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Revenge “Justice”

26 Apr

Nolan to Amanda, “you do realize if you expose the Grayson’s for jury tampering, you risk your fiancé spending the rest of hs life in prison”?, Amanda says “I came here for one reason, nothings going to get in my way”.  Amanda is committed to her to plan, I guess we now know she is not in love with Daniel.  I am not sure who is more cold, her or Victoria.

“Justice” opens, several months, and 15 days into Daniel’s trial. Which make sense since this show is about Revenge and we need to wrap up the trial to get back to business.

 However, I have to hand it to Mike Kelley, the murder and the trial are interesting ways to expose more of the characters layers.  We always knew Victoria was calculating, but who knew to what extent, getting her own son beat up in prison just to spring him.  Jury tampering, threatening inocent children. The trial has also upped the cat and mouse game between Amanda and Victoria, it’s great to see two solid female leads heading up a show.  The men definitely take a backseat to these ladies.

In a nutshell, Declan recants his story, he says he didn’t see anyone on the beach that night. Jack comes back to town, Amanda gets the bloody hoodie and plants it on Victoria’s goon, or “mini-Frank” as Nolan has named him, Nolan really does get the best lines. Victoria has hired the goon to go after one of the jurors, instead he gets arrested and put in jail. He threatens to expose the Grayson’s,  Conrad has him killed, makes it look like a suicide and in the fake note mini-Frank confesses to killing Tyler. Case closed. 

In between, Daniel breaks house arrest to confront Amanda about having an affair with Jack, he lands back in Jail. Conrad gets rid of Victoria’s artist boyfriend. And we get a lot of cool Amanda/Nolan scenes, how I love these two together.

In the end, Amanda figures out that her dad was killed just like mini-Frank, the Grayson’s murdered her father. Game so Fu&#ing On!!

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