!!?????  How do you pull your most popular new show during sweeps. What crap are they running in its place to win the ratings war.  Guess I will watch American Horror Story over on F/X.

Burning Question – Are you Team Jack or Team Daniel

2 Nov

Revenge Wednesday at 10pm on ABC, has quite the love triangle brewing between Emily (Emily Van Camp), Daniel (Joshua Bowman) and Jack (Nick Weschler). 

Are you Team Jack or Team Daniel, follow the link below to the article at TV Line to get more of the story.

Love Triangle

Revenge Plot

30 Sep

So, you’ ve decided to seek revenge. Where do you start, it’s not like you can Google Revenge Consultants. Trust me I tried, so I guess we will have to apply some good old fashion project management to our plan.

First, don’t write anything down and if you do write it in code, that way if anyone finds your notes they won’t know what you are up to. Make up a code, like a doodle code, only you will know that your doodle of the box with a heart in it = the word revenge.  To everyone else it will look like you are obsessive compulsive about doodling.

Set a goal, what level of revenge are we going for; low, medium, high or super high.

Here are some examples

  • low – Neet hair remover in the shampoo, or ExLax in the brownies
  • medium – breaking up their relationship or marriage (only use this if there are no children involved, too much collateral damage)
  • high – get them fired
  • super high – a public humiliation so great they must change their name and move out of the country

None of my revenge levels include murder, well because murder is murder it is not revenge, you want them to suffer and death is over too soon.

I always think the best kind of revenge is the one that doesn’t happen right away. The person who has done you wrong, will be lulled into a false sense of security, they will think you have moved on and all is forgiven, and then wham! You strike, you do it in such a way that they don’t know it is you. They may even confide in you about the terrible events as they unfold, what better way to get satisfaction then to see the slow mental deterioration of another humans’ life and soul.

We have a goal, we have selected a level, now we need to figure out a budget.  This is where time is helpful, we can save up for our revenge plot, skip a few lattes, movies and mani-pedis and your revenge kitty will be stocked in no time.

Wardrobe, very important, if the movie V for Vendetta taught me anything, it is the importance of wardrobe, having the right look makes a big difference.

Research, go to the classics, Shakespeare had some of the best revenge plays ever, Hamlet, Othello, if you want something more modern The Godfather saga, it is packed with revenge, but again with the murder, and horses heads.

You want your revenge to be sleek and chic, so I highly recommend ABC’s new show Revenge, Wednesdays at 10pm.

It meets all the criteria, long-term planning, bank roll, fabulous wardrobe, no small children being harmed and so far she hasn’t killed anyone.

What is your revenge fantasy?  Did you ever get revenge?

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