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Monday 1/29 What You Should Watch

30 Jan

CBS line up and Castle are repeats

House, Alcatraz, Hart of Dixie are new.

Are you watching Alcatraz. So far I am liking it, its not ground breaking or anything but I am sticking with it, for now.

Top Spot – My favorite fluffy escape

Hart of Dixie

Zoe’s unusually cheerful demeanor leaves her friends feeling curious; Lemon faces a few obstacles as she campaigns for the Belles’ Memory Matron position.


Episode: Runaways
When a homeless teenager’s (Bridgit Mendler) symptoms get worse, adult consent is required for an invasive surgery; Taub tries to connect with his daughters; House threatens Foreman’s relationship with a married woman (Yaya DaCosta).


Episode: Cal Sweeney
When a notorious robber (Eric Johnson) returns from the past, Rebecca must extricate him from a hostage-filled bank before his identity is discovered.

Alcatraz – JJ Abrams, Hurley and an Island with Dead People

2 Jan

JJ Abrams is heading back to the island, Alcatraz to be exact, no plane crash this time and we know (sort of) who is alive and who is dead from the beginning.  The show will premiere on Fox Monday Janaury 16 at 8pm, its regular timeslot will be Monday at 9.  Pretty gutsy of Fox to put this show up against 2 1/2 Men and Mike and Molly

The Premise: San Francisco detective Rebecca Madsen, played by Sarah Jones (Sons of Anarchy), is investigating the murder of a former Alcatraz warden.  Her prime suspect is a former prisoner, who died decades earlier and hasn’t aged a day since the early sixties.  Detective Madsen recruits an Alcatraz expert Dr. Dieg Soto, played by Jorge Garcia (Hurley from Lost) to help with the investigation. They don’t get very far, enter the FBI, the agents Emerson Hauser (Sam Neill) and Dr. Lucy Banerjee (Parminder Nagra), tell Madsen and Soto that this is the first of  many former dead inmates to return. 

OT: The premise reminds me of  The 4400, people from the past all of sudden reappearing. The 4400 was an excellent show, the first couple of seasons were great, but then it lost it’s way. Check it out if you get a chance.

So why should you watch?

The curiousity factor of course, JJ Abrams, an island and dead people. JJ also does a great first season, sometimes second, things usally fall apart by three.  Exhibit A: Alias, Exhibit B: Lost, do I need to continue.

The cast, happy to see Sam Neill and Robert Forster on my screen. Forster turned in a dynamite performance in the The Descendants, I know everyone was all about George Clooney, but Forster was fantastic.

What needs work, Forster and Nagra are woefully under used, lets hope their roles expand as the season continues.  Sarah Jones is the female lead, the comparisons to Dana Scully and Olivia Dunham will be made, she needs to step it up a bit.

I will be checking it out and offering reviews and opinions so please check back.

Will you be watching.

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