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Sunday 6/9 What You Should Watch

10 Jun

Say good-bye to Mad Men, welcome back True Blood.

Mad Men wraps up season 5 tonight, while I find it hard to belive that they can top the last two episodes, I wouldn’t put it past Matt Weiner to have something up his sleeve.  How you top, prostitution, suicide and Peggy’s departure is anyone’s guess.

The Tony Awards hosted Neil Patrick Harris air at 8 on CBS.

The Killing airs its second to last episode, we are only two episodes away from finally learning who killed Rosie Larsen. I wonder if AMC will renew this show and if Joel Kinnaman will return.

Highly recommend Gilrs on HBO

The Killing

Sarah and Holder have the killer within reach; the Richmond campaign prepares for Election Day; the Larsens attempt a return to normalcy

Mad Men

Episode: The Phantom
There are opportunities for everyone; Pete meets a stranger on a train

The 66th Annual Tony Awards

At the Beacon Theatre in New York, the annual ceremony honors excellence on Broadway; Neil Patrick Harris hosts.

True Blood

Sookie and Lafayette clean up a mess; Bill and Eric receive a visit from the Vampire Authority; Alcide’s werewolf pack goes after Sam; Jessica enjoys her freedom; Jason is visited by Steve Newlin; Alcide warns Sookie.


Hannah starts work at Grumpy Café; Marnie finds it difficult to support Hannah; Jessa is confronted by her former boss; Shoshanna goes on a date.

Mad Men “Signal 30”

15 Apr

I have been in love with Vincent Kartheiser since Another Day in Paradise, that love was cemented when he was cast to play Angel’s son Connor on Angel.  Tonight’s episode of Mad Men, “Signal 30” was a tour de force by Kartheiser, this should be his Emmy submission and win.

There was so much speculation about this episode, Signal 30 is the code for car accident fatality and also the name of the drivers ed movie that was used in the 60’s, we saw a bit of it in tonight’s episode. You can also catch the whole thing on You Tube, it’s pretty gross even by today’s standards. People thought someone was going to die, stunt doubles for Lane and Pete were listed as part of the episode.  In the end it was another master fake out by team Weiner, good job, bravo.

The entire episode was another in a long list of Mad Men masterpieces, I really enjoyed John Slattery’s direction.  The levels that Kartheiser took us through tonight, from hitting on high school girls, (creepy), to trying to keep up with big brother Don, who fixes fawcetts and passes on hookers. Pete can’t catch a break, he is a broken man who has “nothing to offer”.  There is a part of me that says Pete is getting what he deserves, years of being a first class jerk, but the vulnerability he showed to Don in the elevator broke my heart. John Hamm‘s reactions and line delivery were so tight, these are two skilled actors at the top of their game.

 There were definitely parallels between Lane and Pete tonight, two lost men trying to find their way and have some meaning. Their fight at the end was fantastic, and no one stopping them made it so realistic. The advertising world is cut throat, it is kill or be killed and that scene summed it up perfectly. Or course the fight was more about man vs. man then advertising, but the industry supports that attitude. It will be interesting to see how they interact going forward. Poor Lane, he kissed Joan and she rejected him, but she was so classy and sweet about it. I don’t think she could have let him down any gentler.

Megan and Don are growing on my as a couple, but if they have a baby I am going to spit nails. She really knows how to handle him, and I think Don likes being handled. Betty was such a child he had to be the parent, Megan is an adult and that means Don can be also.  I wonder how much longer he will stay faithful to her, a tiger doesn’t just change their stripes that quickly.

I would love to hear the rest of the story Kenny was writing at the end of the episode, maybe AMC can convince Weiner to publish it or run it in Vanity Fair under Ken’s pen name.

What did you think? Was it as great as I thought?

The Killing “Ogi Jun”

15 Apr

I don’t want to sound mean, but I do not care about Linden and her custody battle, Richmond’s recovery or the Larsen kid’s emotional problems. Why do good shows insist on dragging down the action with unnecessary side stories.  Smash does the same thing, stick to the theme, the main idea. If you can’t figure out enough action around the theme, don’t bore me with BS.

I do care about the investigation into Rosie’s murder, so lets stick to that ok.  Linden and Holder worked on tracking down tattoo guy, in the process they learned Stan was suspected of a murder of a former associate. The murder was his ticket out of the polish mafia, it gives us more insight into Stan’s character. And a possible motive for murder.

Speaking of Stan, he goes to the morgue to retrieve Belko’s body, how much do we love Brent Sexton. When he gets there, he finds out that Kovarsky has made the funeral arrangements. Kovarsky is making a serious play to get Stan back in the family, and using everything he can to manipulate Stan. Stan teaches Tommy a valuable lesson, if someone talks shit about Rosie, pick the biggest kid in the bunch and punch him in the bridge of the nose. I guess Stan doesn’t believe in turn the other cheek.

Holder and Linden stake out tattoo boy’s house, and bond, I love these two together, Starsky and Hutch, Eames and Goren, they are the new cop power couple. Linden takes off, Tattoo boy shows up Holder gives chase. He couldn’t jump the fence and the kid gets away, that was not believable.  I will say this,  the soundtrack for this show is fantastic, the music for the chase sequence was spot on.

The mayor pays Richmond a visit in the hospital, for a bit of gloating. Basically Richmond tells him he knows he was behind whatever evidence the police had that made them so sure he was the killer. I guess Richmond and Jamie are going to team up to uncover the truth. Richmond decides to officially withdraw from the race, Jamie tries to talk him out it, Richmond fires him.  Again I really don’t care about this BS, it doesn’t solve the murder.  

Terry calls Jasper’s dad, with whom she had an affair, or he was her Beau Soliel client, not sure if we ever got confirmation. I guess that secret has yet to come out. It doesn’t impact Rosie’s murder, so moving on.

We find out Tattoo boy’s name Alexi, he is a foster child, who was the son of the man Stan killed.  Oh dear, that can’t be good. I know you are thinking it was a revenge killing, but that is too obvious for this show. I think Alexi and Rosie were in love and were planning on leaving together, I don’t think either knew the truth about their father’s connection. 

I always hope that she shows I watch are smarter than me, all this build up and Rosie’s murder is simple revenge. I have more faith in this creative team.

Are you watching The Killing or did you give up after last year’s finale.

4/1 Sunday What You Should Watch

1 Apr

The Killing is back tonight with a 2 hour premiere at 8pm on AMC, and as many of you have pointed out it seems appropriate that the second season should debut on April’s Fool Day.  Many thought the show pulled a fast one at the end of the first season by not revealing who killed Rosie Larsen.  You know the old saying, fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you.  The show’s creators claim they will reveal the killer by the end of season 2 and it will not be same person it was in the original Danish series.

I will be watching because I got hooked on the characters and the actors.  

Also on my DVR schedule tonight, Mad Men and Once Upon A Time.  The Good Wife is not on, but when it returns in two weeks we will see the Alicia/Jackie fight that was teased at the end of last weeks episode.

Once Upon A Time promises to finally reveal the source of Regina’s hate for Snow, something about a stable boy. 

Mad Men continues its slow burn, the season premiere last week, was satisfying and unsettling.  I don’t like this Don Draper, what has Megan done to him.  I think she is pulling a con, and she is going to Dick Whitman Don Draper. Only time will tell.

The Killing

Sarah investigates a possible cover up; an ominous discovery is made at the Larsen’s house; Councilman Richmond has a dark secret.

Mad Men

Episode: Tea Leaves
Peggy is given new responsibility; Don and Harry indulge a client.

Once Upon a Time

Emma keeps searching for evidence to prove Mary Margaret’s innocence in Kathryn’s murder; the root of the evil queen’s disdain for Snow White is revealed.

TV and Gossip

6 Nov

For your Sunday morning here is a round up of some the latest TV news and a little bit of gossip for good measure

  • AMC launches a new show tonight, Made Men and Breaking Bad are hits, but does anyone remember Rubicon – AMC
  • Certain Prey airs on USA tonight, this movie comes from John Sandford’s Prey book series about detective Lucas Davenport.
  • I read the books and imagined Lucas much younger and hotter, think Timothy Olyphant,  than star Mark Harmon. He strikes me as more of a Harry Bosch type.
  • No day is complete without another tragic story of the continuing downfall of Lindsay Lohan. Dlisted. This time she crashed Leo’s premiere party for J.Edgar, and boy did she make a federal case out of not being allowed in.
  • I am sure you have seen it by now but here is the Jeopardy “What is a threesome video”
  • Spoilers aplenty over at ew.com
  • Its end of the world as we know it, first Lohan, then the Kardashian’s now this – Radar Online
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